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  1. The first game that introduced me to this concept was Rogue Spear. Enemies would die with a single shot to the head or 2 shots to the chest, but so would you. i used to play the original operation flashpoint for that reason. loved long distance shooting with the manual optics of a dragunov svd.
  2. i spent most of yesterday cleaning up my skyrim-se mods, and loadorder after updating the various body/face/vampire texture/mesh mods i'm using (i was putting it off for this very reason). bloody nightmare. finally just got back into actually playing skyrim today.
  3. Well, the room used to have +10 diplomacy and actual rest what did they do? replace the mattresses with stone bunks?
  4. Deathspank Earthlock Rollers Of The Realm Stories: The Path Of Destinies Wonderboy The Dragon's Trap i've heard dragon age: inquisition does, though i've always been a keyboard & mouse sort, so it's just hearsay.
  5. i figured it was just a punishment for being rude, as gods don't typically like that.
  6. only if i'm playing for money, if it's just for fun, the river usually pays off. *sigh*... pays off. lol
  7. to name a few of my ships... i guess my favorites would be "the Specter of Caed Nua", followed by "the Dread Harlequin", then "Iovara's Defiance", and finally "the Fortuitous Fulcrum"
  8. if i posted a few of the names i gave to a few of my islands... i think i'd likely be banned. lol
  9. being a fallout 4 and skyrim/skyrim-se mod using gamer forced to use steam, the auto update "feature" that i can't really turn off... is incredibly annoying. and if i happen to start up skse64 without making sure steam is already running (otherwise it auto updates on the spot when steam autoruns, causing me to update all my mods usually taking a few hours if i'm lucky, assuming/hoping that all those mods i'm using actually have the correct updates available), and simply doing a boatload of mod updating might just bork my current savegames then and there, or i might be waiting several days for the next version of skse to be released. nothing good has come of using steam for fallout4 or skyrim, for me quite the opposite.
  10. i still can't figure out how 6 people hated nemnok? that just seems completely alien to me... well, i guess as a god he was sort of hateable, but still.
  11. i really can't stand steam, but most of my games seem to be held hostage by it... *sigh* so, i still use it anyway.
  12. it took me something like 20 tries, or there abouts to kill the sob without a companion or two being perma killed. what kept happening is either, a: someone's mirrored eyes potion would expire and then they'd get zapped before i could use a potion on em or even pause... or b: my archers or mage would get tagged from across the room (which as far as i could tell shouldn't be possible as the range is supposed to be somewhat restricted, like the basilisk's). took me about a day and a half to just get lucky with this...
  13. one of my very first pc games was panzer general, back on my old hp desktop, with dos 5.1 and windows 3.1 honestly, i've rarely found a game that was just as satisfying as the original pg. keep in mind i had just moved up from those bookcase games, and pen & paper rpgs at the time.
  14. did anyone play... oh, what was it called? um, chaos lords i think, or chaos overlords, chaos something? you basically took over a crime syndicate in a futuristic city type strategy game. or syndicate wars... that was good too, iirc? those were the days.
  15. deathward is ineffective against alec's (that's my new name for him, as i'm sure he'd hate it) death magic. that was the very first thing i tried. dispel was just as ineffective as he's level 12, my priests were level 8, and 9. i have to say that annoyed me a great deal, filling those spell slots with dethwards... only to see my warded tanks still explode after 30 seconds and turn into ghouls.
  16. decided to take a trip down nostalgia lane... picked up baldur's gate 1 & 2 EE a few days ago. played the originals quite a bit, though just don't remember it. well, never did the expansions till now either... just finished that fight with that demon aec'letec in ulgoth's beard. took me twenty or so tries, but finally managed to kill him without that cheese insta-perma-death AoE spell taking any of my party members out. that basically deprived me of my desire to finish playing the series, at all. i'm on the final chapter of BG:EE, and i've just no desire to keep playing. all because of that one single cheese grater boss... to me, it honestly felt like he was cheating the entire time, which basically destroys the experience for me.
