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  1. I just finished a playthrough where I went in alone at the end. Killed Furrante at the end of the Principe missions and Aeldys on the island itself after I pretty much stole the ghost-ship from her (she followed me apparently) and while I didn't had Serefen with me for the majority of the gameplay, he seemed alright in the small ending text about him. He become the new leader (or one of its leaders it wasn't very clear) of the Principe. None of your followers leave I think. I only had Mia as a faction follower this run, but she was fine with supporting no-one, as she seemed slightly annoyed with the lack of cooperation from the mayor powers. As for the topic; Does the factions always stay so extremely generic? I pretty much told them Eothas was going to destroy the wheel and maybe even end the world, and they still sticked with their stupid reasoning. The world is going to end, but no I got to think about the trade. Or lets raid the lost old city. Or nobody is welcome except us, it's our lost city, etc. Maybe It was because of my decisions I made, but I highly doubt that. I agreed with Eothas reasons to destroy the wheel, to pretty much force everyone to work together to overcome the catastrophe. I tried to steer everything in that line, sparing as much people as I can, helping everyone, trying to create alliances, but didn't seem to do much for the main factions. They all sticked to their generic reasoning. The only one that I thought might wanted to cooperate with another faction was Canta Nirro from the Vailian trading company, and he got banned right before the end, and taking over by Alvari, (Which I couldn't stop because of some choices I made) whos first quest was to blow up the Royal company.... Was a mayor downer for me in the game. well the world isn't ending as such...just the heaven and hell part gonna be broken..sorta lol so those who are alive , of course they don't care . It's all about the now and the here . Add to that , when you meet the leaders of the factions..beside some 'reports' , they didn't see what you saw and they don't even know you . yeah , it's kinda sad you can't get them to agree in the end . Mind you , maybe not all of them since they have different goals . But would have been nice.. Maia will try to leave if you side with Valliante . romanced or not (I was romancing her when she told me she gonna leave ) and turned the valliante down cose I had no plan on siding with zerka corp !
  2. is that true ? after I got the ghost ship...I got the Principal saying they will take the 'Spoiler Island' and without them , a normal ship (the Junk) kept sinking . So had to use the ghost ship and they helped in the end . And the slider counted them as me siding with them . and no , I didn't have a chance to say NO .
  3. You mean the Ori o Koiki where there is a queen ? cose that's where I went and nothing .
  4. correct me if I'm wrong , but in DA2 they weren't Hawke sexual . I mean , Anders had a relationship before hawke showed up and after (it's part of the deal you make with him to have him) . Varric was in love with someone too in the past . Isabela was married once upon a time . Fenris married his tattoo *snicker*.. Sebastian the chantry , and Merril was too busy with a reflection I'm on the side that companions should be for everyone . Since you cannot know before hand which companion gonna get on your nerve and who gonna be that Garrus Vakarian buddy . Some peoples argue that it make companion feel shallow and not authentic , I argue that it really doesn't change anything . Anders was still whiny , him sleeping with a male!Hawke won't make him less whiny in the end .
  5. like a skip ? Actually even if they can't change it , they could at least enable a saving option when we are told to sit . So we can use that one save when we wanna start over .
  6. all the bounties ? I got one about Rauatai ship . does that gonna effect anything ?
  7. I'm personally surprised that Aloth (who is an elf) has less dialogues then Eder (who is a farmer ) . It's a shame , cose elf look so goood . And I do like someone who is smart into wizard stuff and the like (not gonna romance him) .You know someone you can nerd with ! Eder is your warrior become militia wished he could be a priest but wasn't cut for it love cheese and beer commoner boring . Don't kill meh . I'm just wondering why bring him back at all (Aloth) if it's to give him as little as you can in dialogue , is all . I like Xoti . And Maia . But Xoti more since she doesn't seem to be tied to any faction .
  8. I keep hearing about the option to 'Do it alone' . But I tried that (while the pirate forced my hand to side with them ) and my ship got nuked every single time . How are you supposed to do it alone ? with the boat called Junk ?
  9. I don't know if the quest is bugged for me , but I though I ask . I'm stuck in Painted Mask quest . I found the merchant ship that was attacked . I followed the trail . I spoke to the queen . But that's about it . This here: https://guides4gamers.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire/quest/the-painted-masks/ Suggest that I'm supposed to read her soul . But it never happen . She ask me to save her enslaved peoples then dismiss me . The only part I can think of that would have screwed this quest , is where you meet sick trees . I didn't have Aloth with me . So he never met them and said something about the Leaden Key . So any advice ?
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