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  1. You are wrong, that thinking is bad... I talk about spiders as visual monsters. Many people afraid of them because it is strange, natural and " have it in their genes" (I sorry for my english). Example me, I play few games where are spider monster: IW2, Cabal Online (2 types), DOTA2 (brodmother), LOL (new champion). Why? Because they are not scary. But when I see creepy, Skyrim I prefer play this game without. So your phobia is more important than other people's phobia? Care to explain why? Yes, of course. Spiders are visual monsters and they are scary because you see them. W
  2. And this is just a stereotype. Why do you want in any role-playing game have spiders? So that's thinking we could have spiders in Fallout or Planescape Torment. Why? Because they are RPG. Yes, I was talking about it and this is good idea BUT if spiders are not common in P:E universe devs don't need to put them. And that would be the best options. On the oder hand, if they really want to put spiders into game, please don't make/model them so realistic. You are wrong, that thinking is bad... I talk about spiders as visual monsters. Many people afraid of them because it is stran
  3. The problem is not hurts or fiction, the problem is seeing that spider. Well, I can look at one but I got weird feeling. I just think that not every cRPG has to have spiders. I'd just like to developers not focus on the spiders as in Skyrim. That's it. Story, dialogues, good characters are better than photorealistic insects.
  4. So, it's begin as Skyrim's forums... I said that developers shouldn't add spiders into game because they are not too important. They could replace them example goblins, orgs or human enemies. I know someone who don't afraid them thinks it very stupid idea but you should understand it. I think it's not hard make a option in game called "replace/remove spiders". I don't have problems with Icewind Dale's spiders because they were low quality and they don't big as tarantulas (check The Temple of Elemental Evil)). Well, check out Skyrim. How many people download mods for "no spiders", people li
  5. Yeah, that would be great. Level editor, dialog editor, scripts and go on - we could start modding game as we want.
  6. Well, usually every cRPG is about fantasy world where are many monsters, races and other things that are characteristic for this kind of game. Project Eternity is the successor to Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment. I really like these games and play them very often but I got small problem. Oh, yes I don't like spiders because I afraid of them. Well, I don't scary small spiders but I don't like big tarantulas (big black) because they are really scary for me. If you play Skyrim you must know that there is many spiders which are really terrible and many players (women, men)
  7. I like this idea and it can be similar to Fallout's critical effect. You can break leg, arm, blind enemy or drop his weapon. Stun effect would be cool too.
  8. Yes, we will get many, many, many mods like other games on Nexus sites. I really love mods and I want to have mods in PE too.
  9. I want to get lvl editors and many others tools to make my own quests, story and many others.
  10. For me that would be cool, if PE has similar characters stats like Fallout (SPECIAL) or example D&D games. I want to see: - Strenght (warriors, carry items, fighting etc) - Endurance (warriors-tanks, hp etc) - Intelligence (mage, skill points, speech etc) - Agility (faster moving, dodge etc) - Luck (crits, encounters, items, special encounters etc) I think this would be cool.
  11. Rotate camera should be good in 3D enviroment but PE is 2D isometric view, so I don't want to rotate option. I prefer isometric camera without it.
  12. What about the worst monster in the world... yes I am talking about spiders. Well I don't like any kind of spiders, example Skyrim's spiders are so scary and annoying for me and few people which I know. I like RPG games and I know spiders are important in fantasy (?) universes but imo they shouldn't take it so seroius and implement spiders. IMO developers shouldn't add them or make spiders aren't so scary. Will you ask WHY? Because many people, men or women don't want to play game because there's something which can scary them. Look at Skyrim, I know it is RPG and spiders are part of unive
  13. I think multiplayer option is good but you can do it something like co-op and freeroam (roleplaying) modes. First, co-op is something like Icewind Dale, when you and your friends create character and do the quests, second option is good for roleplayers who do in world what they want. Example I host server and set "roleplayer mode", I can configurate how many characters, what is aviable, what not etc. This should works something like mods for other games, example SAMP, FOnline servers etc.
  14. I really like random encounters like in Fallout 1/2 game but there is one problem, random encounter should'nt be so generic because it was boring and not nice when you see 10x times this same random encounter. I prefer something like Fallout style, but non-combat encounters is good idea too.
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