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  1. So that's where you step in and what matters to you, after all the many offensive things that have been said. Okay then.
  2. Everyone does go on side rants from time to time! But sometimes people let them go when they see others aren't enjoying them! And the next time I read observations on how things *are* I suspect I will annotate them with my stories of men who beg for cuckolding and strapons. I'm not saying that *all* men should *always* take on submissive roles *or else*, and I think assuming that is quite ludicrous. I seriously hope I don't come of as someone stupid enough to think in black and white. Nevertheless it is a trend worth noticing. But I'm going off rails again so let's leave it at that.
  3. Through the wonders of the internet, they are easily found by scrolling back to the last page. For easy identification, look for the picture of the cat! As I have mentioned before, my primary objection is to your "aside" earlier. I am not particularly enamored of your views of gender and gaming, but I think you have some reasonable and well-made points. I do think that some of them might be better condensed in a thread on that particular subject rather than spread out, but it's not a strong objection. The point where it became a problem with me was where you decided to devote a long paragr
  4. Since this would be similar to the audiences in Caed Nua (anyone else think sitting in the steward's lap was kinda weird?), I'd wager we have a good chance for this - could be really cool. How about an "intercept a plague ship" mission? I know, I know, this plays on Space Hulk / Dracula / Armageddon tropes, but it could make for a nice horror themed story. Yep, I loved the added stuff to Caed Nua. Plague ship could be a good way to enter the "big city" for the first time; having intercepted the ship and BURNED IT WITH FIRE, we could enter the city as a hero(with some enemies
  5. How on earth am I behaving badly or treating others disrespectfully? I've merely criticized your behavior in polite language, as you've criticized others'. I've responded to an ongoing series of posts, as you have. I don't think disengagement here is necessary, but if you believe that it is, shouldn't it be you who ceases to respond? I am not interested in PMing you or anyone else on this forum. I wasn't referring to you specifically, perhaps I didn't clarify that well enough, but if you're not interested in having a discussion then don't keep talking. If me or my views are attacke
  6. I'd like to see a bit of Kith vs. Nature conflict. Sea Monsters can definitely play into that, but it might be nice to have some scripted interactions where the player has to deal with rocks and waves and storms. I'm not going to expect an island with a cyclops boss, but I wouldn't exactly complain if we got one.
  7. How on earth am I behaving badly or treating others disrespectfully? I've merely criticized your behavior in polite language, as you've criticized others'. I've responded to an ongoing series of posts, as you have. I don't think disengagement here is necessary, but if you believe that it is, shouldn't it be you who ceases to respond? I am not interested in PMing you or anyone else on this forum.
  8. So, what about the bits of this that aren't a personal spat between the two of you? Katarack isn't the only one who's been irritated by your posting. Personally, I think it's one thing to post about gender and gaming. I'd much prefer it be in its own thread, rather than half the threads on the board, but gender and gaming at least has to do with games. When you start with asides about the place of men and women in modern, real life society, it veers far from the subject matter most people are here to discuss. I suspect it's fine by you if it's only you doing it and expressing your own view
  9. Come now, you could make your point somewhat more dispassionately . Can I give it a shot? I come here to talk about the game, not to read strangers' opinions about what career, relationship, and childbearing choices make people of my general group happy. Posts about gender and stats are at least somewhat relevant to the game. Several long digressions have not been, seem terribly out of place, and probably shut some people out of the conversation rather than advancing it.
  10. Time limits are the enemy of exploration. It just takes away an important element of the game, as I always feel like I have to blow through the plot without looking around. FO1 felt like that -- I couldn't just go randomly off somewhere, but had to constantly stay on mission. For me that ruined the experience, so I prefer to play it with the mod version that eliminates the time limit. They could add time limits as a game option, with a default of off, but then they would need to include failure consequences. . Time limits are also pretty brutal for gamers who aren't able to finish their
  11. Yeah, budgeting for MP requires you to get into the funny money range. I won't even pretend to know the tech requirements and so on of multiplayer, but but it seems like the amount of money being quoted couldn't even pay for an adequate team. Obsidian doesn't do multiplayer, so they'd need to hire people with experience in that. A quarter of a million dollars sounds like a ton of money, but once you divide that by a reasonable salary, that translates into a handful of people. That doesn't sound sufficient for a major, complicated feature.
