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  1. But it really was! and its She lol thank you! Hum I did enjoy the beginning. But as soon as the 'Mystery' is revealed..I totally lost interest . So I never finished the game. Add to that it was so short to begin with. But hey, if you like it..good for you lol
  2. Only one? no brainer: Kotor 2. That game is still installed and modded and I still play it. It never get old, and the awesomness still there and I still bawl...Oh Kreia Kreia! Why couldn't I save thee? I liked Tyranny too. And Mask of the Betrayer was alot of Fun. But NWN2 was..ugrhh...hey I come from NWN1 with Lady Aribeth my big crush that Nasher killed and here come that idiot asking me to protect him and I'm like..yeah..how about no huh? But it was enjoyable. Though, make me wonder if you could play evil at all. (Not that I would, it just the goodyness was a bit....overbearing. I play Lawful good, but yeah even for meh lol) . I liked Dungeon Siege 4, its not liked..cose..not the same as previous ones. I played Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 and they were SOO Boring. Dungeon Siege 4 gave me companions that talk and a story! Lol
  3. Must be. Mine crash still to this day, can't 'enjoy' a game that keep freezing and crashing like 15 times on the same spot. (That damn tower!!) lol Ok here is one! BG3 is just a cash-grab-scam! Fallout New Vegas is so boring! Skyrim is utter crap And Final Fantasy serie was made for shallow peoples Now..to graciously run away! LOL
  4. Been playing Magic the Gathering: Arena . Lot of fun, lose some, win some.. But its relaxing to have matches . And there is no chat, so you don't hear Toxic stuff or abuse when you oblirate someone lol they just bail and cancede! Love avernum and Geneforge serie. But I played the 1st Avadon..and it just doesn't have the same....that something y'know ? Hope you like it though.
  5. I was told that 1) Wizard of the Coast wanted it to be called that, and since they are the ''Power That be'' they can do whatever they want. And 2) that the City of Baldur's exist in the trailer or something? hence the name. *Shrug* Baldur's Gate: Divinity Old Sin! How hard is that ?
  6. Turn-based is fun. Because you can stop and think about your move. But it can be exhausting over time. It's like playing a chess game one after another. I think there is a miscommunication here, between the fans. At least in my case, I got friends coming to tell me ''Its use DnD 5th Rules! That's SO much better then BG ever had! *Nudge Nudge* Don't you see ??? It's an IMprrrrrrovement! I'm SO hyped now'' . You know, my father had this old Honda car. It was a 2 doors. It was a very old car . They stopped making those and he still have it. Still look brand new, cose he took care of it. But they don't make the motor or the pieces , so he can't get it fixed. It was Silver in color. The back seat were tight, but the front seats so confy. And that motor. Omg! I don't know squat about cars, but his was like a freaking Harley purring. So here come Dum dum, telling me this 2020 car is a Honda. The motor is 10000% better then what my father car had. It's a 4 doors, it has more space in the back. The new car is faster, confier. But doesn't look sexy at all . Sure the motor is stronger, but it doesn't purr at all. Dude!! It maybe better, but better doesn't beat Nostalgia So I'm like, why can't you mix the two instead ?
  7. Hum..voted for : Continue the watcher story. Cose, Deadfire failed on that front! I brough the game based on the trailer, and after ALL that hype, I got almost nothing! No more open world, for the love of every Gods and Godess! Do it like you did it with POE1! That was awesome. It was beautiful, it was sad, it was dark, it was stressing. (well expect that long dungeon that wasn't so long, and didn't have no story beside monsters to kill. That was kinda of a downer). But if it has to be a new game with no tie to the Watcher, then that is fine too. As long as it is in the spirit of POE1. Meaning, that kind of game. Less OPEN world crap, and more story, more atmosphere, more suspence, more amazing memorable quest, more amazing unique companions that you want to love, to protect, to shield, to hate, to kill. So in short something that has the feel of POE1 but has the gameplay of POE2, cose those multi-class were alot of fun. But that's all it had for meh alas. Story was so short, so underwhelming...so dissapointing That's mah wish!
