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  1. Island amauna , orlan and naturegod like..seem to be lacking anyone has a link for some ? Btw them fire portrait...Ohhh Mahhh Gaaad ! just gorgeous !
  2. you need mechanic to pick lock and you can do that without being a rogue . I gave that job to eder . and left aloth as a wizard . Edit: Also..you can reset his skill (not class) and make the best out of the choice you made . Maybe pick abilities from the rogue tree that make him nimble and avoid damage and such , since wizard is very squichy .
  3. the map guy quest ? you can read it in your journal . He will give you directions as to where they are . I remember I just land , explore...kill , loot..and then you get to rename the Island (I think , wasn't paying attention) .....once you find the set of island . You go back and he give you another set of island to find for him .
  4. I like walking..even though mah feets hurt but I'm also glad for the speed walking..(burning all that food I ate)..and help when you have to do alot of go back and forth .
  5. how about priest and ranger ? or ranger and druid ? which I'm playing right now...got mah butt handed to me though a couple of time..
  6. well single class is kinda the classic setting . Multi-class , I always saw it as 'Know what you are doing' route . I don't think either are bad . What's bad , in my opinion is when class mean nada . Take NWN2 for exemple , I never took multi-class . Because I'm fond of single class classic and I don't wish for it to die . It just feel right . And in NWN2 for exemple..multi-classing is kinda of a pain . But here , it's actually alot of fun .
  7. It just doesn't make sense. At the beginning they don't know what is happening, all they know is that there is a God wandering through the world leaving a path of destruction in it's wake. But none of the leaders seem to care much about it, as the majority of the missions are about trades, rivalries, etc. Sure they shouldn't drop their differences and own priorities right away, but just completely ignore what is happening? Even if they just get the majority of the info from my reports, they know about the destruction it's doing. They don't even seem to bother putting their differences asid
  8. I BG (Or rather - BG2), I love Shadow of Amm main theme best! well inon zur is a freaking genius.... the soundtrack of BG2 stay with you foreveh!
  9. I never said I didn't like the music I said 'I noticed some of them are played in many places' . The music isn't earth shattering mindblowing awesome like some I've heard in others games . But it's not goddamn awful either . I do like some soundtrack , but yeah..it just that . Good enough to fill the atmosphere and not bad enough to make you turn it off .
  10. multi-classing is alot of fun . Sure some others game have them as well..but never this way !
  11. WHAT?! Xoti becomes psychopath?! well..I don't know about psycho lol but in her personal quest there are 2 ways to go about it .
  12. will do.. Gonna side with the native this time around..and they don't give boats lol will try it . Hopefully it work !
  13. not if you join the pirate . didn't lose anyone . If you side with the Valliante , Maia will leave . Don't know about the rest . And I was romancing her too! she still wanted to leave .
  14. hum i told eder to give Xoti more credit when he ask you what he should do about talking to her . Since I was romancing Maia , in the slider they did end up together . Don't know about bad relationship . Pallagena hated Xoti and the fish guy but in the end..they all went their own way .
  15. I only have 3 nit pick issue with the game personally . 1- the copy paste music . Boo! The bath-house for exemple is what you would call a SPA (well they aren't , but close enough) , and I have a Tavern music there ? it's a shame cose the place is gorgeous ! why not put something relaxing there ? 2- This: https://wiki.fireundubh.com/deadfire/dialogue-options I was hoping for the 2nd game , they make everything a bit even..not..this big gap of difference making some stuff pretty pointless to pick . 3- Godlike . I love Godlike . while some peoples complained about the portrait
  16. Thanx! So if I follow up on that screenshot...I should be able to pass the defence without getting shot ?
  17. for science huh , highly suspicious! a screenshot of your boat gear would have sufficed though .
  18. didn't take basic Junk . I did buy the best that merchant had . I had wing-something sails . And white wood like . And my crew was good , I did do ALOT so they leveled up . Oh yeah , I did use the sword and then returned it . But seem like if you wanna finish the ghost quest you get stuck with Principal . The only other route is the other pirate lady . Maybe you can kill both of them at that point when she is caught . But...I didn't try . I only took the Junk and got sunk by Ondra over and over . Then used the Ghost ship and well....as I said...Principal show up and slider comment ho
  19. if the sequence part is a must have (Dunno if it's) and we can't skip it , at least then let us save when we are told to sit down .
  20. is that true ? after I got the ghost ship...I got the Principal saying they will take the 'Spoiler Island' and without them , a normal ship (the Junk) kept sinking . So had to use the ghost ship and they helped in the end . And the slider counted them as me siding with them . and no , I didn't have a chance to say NO . When did you give them a chance to say it? I challenged Ondra's Mortar a few times with my pimped up ship and elite crew, and indeed it kept sinking. But when it was actually time, plot-wise, to go to spoiler island, my junk made it through. I didn't . Honestly , I
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