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  1. well..I play ALOT of games..so the aboves hard drives arent enough anymore . I want enough space that most games like whole Mass effect and dragon age serie..can stay there and I dont have to uninstall everytime something new come out . well I'm in Québec canada , so not that far . So these T1 T2 T3 T4..etc ? any advice ? Edit: Like right now , I have 4 MMO installed . Whole Mass effect serie installed . DAO and DA2 . And I have Ark game who alone take 120Go and more..with updates and mods . So need alot of space....since I also gonna have Assassin Creed odyssey..and god know what else
  2. Hi , I need some advices please . I have 2 hard drives on my computer . One is split in 2 ( for 222Go and has WIn 10, and 465Go for games . Don't ask me why the guy split it like this..but whatever ) . The other hard drive has ,,, hum actually..I see 4 hard drive . Urgh.. Anyway , the 2 others one has 134Go and one has 331Go . Honestly , I don't remember which is which anymore . My old pc that burned down (yes burned , the glue on the cpu went dry and well..cpu went kaboum..and totally burned) . Had 2 hard drives . Got this new pc...and then asked him if he could save my old hard drive and put them in there . So he did... Probably how I end up with 4..or 3 . Anyway , in this age...the better the game look..the bigger it is..the more space they take . And I'm tired of deleting..reinstalling games over and over . So I want more space...the question is.... How big it should be ? probably bigger then what I have . And should it be external ? Doesnt external mean..still uninstall...and reinstall though ? and if its internal , that mean one hard drive has to go right ? It's weird , when he transferred my old stuff..it really wasnt done well . I have like window 10..but also older window 10 folder on another hard drive . I was hoping he does at least clean up that . So advices please ? I really need more space . And yes money is an issue...I wont pay 1000$ for hard drive and installtion and stuff . Thats more then this pc cost meh (800$) and it is a good one too .
  3. SIms 4 Talking to yourself in front of a mirror...is a must! A good artist can catch what they want even when it's moving Witcher 3: the sky is on fire...
  4. Big catalogue is nice... But steam pretty much screw up , when the 'Big' they have..can't be monitored as it should . There are a few games I saw...that are on steam , where the Dev started a game..then run off with the money . That is the downside of 'BIG' . well...I don't care for all those stuff steam has...cards..achievement crap... So GOG not having that is fine . Origin has similar thing..but thats another pain in the ass...story lol
  5. Gog Galaxy does the same kind of auto-updating —AFAIK. (I don't use it myself, and keep finding the thing installed by default more, and more often these days). It's the first thing I uninstall after installing a GoG title. But it is for providing some of the the social and auto-update features that Steam provides; from what I've read. well steam has the workshop for mod thats..what I was thinking about auto-update lol when you have alot of mods installed..its so very useful when it does it on its own.... Except when a new patch bricks some of your mods and they are auto-updated. yeah I know.. Thats why games auto-update should be off . So I can play with my games modded and not worry about the patch screwing everything .
  6. Gog Galaxy does the same kind of auto-updating —AFAIK. (I don't use it myself, and keep finding the thing installed by default more, and more often these days). It's the first thing I uninstall after installing a GoG title. But it is for providing some of the the social and auto-update features that Steam provides; from what I've read. well steam has the workshop for mod thats..what I was thinking about auto-update lol when you have alot of mods installed..its so very useful when it does it on its own....
  7. I agree with this . Thats one thing I hated about the others factions . Oh you gotta evolve !!! On what or whose authority ? In the real world , I always wondered what would've happen if some X didn't bring their ass to Y . we will never know ! cose some idiots with their elitist ideas came and shoved down their ideas of 'cultures and evolving ' . Urgh... Yes the huana aren't perfect . But I still go for them .
  8. I use both... Been using Steam far longer then GOG , but they both have the same use . I like how steam auto-update stuff , and the installation . Where on GOG..I have to download and often..its very slowwwwww . I find Steam more toxic though , its many 'Community' is growing to become a Youtube kinda of place . But there are also rare surprise! where you talk to a game creators ! And some of them even answer to review . GOG has that 'Human' touch to it though , so even if it doesn't have that many games..its a blast from the past . Where Steam is always digging toward the futur and it's very 'corp'...Valve this..Valve that.... if tomorrow...they both die and you must save one ? Save GOG! It has OLDIES!
  9. Ahhhhh...the demo for Book 2 is out..just saying XD check the forum ! when you are done teehee...
  10. These are not wishes to make combat more difficult or anything. They are mainly wishes to make the game more immersive. I can set the game on path of the damned all I want, but I still wont have the feeling my character is a living breathing person to put it at the extreme. Thank you for feedback though! ah..but see here , what you call 'immersion' can be a 'pain in the ass ' for someone else . And no , just because someone find it boring or a chore..doesn't mean they don't like immersion . For exemple , in Skyrim . I always get mods that add a little things like 'footprint in the snow' or 'sit and eat ' or 'see yourself sleep' , or 'pet your mount' . These are ALL immersive cose these are stuff in real life do exist . Homewhever , if I add the mod 'eat , sleep , and get Hypotermia ' ...it become a chore for me . I,m not saying it is NOT immersive..I'm saying some peoples love that danger and that addition . Yes it's realistic . The difference is how far one like that realistic aspect pushed in their games . for exemple , little to expansive food ? only sleep in certain area ? Gotta walk ALL the way to X to change party ? for me thats a pain in the ass and It would make me hate the game . Hence why , making it optional would be better .
