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  1. companions dialogues were firing too fast . As for them coming onto you....you can say no . And sure it make sense ! you fight monsters , don't you ? does that make sense ? Sureeeeeeeee...! you are a cipher that throw magic , does that make sense ? Sureeeee!....everyone is Bi ? Damn right it make sense...
  2. Watcher : and who are you supposed to be ? Imp: GNA GNA GNA GNA !! Watcher: Wanna come with ? I feed you..... Imp: GNA GNA GNA GNA ! Watcher : Was that a yes ? Imp: GNA GNA GNA GNA ! Éder: Who is the cutest imp ever Imp : GNA GNA GNA Éder: ARGH! It chewing...NO! DON't ! HALP!
  3. waaaaaaaaait a minute... can they really do that in game ? Cose..now I may just give them a try ! Woot! Also for the OP : it aint Magic . And honestly....if you ever looked at what peoples like to play..in general anyway . Simple fighter are boring . Sure they are tanky and such....but take like Mass effect games . Soldier is always recommanded for noobs , but then everyone jump on Adept or Vanguard...why ? cose MAGIC! .
  4. but when you send someone to scout.... they are already on the other side . Keep that in mind , if their portrait become GRAY..it mean they are already waiting for you over there . But glad that you got it solved . Remember to save often !
  5. why did you go back for Éder ? And no , you should be able to swim trough by now . Maybe it's a bug . Can you reload an Auto-save ? and don't go back for Éder .
  6. I think you have to send someone ahead to scout . Then you can swim trough..at least , that's what I always do .
  7. yeah , this was something they really overlooked . Godlikes can't wear Hat (Or helmet , wait can you say that in these setting?) . Anyway , so they really should give them a special slot to put that stuff and gain the +2 or whatever from said item . I personally don't care , but I know alot of peoples will feel cheated cose they can't use said item .
  8. I like rpg games : Like BG2 , Planescape Torment (funny story there , I didn't like it at first then some guy on YT convinced me to give it another try , was the best thing I ever did ) , NWN , POE...Mass effect..dragon age and such . I like Strategy games : Like Civilization....Ahh..it never get old . Heroes of Might and Magic and such . I also like Simulations games : like Sims , Sims 2 and such (not that many when you think about it) . I also like Visualization Games (but with moderations) . And Games that are text based like choices of games (and not gender or orientation lo
  9. aren't imp usually stuck to be a wizard familliar ? Ah...nostalgia . I miss those days , where you could meet an Orc and it wasn't the dumb kind . Surprising really . There was one back in NWN who was a Wizard . And I remember the Orc that wanted to be a palladin . Good stories ! I don't want anymore pet . I think at this rate...we can have a zoo ! Give me someone like Edwin Oddesseiron , he is hilarious..and yet...you wanna strangle him .
  10. you should play DOS2... where one of your companion can become a cow..Moo Moo! and start drinking and eating everything in your inventory and cannot stop ! NOOOOOOOoo! My Potions !!! I was saving those for a difficult battles ! So much fun...
  11. humm....civilizations games have something like that I think . Also some others strategy games (where the computer show you dates and times when you took over this corner or a town ) . Endless space 2 for exemple has something like that when it come to ship battles . I personally skip them ...cose...come on! Lets go! lets go ! PEW PEW ALREADY!
  12. Hummm.. RPG always make you feel like if you don't drop everything and run off barefoot hitting stuff on your way......something REALLY BAD GONNA HAPPEN! (like your pants goes missing ) . But no , you can take your time , just remember to do it...at some point .
  13. yeah , my loading time is slow.....in comparaison to POE1 where it load really fast . But other then that , game is smooth with everything maxed .
  15. well.. I believe the companions dialogues are bugged , so before I can give an opinion..I wait until they fix them (some peoples reported that they fire too fast , and some dialogues are completely missing ) , only then...I can say something .
  16. I use that...when I start a new game . There is similar thing for previous POE1 as well . very handy!
  17. Except in this case, something isn't being taken from someone who works and given to someone who doesn't. Look, when it comes to the Bardatto vault, property is clearly theft Teehee...remove the 'R' and add an 'S' there...and you won't feel bad stealing from them
  18. The only reason that comes to mind to keep chasing Eothas is because Berath (+ the other gods) asks you to try and reason with him: you might have recovered your soul, but the chime that she can use to control/destroy you is still there and not complying to that last request means death/suffering at her hand. IIRC it's Eothas that frees the Watcher from Berath's influence after the last talk with him, so before then you're stll in her grasp. Basically, it's just a matter of self preservation. Yeah, but she clearly had other options. Not just the Watcher. As evidenced if you say no
  19. one of the best reaction was playing death godlike..and near Berath temple , some guy (or kid?) run away screaming
  20. really...entitled ?... anyway , if you like ending 'whatever you do...you are screwed' and 'OMG!!!' kinda of ending , you should play Divinity 2 ! It got...a really unique ending
  21. Torment: Tides of Numenera fits your query just about perfectly. But that game is complete garbage, don't compare it to POE. that game was good... The only two things I didn't like , was the ending and how it was compared to Planescape Torment . It was a nice try , but it sure like hell...was nowhere to Planescape Torment Level story wise . Agreed, take away the fact that it tried to be a Torment successor and you have a good (not great, but good nonetheless) game with strong potential that just didn't transfer 100% of its potential to the actual game. When you look
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