  17. unless you have high level mages or priests, or both, fampyrs are a pain (imho as always). my usual approach to a fampyr dungeon is draw the lot of em into a kill box (those firecrackers work well for that), then overkill-ish AoE spells fired from both priest & wizard applied to said killbox, preferably flame based. bunch of dead fampyrs. cheap i know, but they be annoying ********, so they earned it.
  18. Do we get to choose which god we become part of? I'm holding out for Wael. It depends on the sum total of your social media posts. If you tweet about how resentful you are, Skaen. Write on facebook about how you feel so much benevolence that you need to oppress the monsters who are less benevolent, Hylea. Angry about people posting your picture on Snapchat? Wael Etc. i had to step back from facebook entirely, as i wasted just about all my time with those little games... where your friends list becomes your vampire army, pirate armada, undead army, mafia family, undead samurai army, etc. what's that make me? woedica?
  19. what did i do today? well, played some skyrim se, a little deadfire, and a lot of baldur's gate 1... funny, it's been like 15 years since i've played it, and decided to pick it up a few days ago on a lark, as the enhanced edition was on sale for 5 bucks, so why not... now, i don't even recall what bg1 or 2 was about, i played the hell out of it way back when but it's a complete blank now. even as i'm playing it, nothing seems to click, like the opposite of riding a bike, supposedly... so it's like i'm playing it for the first time. now, i do remember baldur's gate was a complete cheese grater (archaic gaming terminology... a level or section of a level that is incredibly cheap = cheese -- a game composed of cheese levels and nothing but cheese levels = cheese grater). however, iirc even though it was a cheese grater, baldur's gate was still a fair cheese grater, as the game still seemed to stick to the rules, most of the time. however, now that i've been playing through it, and am nearly finished with my first BG:EE run, and i can't help but feel like gameplay was drastically altered, as when i'd just started playing (as in before i hit level 2 with my character), it's almost like every few rounds the computer was pulling something over on me. i did quite a bit of ad&d 2.0 in the early-to-mid 90's, lots actually, so i had a pretty good idea of how things flow, and well, BG:EE just seemed off, where as i don't recall feeling that about the original... or am i just wearing my pink tinted nostalgia goggles? even though i don't even recall the game, even as i'm playing, i haven't had any of those: "oh, right that happens at this point in the game" moments. you folks think i'm just going crazy?
  20. i actually liked the fact that we got to use our old watchers again. and i don't really see what you're complaining about?
  21. i guess one of the things i liked about tyranny... the game wasn't about a world conquered by mustache twirling evil, but evil of or for a purpose. making the events in game a tad more murky, but, perhaps no less evil, or maybe even making this more evil because of it.
  22. The Beamdog remakes are fine with a few caveats. 1: They added some new companions, these companions may or may not be your cup of tea. You can ignore them either way so it isn't that big a deal. 2: The Dragonspear middle game thing they invented? It is crap, it does not mesh well with the story, and feels very much like a separate product despite involving many of the same characters and happening chronologically between games. So I strongly advise pretending it just doesn't exist. 3: There is some bonus content stuff not involving the NPC's and it feels a little out of place and monty haulish but it isn't that bad. Everything else is basically the stock original games just with some enhanced resolution, ui tweaks, and a few gameplay changes. Nothing that really hurts the games. So I advise giving them a shot and if you just want as close to the original experience as possible bear those three things in mind. seems my post didn't get posted... well, whatever. like i was trying to say. thanx for this, they're onsale for 5 bucks each, it's not like i have any wiggle room in my budget this month, but what the hel, it's not like i'll be in the black this month anyway. so, why not?
  23. i don't know how many times i've replayed tyranny. i think i've replayed with just my first character at least 4 times, as i think i noted earlier. ---edit though i also had to admit my first character's personality was near perfect, no matter how many times i tried to do something different with her, making alternate decisions just didn't sit right, so i just wound up playing basically the same playthrough 4 or 5 times with only minor changes. lol ---edit again many, many typos
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