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  1. Muhhh.. I just wanted to retire rich..and that guy making me broke... Kidding aside , good to know you don't lose much not saving the crate though .
  2. you said he was religious.. now he is a swimming fishy..that's on you!
  3. I always save the guy , I did save the crate once (just to get stuff moving)...and don't think it was anything worth a life .
  4. yeah , not many customization for pretty much everyone . Well..I say everyone lol but haven't seen all the specie..but I know Godlike...don't have many , and not each one get 3 . I personally , love this one for death Godlike
  5. well..you could add Intimidate to the list of agressive...and you can avoid killing lol yep, but those responses were fairly rare, iirc. at least till after port maje ---edit might as well explain my character a bit while i'm at it. she was a devout follower and priestess of magran in poe1, as well as an elf sized moon godlike, and a drifter from the deadfire archipelago. she preferred chainmail, a medium shield, and a rapier. i called her a close support character, and she worked really well as a front-line healer, buffer/debuffer. now, during poe's main quest and in her
  6. well..you could add Intimidate to the list of agressive...and you can avoid killing lol
  7. So ? unless you want to play evil ? if she favor diplomacie...that should work well for you right? if she did, however, diplomacy is currently disfavored by her. Urgh..my bad... Well agressive doesn't automaticly mean Kill! kill! ready or likely to attack or confront; characterized by or resulting from aggression. So..you can play someone who is in your face , but with a leash on . And only kill those who either don't back down , or deserve it in your own opinion .
  8. So ? unless you want to play evil ? if she favor diplomacie...that should work well for you right?
  9. Be aware that you'll be purposefully gimping yourself - passionate is a disfavored disposition for priests of Magran. really? dammmmmn.... Truth is..since I haven't made one , don't know the disposition . Do you know which dispo she like ?
  10. recommandation : make death godlike + priest (or priestess) of Berath = Max Dialogues
  11. well.. I'm planning a priestess of Magran . And mine gonna be : Fire godlike , short temper , throwing Tantrum , passionate , bold and witty . So..pretty much : Passionate and Witty . now that's a weird combinaison Soooo..how that help you ? keep in mind that she is the goddess of war and Fire . IF I were to put them as emotions , then War would be seriouse or Witty (which also mean cunning which also could be startegy ) . You could in this instance , use reply that Barter , ask more questions and such , or point out stuff (will require the adequate stat of course) . Fire w
  12. how would you get that one ? Power lvl 9 Berath Priest spell (Summon Incarnate). You summon both aspects of Berath, the Pallid Knight and the Usher. Unfortunately I have a bug and my usher is invisible, but the Pallid knight looks fantastic. One is a fighter, the other a priest with Berath Spells (Which are really good). EEEEEEEK! Now I gotta see it! Thank you!
  13. *shrug* i find her extremely shallow . I think I have the right to think that if I want to . I hated her , and only was forced to talk to her due to Sera romance and to do her quest..(cose XP junkie ) . Anyway , that aside... Anyone notice 'seem like , look like , have the personality of ' the arishok in deadfire ? I'm curious....
  14. on my 1st playtrough.. I went directly to the..that place underground . And I totally missed picking him up . Had to read peoples talking about him for me to go and pick him up
  15. BG2 romance sucked . Everyone seemed like they needed therapy , group support and a trip to Jerry Springer I mean , Annoymen was Bipolére . Aerie whining had so many echo ! Viconia lie with every breath and Jaheira..well I loved Jaheira . But honestly , it was weird to get in a romance when her husband just died . You can do companions quest in this game as well , but the difference is that..they still can ditch you if you are or against the faction they are aligned with . everyone is Bi is great . Game is filled with no realistic stuff....so should the romance be .
  16. My favorite companions are Maia and Xoti , and Aloth . As for sidekick..I'm afraid , I don't use them . The only sidekick I met was that animancer lady who did something to herself . And that is quite original . So can't say much about sidekick . I don't dislike Éder per se , the voice actor is really good . But farm boys aren't interesting to me . Tekehu has a really cool animation , but the Mama boy act is boring as well . But his voice is good too! And Seraf.....I love Orlan . Just wished we had a female one this time around But yeah...not interesting to me .
  17. but yeah , deadfire could use more stuff for us to pick up on the map . i mean , we pick ressources , but they are always the same boring ones . would have been nice , if there was a bit more on the map to pick . oh I don't know..maybe say something like you can pick artifact that add + 4 to power of your boat . They can make these items have a limit of use , then you can find more .
  18. Come now, it's a fun game that gets a lot of crap merely for not being HoMM3. lol honestly..I love 2, 3, 4.... But couldn't get into 5...
  19. well, to be honest your party and a few of the npcs bathing at the bathhouse are in their underwear. however odd that maybe... normal bath house though.. you can wear a towel , but everyone else is naked . Nobody would tell you to take it off homewhever , but you can if you want to . yeah , but I assumed that was due to the model of our character....while every npc in the bath house..is like stuck there maybe ?
  20. for the companions dialogues , they are bugged . The coming patch should fix them .
  21. the sex talk with companion is a Bug , their dialogues are messed up . Some are firing too soon , and lot is missing . The next patch should fix that . For the shipmates..all I can say : Darn lucky! for the nude...it's a BATH HOUSE . NOBODY KEEP THEIR CLOTHES IN A BATH HOUSE , ever .
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