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  1. Please, please don't take it the wrong way: I'm really the last person to make fun of such things, and I don't want to be mean or dismiss your points, but think you need to seek help. This part is genuinely worrying. I agree. Devs work brutal hours for pay that just isn't satisfactory for the amount of time they put in and it causes all sorts of issues both physical and mental. I've seen at least one developer contemplate suicide before.
  2. Turns out he gets instagibbed against one R. Mueller on all difficulties though.
  3. No you don't because this is amazing. What better way to curse the world than with something that effectively functions as a Medusa?
  4. Wow when Obsidian said they were doing something involving the sea I never thought they'd go full Lovecraft.
  5. I heard that it's also very effective to yell "DON'T ATTACK" at your monitor as loud as you can. Do this and everyone will act the way you want them to.
  6. Lol have any of you ever been on a recreation of a ship like the ones used in Deadfire? "Realistic" combat in this case would be the most asinine combat ever made. You'd struggle with basic tasks like patching and loading. You're simply asking for more steps. More complex steps and hurdles =/= More realistic
  7. Depends on what you value more honestly. I mean more health is never a bad thing but getting more benefits to what's already there isn't awful either. I think it comes down to what you would consider more useful on a consistent basis. At least that's what I do when making these types of decisions in games. I don't sacrifice party members though. Your Watcher is a real bastard.
  8. People often don't account for all data, just the data they want to see. And I want to clarify all of us do this. The only people who know for certain are the folks at Obsidian.
  9. No no I like the idea of enchanted dancer outfits for my watcher. I mean why not look fine as hel will gibbing people?
  10. I mean they have a level nine chant that summons a dragon so that's pretty kickass. But kickass doesn't paint the whole picture. A single class is always going to have access to higher level abilities that a multi class character won't and as such you'll have to adjust accordingly. I hate to tread on the "It's How You Use It" ground but that's really where I stand on the matter. If you want to utilize more than one type of ability then multi classing shouldn't be an issue and the opposite is true for single class. But with the nerf hammer coming soon I think it might be wise to prepare ourselves for readjustment. One patch can invalidate a swath of strategies. And depending on how big a hammer Josh decides to use we all might be careful about a long term commitment. Just my two cents!
  11. Some great stuff in here folks! You guys have some great looking characters.
  12. There is a DLC coming that is centered on an arena. Hopefully that satiates your bloodlust. Speaking for myself I'm rather undecided. In the first game I got really tired of dealing with hordes of enemies that frankly got burdensome. Yes it's great to have conflict in an area but when you fight horde after horde of something like spirits or beetles it just gets tiresome. Raedric's Hold made sense because it was you know, a castle but again, endless trash mob got annoying after a while. And because of this criticism Obsidian decided to reduce the amount of mobs you fought. I think I'll be more willing to commit to a position once difficulty tweaks and balances have been implemented. I would vastly prefer some fights that were good and challenging rather than endless waves of say Toepuncher and his bandits that offer no real challenge but must be undertaken anyway.
  13. No way. My Watcher considers the gods nothing more than complex soul-constructs whose programming has went bad. Nobody who fawns over the gods is allowed in my party or on my ship. Except Xoti, 'cuz she's hot. Mad props for admitting you're just horny. But yeah it's impossible to play as someone who doesn't know the truth. I suppose all that matters is how you believe what functions the gods should serve to kith. If it all.
  14. I used a combination of everyone. I was playing on normal so I wasn't too worried about who was were because it was all pretty easy. I imagine that will change the moment balance comes in a patch though.
  15. I believe Obsidian has said in the past that they tend to make things overpowered on purpose, at least a little so they can weed things out easier. If you just throw stuff to the wall you get a whole bunch of stuff that's useless and that no one will ever give feedback on. Stuff will be nerfed into the ground. Believe me. You're going to rage through the tears.
  16. Look I just want a spell that's cast against you that messes with letters and descriptions. Need to read a journal for a quest? Enjoy it in Ancient Greek! I might be serious with this post.
  17. A group of gremlins held the Obsidian staff hostage until it was added into the game. (I fully expect the spell to be nerfed.)
  18. It's with Scooby Doo I'm afraid. But in all seriousness I've got a ton of stuff coming. Pondering if it's going to be shipped out piecemeal now.
  19. A side effect were your gear is randomly replaced with other gear. Your breastplate is now a dancer's outfit.
  20. Lighting is a lot harder than it sounds. Even when working in the real world in films and such it's hard. As for storms I think what matters is the effect you're going for. Not every thunderstorm is apocalyptic. It's loud sure but it's not like "Cthulhu is going to march right out of the sea" kind of bad.
  22. I did that by accident. One of the permanent marks my Watcher has made on the world is he discovered the island of "Island Name".
  23. Well the game isn't exactly difficult on any difficulty at the moment and that's been acknowledged by Obsidian. The nerf gun is coming though. I imagine people will be incredibly Mad Online in the next few months because they can no longer instagib Sir Thottery III or something.
  24. Excuse me everyone but you forgot to mention that percent of players used a single player class. 69. 69.
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