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  1. I posted about this same issue a short while ago. I thought the problem might be specific to my PC. Apparently not.
  2. I do have an i7 and disabled the hyperthreading but still a no go. Thanks for the info though, it was worth a try
  3. Hey there.... So, I get to the final fight of BoW, and when the Beast slams his axe I watch the crack travel down the plateau we are on and then the game locks up. One time the graphics locked where the crack ended and I took a guess and un-paused the game and got to listen to my party defeat him and listened to part of the death narration. Otherwise it pretty much just locks up every time. Tried running a couple of earlier saves and got the same crash. Here are all of the pertinent files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/98ptewdcjnoojw0/POE%20Deadfire.zip?dl=0 Thanks! I owe that Beas
  4. I loved her as Ellie, it's just something about her voice in this game that gets to me. To each his/her own I guess
  5. There's really so much to like. But my definite #1 is the ability to tweak the AI.
  6. I didn't mean to disparage Ashley in any way, it's just that her voice and cadence lulls me to sleep....
  7. Please, for the love of Gaun, give the voice actress that portrays Ydwin (as well as the story narrator) some coffee!!!!!!
  8. Here's the DB link if you still want to look into this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/57e0wlm3t47wajj/Ender%20%28CaveofThreshing%29%20%28a516ff01-c5f4-49fc-b601-7cfb364df910%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20%28934632336%29.savegame?dl=0
  9. HI SChin, thanks for looking into this. I reverted to an earlier save (before I respecced Tekehu) and everything is fine. I also want to note the same issue happened with Pellagina. I think it was because when I respecced the chants weren't empty. I can still send you the save from the broken save if you would like. Hell, I could throw it on a flash drive and drive it down to you, I'm in Ventura On a side note... I sold Modwyr and then went back later and purchased it. The 'Talk To' option was gone.
  10. Yeah, I played around with it a bit more. I cleared every chant out, and when I leave the chant editor and hover over his prepared chants it still shows 5 chants available with the corresponding phrases (that I had deleted previously). The one duplicate is A, his basic movement chant. Like I said, not a game-breaker, just a nuisance.
  11. Thanks for bearing with me, but I'm sure I didn't explain it properly... I've cleared all of my phrases out and repopulated the chants with phrases multiple times and there are still mystery chants hanging around. My Tekehu must just be extra-bugged. No biggie. On my way to the Beast of Winter on my PotD run through, wish me luck!
  12. Can you delete an entire Chant? Tekehu shows multiple A's, B's, etc, like I said. When I go into the Chant editor I see only A, B, C, D. D is the one I want to use and has the chants I want showing. A, B, and C all show nothing. Tell me how to delete the multiple mysterious chants and I will be a happy godlike.
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