  8. Argh.. BG3 look like Divinity 3. There goes the boat...choo choo! I really never expected to hear ''A BG3 will be made one day'' . Why? Because the saga of the Bhaal Spawn ended with Throne of Bhaal. And yes, I cried and had my slow motion ''Noooo...too soon! I want Moar! There must be other vilains and half-brother-sister to find! Come on! One more prophecy!'' . Then came the mods, upon mods. Romances, Funs mods, Spells Mods, packs Mods. Kept the games alives for such a long time. Then came DragonSpear, and everyone **** on it. I liked it. And here come the rumours in the Tavern: ''Hic didcha hear? BG3 is being..*Hic*..made...by..*Hic*..Lariant no less?! got..*hic*..a turnip?'' . And I thought ''Why? The Saga is over. We grieved, why dig up the skeleton?? Mah heart!''. And some stranger said ''Urgh! You don't even know what's gonna be like sheesh! Whale elsewhere and let me drink in peace!'' . I took a pint then another and I forgot about it. Till now.... It look like Divinity 3!!! Well I understand, the world of Fearun is big. There trillions of stories to tell, heroes to meet, dragons to slay, companions to ditch . But why does it look like Divinity 3? Now everyone is freaking out cose it's turn based. The other side is Happy cose it's more DnD. I'm looking at the beach where it start and I get flashback from DOS1 and 2 where they start too on a beach....we never really left, did we ? it was all a dream!!! By the Mindflayer! They crossed the realm ! Ahhh I don't know. If Pillar of Eternity was called BG3 when it came out, I would've cryed. (I did cry cose it looked so similar, it had the story, the vibes, the companions...and there were onions involved) . But this ? they have big shoes to fill, either they like it or not. Even if they go with the ''We aren't trying to make a sequel to BG2, its a WHOLE BRAND NEW GAME! that use DOS engine..so it look like DOS..but we filled with Dnd stuff..you like those right? RIGHT? YOU BETTER LIKE THOSE! LOOK THE DICE ROLLS AND YOU MISS ALOT!!!'' .... Yeah...gonna wait and see for now.
  9. well POE1 did it right no ? You could explore maps, but with buandery . Kinda gave me old Icewind Dale vibes actually lol
  10. when I started the game I didn't have a save either (Cose I deleted it, thinking I get around of making that perfect playtrough, then stuff called life kicked me in the knee lol) . So I looked up every companions and their ending and went with that . Now though, some Saint made a full thing easy peacy to find and decide for your choices : https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Creating+custom+legacy Happy Gaming!
  11. Ok.. So I'm neither eloquent, or a know it all, and I really suck at dates (So don't eat meh!) lol But is it possible that 'many' things is why it didn't sell well ? some more then others? If someone could verify this, but didn't POE2 come around the same time as Assassin Creed odyssey ? And maybe that didn't help ? Cose I remember being surprised that ''Hey! Pirate in Deadfire! And ACO is doing the same thing, with boat fighting and stuff but with a Sparta vs Athen theme instead of Pirates!'' . (and I remember thinking that when they showed Pallagina and that other Lady with the bird and the Blond guy (Omg I forgot their names already! ) Personally I don't like Pirate in general, because they are always cliché setting . Arr Arr Walk tha Plank! Let's hunt for Treasure! be a Stupid Boring Merc of the Sea! And it was a weird 'New Occupation' for the character from POE1 . You just finally fixed mistakes of the past, settled down in your stronghold just to be tossed at sea and dealing with annoying factions left and right . The Open World business hurt Single Players Games . It never fail, when they add 'Open World' , the main story SHRINK . The Ship battles were really boring, and very...uh..outdated system ? Assassin Creed Odyssey Ship Battle is amazing! But even there, I aint gonna grind in a SINGLE PLAYER GAME! Grind should NOT EXIST in a SINGLE PLAYER GAME! Leave that to MMO! The 'Tone' of the game, went from Grim and dark to Sunny with Pina colada . Maybe if they kept the Grim and Dark and stay inland , that would've helped . The Story was so short, thats my biggest grip about the game . So freaking short...so pointless... Just my though
  12. I don't know about 'best setting' , but considering how dissapointed I'm with Deadfire . I wouldn't mind if we went back to the old POE1 setting . Anything is better then those damn Island and the Pirate life .
  13. yeah , not saying Cipher suck or anything . It just one of those class that dont mesh with meh much
  14. My friend Xbox console stopped working . So she went to trade it off . She said that they told her , the new console come with a free game and she cant give it back . Turn out the 'forced game' was Fallout 67 . Then they told her she can choose from 5 games and take one for free . Turn out in those 5 selection , Anthem was one . wonder if its a karmik joke that both fallout and Anthem are being handed free , after they pretty much bailed on what they usually do..for moar mouney well I won't lie but I for one , I want them to burn and crash hard . I have a Half assed , Half done Mass effect Andromeda game that i paid full price for . And they bailed on it to make Anthem ! You betcha..I'm waiting for the corpse to show up .