  12. It also doesn't seem like a realistic budget for designing and testing both the arena and a matchmaking system for players.
  13. And this whole discussion is probably why we have camping supplies and random attacks and other imperfect mechanisms, as clunky as they can be. People are all over the map on this issue, and a lot of the options that veer in one direction or the other are more elegant but alienate large portions of the player base.
  14. That's a fine enough idea...for a game someone other than me can play. More generally, I can't see that going over all that well with the audience for Deadfire.
  15. I have never seen that work. If a game includes a feature, even an incredibly minor and cosmetic one, there will be at least some players who expect it to be done well. If it's a popular feature - one that's used enough that there will actually be someone online for you to play against - there will be a lot of players who expect it to be done well. The fact that all the classes can complete the game solo does not mean they'd be balanced in individual pairings against other players. PvE play is fundamentally different in that developers can control the strength, numbers, and composition of
  16. You can't just make an arena mode and set it off to the side. The minute there is one, people will start complaining that priests are OP and that barbarians don't stand a chance, and there will be calls for patches to address a problem that didn't exist or was fairly minor before the arena was introduced. Developers already get plenty of flack for things like making a stronghold that's not fleshed out or interesting enough, and that didn't even come with the frustrations of competitive play. If people are actually losing battles because of class design, they'll want that to be fixed, and w
  17. I guess I saw the firewood as a "you can make this choice, but there's going to be a cost" mechanic. In POE's case, the cost was a couple of minutes spent in load screens to go back to an inn or find some firewood. Personally, I'd rather have that cost than a debuff. Tastes may vary, of course. I don't have a problem with unlimited resting, either, at least not in this style of a game. Achievements can be available for those who want to be encouraged not to rest much. For that matter, I have no problem scrapping rest altogether.
  18. Will it grow to AAA franchise levels? No. The game design itself works against that. POE is offering a style of gaming that some people clearly enjoy very much, but that's decidedly out of the mainstream. The first Witcher game's look and play style were a lot closer to the things that the average gamer liked and was familiar with. Can it grow to attract a greater percentage of gamers who are interested in indie games? Yes, especially if the games continue to get good reviews. There are plenty of PC gamers who haven't tried POE, and I think that's where the growth potential is.
  19. I actively do not want there to be PvP in Deadfire or other Pillars of Eternity games. It inevitably leads to complaints about unbalanced classes, which leads to class balancing, which often leads to boring sameness. As for coop play, I wouldn't object to it (but also wouldn't engage in it) if Deadfire had a huge budget and could do everything its players wanted. As it is, the developers are working with limited funds, and adding coop play would take a huge investment of resources. I could see there being a place for a coop-focused title in the Pillars of Eternity universe if there's deman
  20. I play it because it's a good game and I enjoy it, but I paid attention to its Kickstarter because it's in the same gaming genre as a number of games I played 20 years ago and I felt quite sure that it would be a good game and I'd enjoy it. I have some friends who are enough younger that KOTOR was their first RPG, and while we enjoy a lot of the same AAA titles, they found the concept of POE to be pretty far from any of their gaming reference points. It had nothing to do with perceived complexity or time commitment. Given how many games there are available and people's limited budgets and
  21. The first time I played, I got myself into the same pickle you did with a certain quest, especially because I'd been working on my keep at the same time. I still ended the game with far more money than I knew what to do with - enough that I'd almost consider it a small flaw in the game that it doesn't require any real resource management toward the end.
  22. I thought Twin Elms had lots of good ideas, particularly that last thing you mentioned. I think the gating was part of my problem. I was ready to be finished, and the game had signaled to me that it was winding up, and then on the other side of the gate were a bunch of quests. Twin Elms struck me as something that would have shone in an expansion, especially with a new companion.
  23. Oh, I thought that was just me who got tired in Twin Elms. I'm fond of making new characters, and when I got to Twin Elms with my chanter, I stopped and made a druid...and a wizard...and a cipher and messed around at the low levels of the game for a bit. Then I took a break from the game, came back to it later, finished, and replayed a couple more times. I think that it kind of shows that Twin Elms is a stretch goal, and that interferes with pacing and momentum. At that point, I was ready to be done with the game, and the new crop of side quests weren't that tempting. I don't think being f
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