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  1. Y'all are thirsty for that Sanguine Plate. I'll reiterate my desire for weird or eccentric items. Not like talking sword kind but the real good weird stuff. A Trumpet that shoots acid? A jar of angry bees that can be thrown? A helmet that chimes like a dinner bell when you score a critical hit? I don't know but levity items are pretty cool in my book.
  2. I agree. Videos like that kick so much ass because whoever makes them tries to pin down one posit the secret key to unlock some eldritch knowledge relies on one entire philosophical framework and not a multitude. I mean Descartes? Really? He's most known for **** memes these days. But in all seriousness philosophy IS a major component to some games but most people really don't take time discuss or really give much thought to them. How many people do you all think played something like say, Bioshock and gave much thought to Objectivism? Or how about it's sequel with Collectivism/Utilitarianism? Not many I would wager. A good story to me is something that keeps me engaged for the entirety of whatever media/book/whatever is being presented. If it presents challenges that's great too. I am so very tired of modern Youtube analysis that presents subjective material as objective and treating it as if they and only they have the key to unlock this mighty puzzle box where some hidden final meaning lies. "LmAo tHiS nArRaTiVe SuCkS! How Pillars of Eternity can only be understood by this **** Philosophy Dude" really isn't a good way to convince me as to your sincerity. By all means roast the narrative but at least be open minded about it. If you paid attention to the narrative the game VERY much has a payoff.
  3. Good post. Sometimes you should just do stuff because it's badass not because stats tell you to do so. Stats are great but sometimes a feature is just well, a feature.
  4. In my statement I said the overhaul was indeed the Definitive Edition. This edition exists entirely because people were unsatisfied with parts of a a game. An entire chapter has been entirely overhauled. A new difficulty has been added. Characters have been remixed etc. The only reason the "original" game exists is because purists would no doubt complain that it was missing. Ergo my statement about Pillars remains prescient. DOS2 didn't magically fix itself in accordance to criticism overnight. It took a LONG TIME. And the older, outdated and less likely to be supported will fall to the wayside. People act as if Josh Sawyer is the genie from Aladdin who can fix things after a wish and musical number. It's simply not possible to make changes in accordance to everyone's wishes. "You ain't never had a dev like me!"
  5. Not many games launch in perfect shape (Not that they did before.) folks. I think it's just going to be a thing from here on out. I do however find it incredibly disingenuous of folks to bring up older games somehow being perfect and ignoring the fact that those games had serious issues too. Baldur's Gate STILL doesn't have all the bugs ironed out even in the most recent Enhanced Editions. Ironically this is a relaunch of game that has had significant overhauls due to...criticism.
  6. Difficulty is going to depend on a lot of things. Making every fight like a boss fight isn't going to do much of anything to alleviate these things because there are so many variables. One party might have a breeze because of the set up and another might not. Game balance can be like a black hole. When it is one there's no way to win and when gamers come in with things like nostalgia and rose tinted glasses about times gone by it's impossible for devs to do anything right. Wanting "X" for difficulty doesn't equate to an absolute for everyone so devs need to fine tune between absolutely asinine difficulty and reasonable challenge. Ostensibly it becomes "Why isn't the game difficult or easy in the way I want?" and that's just not an acceptable way to handle this. At some point some folks are just going to have to deal with the fact that not everything in the game is going to be a real life nipple twister.
  7. Again it doesn't state a physical copy of the game is there just a box and as such there isn't anything there that's falsely advertised. I think however, it could have been worded better. In the future I think a very clear and blunt, "There is no physical disc included." statement would be best. Speaking for myself everything I ordered arrived in prime condition so I can't complain as I like the game as well. Things happens and life moves on.
  8. Nobody could sound bored like Orson Welles. Yea, we will have the most bored-sounding of all narrators! "I play a planet. I menace somebody called Something-or-other. Then I'm destroyed."- Orson Welles In fairness I think Welles would have loved game narration. But I'd get a kick out of Obsidian getting someone like Maurice LaMarche (Who does Welles impressions.) to do some voice work. I KNOW SAWYER UNDERSTANDS THESE REFERENCES OBSIDIAN!
  9. I don't know, the gods still need you so you can afford be an ass juuuuuuust a bit. That's one of the nice things about Pillars is that the gods aren't actively trying to smite you. Well most of the time.