  11. these goes more toward 'make my game harder !!!' and I say 'Do it for higher difficulty only ! don't touch normal and easy!!! I don't wanna suffer !' . Also...your steam link..is getting in the way , may wanna do something about that
  12. re-installing and gonna play Tropico 3 ! Listen to El Prisdenté! don't park there...
  13. AH! fat rifle XD read that like fart rifle ! reminded me of this screenie... Stop farting Alexius!
  14. I only brough 1 thing.. Ark Aberration! been waiting since its came out for a special sale! So I can get my hand on it! WOOT!
  15. aaaaaaaand thats why..I still hide mah money under my bed , and I don't do bank , credit card..paypal..etc . My point wasn't about liking or disliking drm . Actually , I didn't have a point . merely observing that its a good thing peoples are more aware of whats going on with games .
  16. Thanx! :D Although..that should've been an option from the beginning . Maybe a Camera system like in DAI....
  17. If he were the Durance of Deadfire he would embody the Huana way of thinking, similarly to how Durance provided the Dyrwoodan way of thinking. Yes. Durance is the typical Dyrwoodan not Eder. #DuranceDidNothingWrong YAY! so now everything gone wrong in Dyrwood is Durance fault! Awesome lol already hated the guy.. now I go and do this too : #EverythingIsDuranceFault
  18. no drm for meh . Now thats smart ! what ? you got something for peoples actually know what they want and don't want in their games ? it mean the consumer actually 'evolved' not just still think the provider is the Tooth fairy and have their well being at heart and install stuff blindly . But steam has been around far longer then GOG right ? and while they may provide alot..they screw up alot too lol . The only one I don't like..is Origin . Urgh..its slow..and Urgh intrusive.... GOG is great . Sure..it may not come off as 'Elit' like Steam does...but it feel..more 'human' and less 'corp' then steam and I like that . I also like their forum more then Steam (game X page) where some are so Toxic...you would think you are on YouNoob .
  19. Use the console command: SetZoomRange 0.5 2.0 You will have to experiment according to your preference. I'm playing with 0.2 4.0 iirc. The default is 0.75 1.5 (or at least it was in PoE1) and what does that do ?
  20. don't think the number of ennemie is the issue (at least not to me) . Homewhever a better camera is what I need ! let me zoom further sheesh!
  21. as I remember it (mind you..this is from a bugged game where half dialogues are missing) , Pallegina said something to Xoti , and that got Xoti all mad about it . (I only got Xoti reaction cose of the bug) . Then you can tell to Pallegina that 'Xoti lived her whole life with her faith and blahblah' or you can tell Xoti 'that pallegina belief aren't wrong and blahblah' . even being a diplomat , Pallegina sneer at my watcher calling them 'naive' . So if there is another dialogue with converting , I haven't seen it . Then again , Pallegina come off as an ass..and I can't stand someone who is butthurt for the whole voyage .
  22. Me (ranger or druid or both or cleric ) Maia (shooter) Xoti (cleric) Éder ( farm boy with turnip )
  23. may wanna put the name of the game Mandatory: Is that from that new Jurassic Park game ? Look good ! Here are some of mine Ark Survival Evolved ! Xcom 2: Alien Isolation :
  24. Humm.. while we know (and some others do know ) about how fake are the Gods . I honestly dissaprove about the idea to change 'X' character belief . The game isn't about removing religion cose Gods are fake! Look berath sent me with a token to prove it ! The charm of Xoti is her being a zealot . At least to me . And Pallegina need an update , regardless . I like the whole 'Bonding' like sister sister and such (and yes sister instead of mother , don't think pallegina is that old) . But doesn't have to be about one belief . I mean how would you feel if I suggested the opposite ? that Xoti convert Pallegina to her view of the gods ? Oh sure she know they are fake , but what if Xoti make this passionate speech about using them to inspire and heal the world and to bring hope and such . And Pallegina change her mind and wanna get closer to the God . Again , I guess my point isn't about religion per se . But about changing a character nature . Like turning durance into an eotha lover . The charm of durance was all the hostilitie he had . you either loved him , tolerated him..or hated his gut . But it made durance..durance . If he changed in any way (like start shaving and washing...)...eww.....thats not durance ! LOL Or yelling at Éder , enough that he grow a spine and leave and become a soldier again . It kinda kill his charm to some . Hope I didn't offend anyone lol just my though . But I do agree that we could've used more banter between all the companions , deep connections even . And Pallegina..could be a bit more tempered , cose as she is..she come off as someone who need anger management .
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