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  1. I have no doubt modders will inevitably do things to tweak the system to make as stress free, or as stressful as possible for the individual player. It wasn't much of an issue with me in Hardcore mode in New Vegas vanilla but if you had a mod ( I think it was Sawyer's but I'm forgetting.) you could sometimes need to eat three times a day to not keel over. I'm sure Obsidian will put some effort into not making us suffer too much.
  2. My guy you think impressionistic neon lighting as an art style was pioneered by Fortnite? Have you seen any major Science Fiction film since color movies became a thing? This type of lighting is a ostensibly a cliche at this point.
  3. Bro we barely have footage of the thing and you know what the entire forty hour experience will look like?
  4. Well yeah it's possible to do it lone wolf just like it was in Obsidian's other games. You could certainly do it in New Vegas but it's a bit easier to do with Boone shooting some poor fool downwind with a sniper! It's even possible to beat Pillars that way although that's way, way harder than New Vegas. Also, we're some months away from real, legitimate footage reveal so I wouldn't worry too much!
  5. I imagine it'll be the traditional $49.99 - $59.99 price tag. I don't see why it wouldn't be. I imagine they might charge you more for some digital goodies though like a Soundtrack or Items.
  6. I'm guessing OP is not down for butt stuff? I digress. Obisidian specifically asked for feedback and people are giving it. One does not become an "anal minimaxer" because they do exactly what they're told to do. Also why would you complain about more options? The modes have no bearing on one another. I'm being serious I have no idea why people complain about two separate options that have no effect on one another,.
  7. It's absolutely a minority approach. People replay games all the time. Like all the time.
  8. I'm not saying that's necessarily a good thing and OS has it's grimdark elements. I just mean it's kind of less serious with the way it's written. Kinda like BG2 or Dragon Age. Dark plotlines but the characters and the mood is more upbeat. POE and deadfire has it's jokes and it's lighthearted moments but they are few and far between. I just think that might be a big part of why it's not so popular. I disagree. I know I'm beating a dead horse by bringing this up but Wticher 3 has a dead baby in it that comes back to life after some rather awful circumstances. Sexual violence is also a
  9. I hate to be that guy but this is one of those "When they're ready to share" sort of deals.
  10. Yes this is what it sounds like. Different hubs separated by loading screens. I suppose some buildings would have them too upon entering.
  11. Worried? What for? I don't have the slightest problem with Megan. If you're brave enough to tell us you're worried surely you're brave enough to tell us why?
  12. Let's just ban all video games. Then no on can complain about features because there will be none.
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