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  1. Soo..you can play with it (turned based) without horribles issues? cose I really wanna give the game a run and go trough the dlc..and it has been so long... I mean..there is no ETA on the patch right? but others then minors issues or tweak.... can I use it ? cose unless there is a horrible bug like companions get stuck...or dont die or something...any other issue like 'this roll is too OP..or this abilitie is too weak'' ..those kind of things really dont bother me , since I'm not a power gamer and barely pay attention to such a thing .
  2. That turn based stuff look good! I actually can play either.....but that look damn good!
  3. hey thanx for replying! appreciate it! So turn-based..is it like Divinity Original Sin now ? and can you toggle between the two anytime..like in middle of a fight ? or do you need to be outside of a fight ? that sound awesome actually! part of the funs of having companions is what they say here and there in quest . And unless someone take it upon themself to write a walktrough about what the companions say and where (like this guy did for the whole trilogy of Mass effect , which I be forever grateful for doing that) . You can miss some dialogues easely . b-but the reac
  4. So I havent touched the game since..well..since it came out . Boo is meh lol I have been busy like hell with life and such . Y'know how it goes . So since the game came out , can someone share with me what has been added and such ? worth doing a new playtrough ? anything I should look forward to ? I've put this in the spoiler category cose I don't mind spoiler (and hoping its the right place too) . did they add any new companion? anything new to the main story ? anything new ? Thanx in advance!
  5. I haven't played the new content , been busy with life and all that . That said , I also havent played Deadfire since I finished my 1st playtrough and after that..I tried many times to start over and I just couldn't bring myself to . Something , I had no trouble doing back in PO1 . Why? because it is story driven . And thats what I was looking forward to in PO2 , especially with that misleading Trailer that I kept showing to everyone I know and say ''it gonna be so greaaaat!'' . Well it wasn't so great . The story is so freaking short...you would think its a fallout game...urgh .
  6. Oh that ! I enjoyed the game . But it wasn't really a sequel . Kinda missing that something . But without the 'Its a sequel..similar blah blah' , the game can stand on its own and was fun .
  7. Or you and the others can choose NOT to acknowledge its existence and let everyone else enjoy the new entry. Seems like the more reasonable option than to keep the dev from doing something like this. Nobody's twisting y'alls arms, it's as easy as keeping off YouTube to avoid spoilers for a new movie or game I'm really curious to see what they'll do personally, hopefully it's good *says a prayer* that can be said to everyone about everything . I actually enjoyed that other BG Spear of something ? that everyone shat on... I also don't mind spoilers . Spoilers don't kill..its
  8. I loved the old xcom . It was a game I played back on PS1 . The last console I owned lol then when I looked for a newer copy , I was told it was only on pc . Go figure , but thats what brough me to pc . and I never looked back . Now the new xcom 1 and 2 (I got both save for the new expansion) , are good . Homewhever , they are missing ALOT from the old game . for exemple , the older xcom was filled with tension (hidden movement) and scary (hear civilian scream and that damn xeno one kill everyone lol) . And the map were bigger . the new xcom look gorgeous , thats true . But
  9. Muh... I don't know what to think . It does feel unreal right ? I also don't want a sequel to BG2 . Seriously , leave it as it is..with the good and the bad . I rather remember that game fondly with its good and bad , then cram a new BG3 and it ruin the whole thing . Make it stand alone like that other BG spear of whatever .
  10. well..I be happy if they make a sequel of ALIEN ISOLATION .
  11. Mostly the fact that it lets me douse people in oil then set them on fire. All of this and more.. I actually love the Magic spell system . Setting water...then turning it into ice ? Its awesome . The story may not be to the taste for everyone , but it doesn't mean the game suck . I for one enjoyed both games and hoping for more .
  12. Bah...if I had enough money I turn every game that has a Dude as main character into a female ! Imagine : The witcher 3 with Geralda!
  13. yeah whats with that ? not everyone has a Twitter... So what ? the forum peoples don't count anymore nowdays..unless its on Twiddle and facenuke ?
  14. *ahem*..loved NWN1 Re-installing fallout 4..to do a proper run . Never done anything but main quest..so this time around..gonna try and do everything! until Skirt of Sparta come that is...
  15. games like that have a tendancie to eat your hours away . So yeah , thats a very useful mod
  16. it isn,t about the sun lol its mostly for the clock . which happen..in single player game . So you know..you don't just play then look at the time 'OMG! its 3am!' XD
  17. gonna try to survive the heat wave...Urgh
  18. I only have 2.... since one went to the poopie hole..*cough*newfalloutcrap*cough*..and Anthem suck by default . So that leave me with Skirt of Spartah! *ahem*..I mean...assassin creed odyssey And not holding my breath for much..DA4 .
  19. no worrie , a friend of mine referred me to BEST BUY . And found one near my place https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/category/internal-hard-drives/20239.aspx https://www.newegg.ca/Desktop-Internal-Hard-Drives/SubCategory/ID-14?Tid=167537 Now just have to figure out..if my motherboard has a slot for one more hard drive or not . Thanx for the help!
  20. here how mine look Btw...if I get a new 4TB. where to buy it ? I mean , I know walmart sell hard drive..I think . There is also a computer shop about 20min drive and the only one I saw so far . So will try there first . thanx for the help btw I sure gonna ask around more before jumping in .
  21. Ahhhhh...the demo for Book 2 is out..just saying XD check the forum ! when you are done teehee... Finished the first and it was simply incredible. I don't think I'm going to touch the demo, though. Don't want the tease hanging over me before release. you arent missing much . The demo is extremely short , and need alot of work . Its been released mostly for testing by the author and to drive her feral fans batty XD .
  22. I'm watching this : Murder she wrote . And it's very very good..(even if old)....
  23. I did..love it though , so can't help . Well..the 1st vilain was awesome though . Then get a bit boring...then get super awesome again . There is a great part in there . I didnt like the whole Mako crap...korrasami for meh ! They..personally , I wouldn't try to compare them . They stand alone even if they are tied trough history . for exemple , Aang boyish childish stuff in the 1st..got on my nerve alot (I liked when he was serious and stuff) . But the story was a bit more 'mature' , got that feel to it .
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