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  1. The first game that introduced me to this concept was Rogue Spear. Enemies would die with a single shot to the head or 2 shots to the chest, but so would you. i used to play the original operation flashpoint for that reason. loved long distance shooting with the manual optics of a dragunov svd.
  2. i spent most of yesterday cleaning up my skyrim-se mods, and loadorder after updating the various body/face/vampire texture/mesh mods i'm using (i was putting it off for this very reason). bloody nightmare. finally just got back into actually playing skyrim today.
  3. Well, the room used to have +10 diplomacy and actual rest what did they do? replace the mattresses with stone bunks?
  4. Deathspank Earthlock Rollers Of The Realm Stories: The Path Of Destinies Wonderboy The Dragon's Trap i've heard dragon age: inquisition does, though i've always been a keyboard & mouse sort, so it's just hearsay.
  5. i figured it was just a punishment for being rude, as gods don't typically like that.
  6. only if i'm playing for money, if it's just for fun, the river usually pays off. *sigh*... pays off. lol
  7. to name a few of my ships... i guess my favorites would be "the Specter of Caed Nua", followed by "the Dread Harlequin", then "Iovara's Defiance", and finally "the Fortuitous Fulcrum"
  8. if i posted a few of the names i gave to a few of my islands... i think i'd likely be banned. lol
  9. being a fallout 4 and skyrim/skyrim-se mod using gamer forced to use steam, the auto update "feature" that i can't really turn off... is incredibly annoying. and if i happen to start up skse64 without making sure steam is already running (otherwise it auto updates on the spot when steam autoruns, causing me to update all my mods usually taking a few hours if i'm lucky, assuming/hoping that all those mods i'm using actually have the correct updates available), and simply doing a boatload of mod updating might just bork my current savegames then and there, or i might be waiting several days for the next version of skse to be released. nothing good has come of using steam for fallout4 or skyrim, for me quite the opposite.
  10. i still can't figure out how 6 people hated nemnok? that just seems completely alien to me... well, i guess as a god he was sort of hateable, but still.
  11. i really can't stand steam, but most of my games seem to be held hostage by it... *sigh* so, i still use it anyway.
  12. it took me something like 20 tries, or there abouts to kill the sob without a companion or two being perma killed. what kept happening is either, a: someone's mirrored eyes potion would expire and then they'd get zapped before i could use a potion on em or even pause... or b: my archers or mage would get tagged from across the room (which as far as i could tell shouldn't be possible as the range is supposed to be somewhat restricted, like the basilisk's). took me about a day and a half to just get lucky with this...
  13. one of my very first pc games was panzer general, back on my old hp desktop, with dos 5.1 and windows 3.1 honestly, i've rarely found a game that was just as satisfying as the original pg. keep in mind i had just moved up from those bookcase games, and pen & paper rpgs at the time.
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