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  1. I enjoy it very much..(unlike Skylame)... and there were some good unique quest ! like the 'Seasons' one XD
  2. *Massive drooole*.. now you just doing it on purpose I want it! GIMME!!! Also..console.....lets hope the pc version is good Think we can fish..and cook ?
  3. I still play..(PVE Player here though)..mostly..when I miss the stories , and Lana Smoochie . But since the Stronghold (killed mah guild) , then the 'Knight of boredom' ... And Level sync , and game is so easy...and..Urgh.. So yeah , I just make new alt..play story and go back when I get the itch mostly .
  4. too bad , cose that ending is just awesome . You can Google the issue though.. try some stuff like this here : https://steamcommunity.com/app/253940/discussions/0/846966335986596825/ maybe it help .
  5. I know right ? That endingggggg..stayed up 2 days just to see it XD So worth it!
  6. I can pick your slack...and play those 97 games you have! all games need some luving
  7. how about.. or now here a game that will never look old! Like..got a potion to make it younger foreveh lol
  8. well up to 4... after that...I'm more inclined to say 'Tha **** is that ?!?!' lol but thats just meh Edit: and I mean , yeah...Heroes of might and magic 3 is still beautiful as it was back when it came out . But so does , 2 and 4
  9. that look good The Spoiler section would fit , since you can expand and gush about characters without fear of spoiling anything . Also : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99990-portraits-iii/ The Portrait thread , is a good place if you wanna take a look at what peoples are using for their own portraits , or if you are looking for inspirations! (there are 3 threads..so lotta of portraits !) .
  10. humm.. may wanna look up THE FALL.. Kinda like a newer version of the old . Great game!
  11. and an angry Lama! what we need actually , is more different kind of pet (for ranger and druid) . Something that isn't ground only . Something that fly , crawl.... Like in GW2...you got pet that swim ! sure...we don't actually swim . But..there are parts where there is water . For a pet that swim..it would attack faster .
  12. aged good..as in..still look good ? still fun after all these years ? Still playable...still run on a new pc ? My SNES still look good! the one who aged badly would be meh lol don't think I can play all the classic I have like I did back when I was a kid XD Kotor 1 and 2 still look good . The civilizations games , still good . Even if graphic wise....since CIv2...gotten better and better , the new ones just don't give back some stuff you can only find in the old ones .
  13. thats why I didn't care for the endless path...*sigh*... Big deep dungeons are fun if they are well done . But a dungeon where one level is just push this button , kill this and pick that and run back over there and place it..and hope something happen ? Is not fun ! Give meh diablo 1 dungeon like ! yeah sure..some level didn't have much to them . But damn , it had more atmosphere and scaryness then the endless path ever did ! By the time I got to the dragon..I was mostly bored...
  14. liked and hated the underdark personally . Liked cose...so much tension! You shouldn't be there ! if they catch you..you are so dead !!!! and really..the forbidden lair of the dark elves.....make you wanna take pictures and say 'See! They exist and it was EVILLLLL!'' It was also fun , that backstabbing.....just delicious but I didn't like how...it was timed . You gotta be there in 2 days blah blah blah... great atmosphere though , love it . Considering how Deadfire really lacked in Tensions...I say it need more then just the underdark . It need ALOT of the underdark .
  15. I wouldn't say DA:I sucked (for me anyway). It had many problems and weaknesses, true. I still found myself enjoying it though. But anyway, what I would be hoping for is that Assassin's Creed Odyssey would be some kind of improved DA:I (just as already mentioned without the companions). So I don't hope that it will be just like DA:I, but instead an improved and polished version of it. And, damn, the more videos I watch about Assassin's Creed Odyssey the more hyped I get. It's very unusual for me to get hyped for a game of a video game series that I don't know. Normally I stick to m
  16. oh..vromance is romance XD I just call it Vromance ..for some reasons... Titan Quest is a hack'n slash game , you should check it out . Kinda similar setting (with old greece and mythologie creatures) . Oh god..let's hope not ! DAI sucked ! crappy loot , crappy vilain , crappy armors ...(well gameplay was fun and so were the romances) but thats about it . Open world filled with Codex to read.....booooring . I played Witcher 3 after DAI and it did alot of stuff I wish DAI did......save for being stuck as Geralda...that's one down side of witcher 3 . yeah well...you never know
  17. hahahaha Ok..today ya win tha cookie ! One of my friend been selling it to me this afternoon XD Never played an assassin creed myself..(heard about the females assassin creed but..the gameplay put me off..)... But yeah...this one....is on the maybe..especially if my other friend get it . Told her..at least we get something new to whine about if it turn out to be crap It kinda remind me of an upgrade of Titan Quest (which I did like..cose..hello....Medusa babeh!)...while I don't care for all that spartan stuff , at least I get to play as female..and Vromance....and dialogues
  18. OMG! WOoo I have the original on Origin XD Was such a Good game ! Lazy Doctors!
  19. pretty much this . Cose as soon as you know..I'm like 'why should I stick around for ? Sorry! Gotta go..Eotha...soul..Berath..death stuff..byebye!'' .
  20. I thought Witcher 3 did excellent job marrying open world with storytelling. While your goal was to find Ciri it was never that urgent, even at certain point giving you a story reason to not find her, and do the side stuff. Even to go further, I would say Witcher 3 storytelling improved by use of open world giving you more context to the place you spend your time in. Another example of great open world game is Fallout:NV, which simply doesn't really have urgent main quest. And 1st two Fallouts which give you McGuffin to find and let you discover wasteland on your own. it did . M
  21. may wanna try the Shadowrun serie... But no . If anything...I don't like when a game feel like tomatoe...and then later..switch the mood to banana . right now I'm watching something like that happen , in my favorite manga . it went from Traditional stuff to a world that is mutating with tech . So everything that made the 1st story so Good....is shoved on the side for 'hey look! That guy is using a laptop! That's so cool!' . It's Horrible to say the least . You don't recognize the world you loved so much anymore , and it isn't happening gradually..it just shoved right there and then .
  22. yeah , the Dawnstar are pretty much the Eotha faction . If you do 'Éder' personal quest...you can see more stuff about them .
  23. I really hate to say this...(cose I really do!).. But in a way , POE3 trailer is Totally misleading . Eotha come from underneath your castle ! peoples die ! Intro and Berath send you on a quest : Find him or die ! Then....you land...and it's.....about something else . Well you can chase after him..but that make the game so short !!! Urgh.... I played Fallout 4..and you know what ? I only chased the main story and it actually was engaging (if short) but still felt longer then the story here .
  24. that's one of the reasons I hate Open world . The Story always end up watered down , in the back burner . Absolutely. Open world are not my favorite. But sadly it seems that that's the way games are going. It's a pity that Obs have jumped on the bandwagon. almost like linear RPG games..are going exctint at this rate... R.I.P. Good story
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