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  1. I will try this, and if it works you are truly my hero. (edit) Tried it and can confirm this works! Thank you so very much. I feel like more people needs to know of this.
  2. I love the intredouction of options for my gameplay. I have been asking for resource managment and attrition since beta and this is a leap in the right direction. Sadly i will not be playing until i can use them with my modded game and i cant see why you would restrict it like this? Why disable my mods? WHYYY???
  3. Obsidian, please bring back getting injured from critical hits as an option. i know you tested it at some point. i would really like it as an optional small feature.
  4. -Help dungeon crawling to make sense. I want to feel endangered while exploring a dungeon. I don't want to rest inside it. I don't want for my spells to be back after every fights, or to be healed automatically. -Make combat significant. Even trash mobs should have their importance. If there is an auto heal, or a way to rest spam, these trash mobs will become just boring. They can make sense only if they have some kind of effect on the general state of the party, implying that depending on how well this trash encounter was handled, the next will be easier or harder. In short they should ah
  5. I cannot agree more! Some would say random encounters are tiering and a nuisance and I understand that, that is why we have a options menu for those who want them disabled. I personally like resource management and being punished for traveling unprepared in the lush tropical jungles of the Deadfire.
  6. These are not wishes to make combat more difficult or anything. They are mainly wishes to make the game more immersive. I can set the game on path of the damned all I want, but I still wont have the feeling my character is a living breathing person to put it at the extreme. Thank you for feedback though!
  7. Hi all, i would just like to post some opinions and ideas for making a better immersion and roleplaying expirience. Note that all these suggestions could and should be optional if they were implemented as I can understand they are not the wishes of all players. I am speaking for the resource management needy community that enjoy games such as darkest dungeon. - First off, i would like a feauture where i can chose to show my helmet only in combat, as walking around town with a Frog Helmet just seems impractical. (like divinity:original sin) - My poor wizard character cant dress like a
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