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  1. thats a good point. Ill take more content!!! :D ((still though, being a huge fan of games like stardew valley and rimworld, id love to see a game where it combines that kind of sandbox with an iso crpg group mechanic strategy :D))
  2. Devs: why were random encounters not included? They exist in almost every other RPG ever made and i feel they go a long way of breathing some life into an otherwise somewhat static game world. I know it seems silly, but i feel like islands that have no icons on it are pointless...theres no reason to explore beyond what i can see. Maybe some will disagree but i love the game so much i wish there was a way to prolong the fun. Random encounters would be a nice grind for those who want to stall the games rather abrupt ending. ((on a side note.....you almost made it feel open worldy!! I dream o
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