  15. I think crowfunded games are ok . Like anything else in this life , you have crowfunded games that are being made by honest peoples . When you help them , its a treat and full of wonders . And you feel like you helped make that happen! Then you have those crowfunded games that are being held by **** and thief and liar . And those either take your money and run , or lie to you about something they planned to add in the game..if you only help them raise that 1mill more !!! I think its like a car dealer , shop shop shop...and make sure you are ready to never see your money and your dream . Don't bet unless you are ready .
  16. well of course they are small little interaction here and there , I'm aware of that . What race did you pick for aristorcrate ? which fit best ? I made an amauna + cipher + Aristocrate = feel weird . add to that my cipher is such a weakling...and a pistol+ sword = I dont get focus ? urgh
  17. Play the Aristocrate background ? This is a call to all Role players , who find the background important enough to stop and muse which one they should pick . Imagine if that background give you tie to the Queen..lol and you play as Amauna Plz share with me any insight , since I never played this background . How are the dialogues ? what do they tell you ? Do they speak of rich important relatives....far far away ?
  18. Ahh geez..and this whole time I was thinking 'There are 2 guys with the same avatar!! thats SO confusing! does Arch-Mage know there this guy called Boeroer who has the same avatar as him ?'' My bad...I usually only see the avatar since I'm So bad at remembering names .
  19. hum..that bring to mind BG2 factions and the 'house' (kinda) that you could gain from them . They could've given us , each faction give you a unique home or base . If you don't side with anyone , then they couldve made a home (or dungeon or castle or whatever) for us to go find (or buy or liberate) . you do get special "strongholds" depending on the faction you side with. Principi you get the ghost ship. Rautai you get the submarine. yeah... but...its still a boat! I mean , on the main land... some of them house look so good . and the beach are gorgeous..... Give me a hut , I be happy as long as its near water
  20. hum..that bring to mind BG2 factions and the 'house' (kinda) that you could gain from them . They could've given us , each faction give you a unique home or base . If you don't side with anyone , then they couldve made a home (or dungeon or castle or whatever) for us to go find (or buy or liberate) . technicly our 'home' was the 1st ship and it died in the cutscene . After that , you can get a new ones and get more from other quest . And unless the ship is as big as the Adrastia (from ACO) , muh... a ship is fun and all..but nothing beat a bed in a home
  21. Oh , Twin elms right ??? I do remember that quest . I remember pledging only to...whats her name ? that goddess that send you to chase a dragon off . And I convinced the godess to let the dragon stay . So if I pledge only to that godess , Berath won't be mad ? I though if I picked 'pledge to everyone' she will be happy lol . because I though the happiness was tied to their quest that you could do when you pledge yourself . And since you can do them all . well for some anyway . well for now , I picked a pre-made Legacy . the 'benevolent and kind' one and seem that Berath won't smite meh lol . Also..side question while you are here @Arch-Mage : But remember that quest at the beginning 'Burning Bridges'' . I'm stomped . I can't decide as a benevolent person..whats good . The guy is a thief and a liar . But should I be good toward the victim (the accused) , or think on a larger scale..and keep the peace on the island . As in the greater good..even if it irk me..cose **** doesnt get punished for what he has done .
  22. ok , so making a new legacy..and omg ! I don't remember half of those choices... So had to use the wiki and all that . But there is one thing , at the beginning Berath say that I kinda screw her? I picked the choice where it say ''I pledged myself to ALL the gods'' and after that she kinda get mad ? I'm playing as a priestess of Eotha..and he wasn't even a freaking choice sheesh... if anyone should be butthurt , its meh! So....should I start over and choose her , well only her...will the other God get butthurt if I do that ? yes I played the game..but it feel forever..and I really don't remember....
  23. Awwww you had to say that! lol now I'm chickening out! Btw..those guard that go hostiles , been a while so I don't remember : but do you lose rep or something if you kill them ?
  24. i'm a pretty patient guy, (and have already clocked in 700ish hours on deadfire) and even managed to run through hylea's challenge (a mega escort challenge for Vela) when it was bugged where vela wasn't scaling (read: she would get one shot by anything), but I'm holding off a bit, because if you like to play on harder challenges, the last couple of patches have really busted up how afflictions work (and get countered/dispelled). if you're on lower difficulties or just like to brute force encounters, it may not be a big deal, but it's really just super frustrating to not be able to dispel entire classes of afflictions or even suppress them with suppress affliction. I give it a shot..we'll see how it goes . If I get bothered , then I just wait for the patch . Thanx for your input! much appreciated!
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