  10. The next Fig Campaign will have a stretch goal to resurrect Orson Welles to use his voice for narration.
  11. Well that's interesting because Arena matches in games are almost always "You need to kill this and that's it.". I like weird gimmicks if done correctly. Although quickly regenerating spiders sounds like a horror movie concept that hasn't been taken advantage of yet.
  12. Divinity also has this sort of...whimsy about it. It's significantly more tongue in cheek than I was expecting (Not a criticism by the way.). I haven't played another game like that since Fable and well yeah. Dead babies in Pillars is a far cry from that no?
  13. If you qualified for the Season Pass you are able to select a location for a redeemable code on the backer portal site. I backed high enough and generated my code there. After punching it in I know should automatically download the expansion the moment it releases. On GOG anyway.
  14. Everything I ordered came intact including Eothas and here's the proof! The only thing that's ghastly in this photo is my decade old oven and stove top and for that I beg forgiveness. https://imgur.com/a/Z4ephBx
  15. My current install speed where I live is incredibly inconsistent. My download speed currently is 28kb/s (Yes that's kilobytes!) and has been for about two days. No joke. I absolutely understand the frustration. I do not live in a place with good internet and when it does work it's also very poor. It sucks. Ok, fair point. Still . . .how do you patch? I patch when the speed is up to snuff but right now I'm at 1mb/s so it takes forever. The highest I get is about 8mb/s but that's only for short bursts. I absolutely understand the pain of downloads not being good.
  16. Yeah, I think I remember the same but you should be able to find that back in the original Fig campaign one way or another. I don't get the desire for a "physical" game. Like, unless you live somewhere with no internet access, in which case how are you posting / how did you back the fig campaign Well some people like me who had to leave the states for college into another foreign country would love a way to install the game without net, you wouldn't be able to comprehend the speed of the internet and how expensive it is. Trust me the 20G took a long time for me to download My current install speed where I live is incredibly inconsistent. My download speed currently is 28kb/s (Yes that's kilobytes!) and has been for about two days. No joke. I absolutely understand the frustration. I do not live in a place with good internet and when it does work it's also very poor. It sucks.
  17. I believe it actually did state that it was a code somewhere. I was never under the impression that I was receiving a disc because of this. It just isn't done anymore.
  18. Let me be the record scratch guy and say I never even knew this item existed in the first game and that I never encountered one in game. Fascinating! One of these please!
  19. I knew a guy who made D&D figurines out of soap so not really. I mean mini-figs in my experience have never looked truly good. I mean in desperate times I knew a guy who used Monopoly pieces as figurines. You haven't lived until you've beaten a group of people as a thimble. You're not going to get the quality of some of those $500(!) figures for that price.
  20. Didn't the first game have a Smash Mouth Mod for Kana? I would think mucking with the sounds is possible.
  21. S E A S H A N T I E S Weirder and more exotic weapons mostly. I realize we're limited to certain things due to the setting but weird and eccentric weapons are my jam. And no I don't mean things like Anime Blade 9001. Also I'd really like some more throwbacks to past companions. I realize that's a small thing but a small wayward reference to Hiravias insulting someone's mother or a story about how Durance lit some poor fool aflame.
  22. Haven't received a shipping notice yet and I'm from the States (If that means anything.). Not that my body requires the presence of these items to survive though. Just thought I'd check in and see how others were doing. If I can I'll post pics when mine arrives. I have the Signed Elite...Collector's...thing?
  23. How much is malleable is something I think that needs to be discussed. I mean it's a bit of a crap-shoot when you set out to balance things because what will hinder one person won't do the same for another. Perhaps I'm lobbing air balls here but I was under the impression that most devs don't actually balance games at higher difficulties? They usually tweak things like how much damage an enemy does and so forth and that's about it. Is it truly reasonable to think that a game like this is easier to balance than a first person shooter? Lastly are we all sure that rose tinted glasses aren't making games harder than they actually were in hindsight?
  24. The rulebook of PoE has being changing after every damn patch or DLC. This is obiously a rant, but I know what i'm saying. This just in. Entire rulebook changed EVERY patch. Swords now do magic damage. Fireballs do blunt and slashing! Cats and dogs living together, MASS HYSTERIA.
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