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  1. The thing I think that's important to point out as illustrated above is that even in writing these things people are limited by their own sense of being human. We can only give them our struggles and goals and so forth. Being even more specific it's also good to point out that when designing other races for things like Sci-Fi other races are almost always humanoid. This is of course ridiculous because we evolved the way we did due to certain circumstances on this planet. A planet that had lifeforms evolve on certain circumstances could look vastly different. I think it's absolutely preposterous to assume that any writer could truly create something truly foreign or alien because we simply can't comprehend outside our own experiences and the experiences in others. Hence why many races fall within certain archetypes. At some point it's going to be anthropomorphized because we're human.
  2. Waiting for the twist to wearing it that makes it so you must constantly make cold themed puns like Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin. *Meeting with Berath, Your Watcher, laughing through tears* "ICE TO SEE YOU."
  3. I've always thought elves were an interesting thing in Fantasy settings because they vary so wildly. In say, Baldur's Gate (All the games.) they ranged from mystical to aloof by setting alone. You find a loner wizard in the sewards doing awful things and yet in another you find one drunk off his ass in tavern speaking like a commoner. I don't play as many games as I used to but I've seen a lot of elves being more grounded recently in things like Dragon Age or Witcher. They've lost that sort of Tolkien-esque mysticism and are well, like a lot of other folks. In the case of Dragon Age or Witcher they've become significantly more oppressed though. Speaking strictly of Pillars I think the mature nature of the narrative has given them a more grounded, less ethereal status. I'd like to see the roles completely reversed at some point in an RPG. With Elves living underground and mining and putting Dwarves and Gnomes in the trees and forests.
  4. Cool beans! Can't imagine I'd ever be crazy enough to attempt some of these but this should appease the masochist out there.
  5. And nearly ALL of those things can be communicated to customers who are waiting and waiting and waiting. Plenty of crowdfunded projects experience delays on physical goods fulfillment. Of all of them I have experienced, those delays are actually explained. Whereas all Obsidian has done is send us pictures of the giant fort they are building with our stuff. Bastards. There are two forts actually. One for boys and one for girls. Neither is allowed in each others forts and this has caused mass confusion at the office.
  6. And if that doesn't have a Galawain theme I will be miffed. The only available theme is Wael and it's invisible and inscrutable to everyone!
  7. Oh believe me I missed it. I never spoke with the Ambassador again because well, I saw no reason to do so. Pallegina's stuff can be resolved without doing so and well, that's that.
  8. Great thread folks but the correct answers were Konstanten and Vatnir. We all know you want all of Vatnir's eyes on you.
  9. Ha! I've never even encountered this armor in any of my playthroughs but it looks awesome! *Sad Trombone*
  10. I've no doubt that was true of some people, but it wasn't for me. For reference I rest spammed all the way through the BG series, but the introduction of camping supplies in PoE did make me change the way I played, and I found I enjoyed it more as a result. I guess I wish there was a way for me to cheat in Deadfire to make the game play like I prefer (with per rest) in the same way you could cheat in PoE. I guess this is one of those things were setting standards for yourself might set in. Like no resting in certain areas or only after a certain period of time had passed. It's always nicer to have these features in the game but alas.
  11. Lmao you want to start an RPG and have it be ass? Try the first Baldur's Gate as a Wizard (Or Sorcerer if it's modded or you have the Enhanced Edition.). Who among us doesn't like being slaughtered in one hit by a wayward arrow? I think their is something to be said about being less powerful than others starting out but hoo boy it's certainly not ass in my opinion. But it IS frustrating to not feel good with the class. So that I understand.
  12. I think a lot of Gods pretend to be a little more grandiose than they really are. No doubt anyone here hasn't caught on that they put on airs. I'll be interested in seeing what Rymrgard has to say and if he's not just giving our Watchers the run around.
  13. This is certainly the last time I will be backing any Obisidian products after this abysmal experience. I have no reason to do so in the future. I can just buy the game a year or two after release, when development is ACTUALLY done, and not worry about my physical rewards never showing up. Considering the standard bearer for Kickstarter awfulness is Mighty Number Nine, a game whose entire breadth of physical rewards didn't show up for over a year this really doesn't strike me as bad. We know things are shipping soon and that's far more than the MN9 backers got. Obsidian has been clear from the get go about things being delayed. Oh and you can also not play the game for a year or so so it can be properly patched. Your post seems to be motivated more by a lack of patience than it does evidence that things won't be dealt with in a proper fashion. That's by no means a bad thing but the latter is way worse than the former.
  14. Very cool. Vatnir looks perfect for the kind of person I'd like. And by that I mean a bunch of maladjusted weirdos. Oh and having that Eothas statue on my shelf will be neat too.
  15. Damn can you imagine being in the water and seeing that come at you? Revive my ass after the heart attack please.
  16. Pleased to see this is a positive post and not an accusation that Obsidian has slowly been releasing content while sacrificing live animals to a coven of witches in their basement!
  17. Yes! You have to claim the code for either Steam or GOG on the Backer Portal though!
  18. People asking for spiders are insane. (I jest but y'all are still nuts.) But can you imagine the Phase Spiders from D and D? Good Lord that would be OP.
  19. The only crew member missing now is a Naga named Sssssssssssssssssnake who sounds like Otacon from Metal Gear Solid.
  20. Why is it that every time someone finds content that was cut it's removal is always interpreted as malicious or as a result of laziness? Lots of things have things cut out of them for time or pacing. Books. Television episodes and movies. And yes even movies. I mean good Lord people. Who among us wants to watch a four hour film all the time? Or read a book with a ton of superfluous stuff? Games that take dozens of hours to complete are obviously going to have stuff removed. People make it sound like Obsidian is cackling down in their basement with a coven of witches about all this cut content. I mean goodness gracious.
  21. What if the Ogre companion is a transmuter? Will he change into a giant? And talking about changing forms, can we get a druid subclass that can assume a groot tree form? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99146-share-pictures-of-your-watcher/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2022393 Actually Obsidian could totally make a parody recruit that samples all this stuff. Any number of beings made of trees could fill this role. Screaming "I AM ROOT" totally works.
  22. I confess I'm baffled that someone would not want to play a game over something this ridiculous. I mean I remember in Baldur's Gate that all your powers were essentially limited to beating things with whatever was in your hands (Or your hands themselves) if you were a martial class. I mean if you can summon some spirit stuff to make your warrior more powerful why is this such an issue? Must he only be allowed to use his flesh and bone? Where does this limitation end? Can he use potions? Must he recover from lacerations naturally? ???????????
  23. Folks have already begun modding things like spells and items and they can be found on the Nexus Mods site. Nothing major right now but I imagine once things open up more people will hop onboard. I mean the only game I can think of that could have been modded and never really went anywhere was RAGE but that's because...yeah.
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