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  1. LOL... I didn't mind them..*ahem ahem*..... I was stuck playing as Geralda! That was my happy moment!
  2. I love Godlike...and deathlife..and naturelike...and...well , you get the idea And not wearing a hat isn't something that would bother me , since in most games that can give me the option to hide 'helmet' or 'Hat' , I would do so . Homewhever , it would be nice if there was a unique slot for godlike for the peoples who think they are missing some buff from a hat . Or dunno , maybe a scroll in a game that let them wear one as a charm or illusion ? if they want one .
  3. Eh. In real life maybe, but in a game it can get to *really* distracting levels. I don't find that to be true about PoE 2, but I *did* find it to be true of Witcher 3. I know what you mean !!! when I saw THAT..I was like..what they were saying again...couldn't focus anymore.. cose...
  4. y'all got it wrong! Heroes of Might and Magic 4 was tha best ! *throw tomatoe* Anyway , that aside.. While the boat remind me of that , this an rpg and should stay as such . I have plenty of strategy games , and there are more outta there to try out . Let's not change this into that..that's how we end up with something horrible usually .
  5. Heroes of Might and Magic.. Haven't though about that game in ages... Now..I wish POE2 had artifact for us to find! cose we can find ressources , but they don't pile up as they should .
  6. we have diplomacie , bluff and intimdate that do that job already . All of them , require body language not just words , or insult or lies .
  7. Bailer! get back here and wait for smoochie with meh! and leave lohse...she is minemineminemine
  8. I kinda got a sword wielding version of Vivienne from Pallegina... minus the dead lover of course... Vivi was very shallow..she didn't care much and didn't have the passion Pallegina has (yeah yeah..I don't like her still but I can recognize passion even if I don't like someone ) . Pallegina does have that over Vivi..who..really feel very empty .
  9. Do you know (approximately) what fraction of the lines are triggering in the game? In my playthrough, most of the companions had no new questions I could ask them after the first set. I did get a few more interactions at different points, but it was a small number. well..I know somewhere on the spoiler section , someone posted a Vid of all missing dialogues with companions. I didn't watch it..since I didn't wanna spoil myself . But sorry..I wouldn't know how much is missing . can see some in here (beware spoilers) : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100041-official-characters-and-rom
  10. yup...*ribbit*.... Anyway , the companions are BUGGED . Some stuff are firing too soon , some are missing completely . So I say wait for the patch and then come back for it .
  11. yeah I'm with swapping companions faster . for now , I have been using the console codes : manageparty and I can switch them back and forth on the spot .
  12. Nah that happened with me too on PotD so I had to reload that part. The thing is, companions and sidekick can die whenever. If they aren't recruited yet, they don't gain the injury protection benefit. Eder got crit-killed during the tutorial for me and he exploded. Hard to keep track because you don't have his face on your member box yet so you have to track his health manually. And if they die to Death Ring anyway, that also counts as a real death, not an injury death. Happened to my Ydwin out of nowhere during one of the bounty ship fight when I received a tool tip box informing what Dea
  13. LMAO. Maybe he was overwhelmed. Are you sure it wasn#t some kind of spell? xD No.. Like I said...put it in the lowest difficulty ever , and fight start..I paused right away to explain the combat style of the game.. Then I noticed..he was keeling over.. haha yeah..just remembered that all them pet are died back in Caed Nua.....
  14. He does that to me too. Some NPC says something, my Watcher says *literally nothing* and Aloth sighs through his nose xD If Eder dies in that fight, he's not in the game. It's not a bug. it must be a bug.. cose he wasn't even hit ! He just keeled over.....
  15. that was kinda funny though.... especially once you do the quest..it just make it more hilarious...
  16. Sooooo last night , was showing the game to my friend . And..started a new game , and put it to the easiest of easy difficulty... And Éder bent over and died..during the intro fight..and no , he wasn't on the beach afterward... and it was weird...didn't see him get hit.. is this a bug ?
  17. You are good at this. haha well thanx.. I have a hard time..like really a hard time with names and places that have names..and dates . But I'm good with faces , and if I can't remember a face...I always remember one voice . well there was no rulez though..so , like david chiang...he is older and look nothing like his young self .
  18. I'm not gonna spam big pictures , so... for Aloth : it's kinda hard since..y'know..elf . I personally will go for asian for his look . This guy for Aloth : https://data.whicdn.com/images/54690428/large.jpg And his name is : David Chiang . --- For Xoti , I pick Audrey Tautou (french Actress) Here: https://images6.alphacoders.com/683/683525.jpg --
  19. Let me tell you a story : DAO..crashed for me , and it's still crashing for me to this day due to DirectX 9 and optimization of the game itself . I have done 1 playtrough of it that I was able to finish with 1000+ crash . So , I remember Morrigan...I remember the general story and Leliana and yada yada... But I won't be able to quote stuff , since the game left me bitter like hell due to crashing . And everytime my friend get me in the mood..I'm never able to get past Ostagar due to crashing . It just kill the mood to play... Anyway...whining aside lol you mean face claims al
  20. face claims ? what is that ? and thanx for ruining Morrigan for meh..... So Maia = Cass then ?
  21. Except Maia doesn't disapprove of everything and Aloth does. Fenris is too unhinged - throwing bottles, going murderous. Aloth is too reserved for that. Maia is also not girly, Morrigan is extremely girly. I would say Aloth is more girly than Maia. And Maia is more deadpan snark with her own code of conduct and her own morality. I fully agree on Mirke/Oghren and persistent lack of pants. Yes, thats perfect! And both are super smooth talkers. but aren't the companions bugged.....? So..what if they fix it..and it change how is Aloth ? I never saw Morrigan as
  22. Ah.. haven't even installed the DLC yet..still waiting for the patch... How about Meredith for Pallegina ?? They are both zealot for their order/faction .
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