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  1. Josh has had various ideas over the years. Frankly I think the man deserves some time off. In a few years if the world hasn't ended in real nuclear fire what's to stop them? Oh yeah Bethesda.
  2. I suppose it's better than a gag function or a random assortment of effects ranging from positive to stripping your armor off.
  3. Not all of them are. A troll or drake pillaging/terrorizing the coast is most certainly not a trade ship or friendly party. I've no problem tracking them down...for the right price!
  4. I too loved playing as a wizard being one shotted by a single magic missile from some schlub with a wand. It kicked so much ass.
  5. I confess part of me would like to see a game (A spin off) set before the current Gods were created and warring factions were attempting to cement their religion as the correct one. I'm not a religious man myself but I've always appreciated the way Obsidian has approached religion in the past (I can't say I like Joshua Graham like I would Eder but I do think he's a great character.) and I'd be interested in seeing how Obsidian handled the varies aspects of having faith or none at all. I suppose it would be an unpleasant game though.
  6. Did we play separate games? At no point are you required to be a pirate. I mean just because you CAN be one doesn't mean you're forced to be one.
  7. Folks you know you can still have Pallegina there even without Josh writing her right? He can always consult.
  8. People in general tend to misunderstand armor and medieval weapons. Strictly speaking it's correct to say that you're well protected with plate and that you should be able to function well with a small shield or none at all. The thing is if the person all armored up is trained enough you can move fairly well considering even a brief running period. In real life Eder wearing full plate with a helmet and shield would be overkill. Shields are also stressful when you take repeat blows. They also slow you down. Hell even weapons tend to be overdone. You don't parry with blades all that much because they tend yo break. The most egregious sin though is the katana. If you aren't properly trained with that it'll break rather quickly. I don't joke when I say you're better off wielding a katana like a fishing pole than something a game character would do.
  9. If the game isn't hard enough I'll glady come to your house and mock/yell at you while you play. It'll cost you money but I assure you you'll want to quit because everything is so difficult. You'll be glad!
  10. I feel a portrait is just a general representation of my character. The general appearance remains the same but I might mix things up a bit in Pillars 2 with a hair change if I'm feeling it. To hell with the idea that the portrait needs to match the model completely.
  11. It doesn't even have to be numbered entry. I mean you can always do spin offs entries that take place at different times folks. *Jazz Hands*
  12. Let's not forget there's a part where your soul is literally sucked out and you're told death is imminent and yet you can quest for twenty more hours before confronting Irenicus.
  13. Bruh you realize Time Zones exist right? That the UK isn't the center of the world either?
  15. I cannot fathom why any human being would take changes so seriously even if they detest them outright. While we can certainly debate the validity of certain aspects I don't feel like acting like Obsidian came to your house and shot your dog is the answer. Evidently it looks like English isn't your first language so some tone/context might be off but I'm unsure if the downright hostility is warranted. I mean the game isn't perfect but you act as if you've been personally wounded by this game and I'm just mystified.
  16. It only took six posts for someone professing their desire for Rymrgard. Well done forum.
  17. They give a legitimate reason and you're still mad about it? I mean I get it delays suck but surely you weren't expecting Obsidian to know a company was going bankrupt right?
  18. I personally went to the factory where the goods were being stored and I destroyed them all. I have absorbed the power from your Fig donations and am now unstoppable. Bullets just bounce off me now.
  19. I'm down for specialized positions I just wonder at what point it's worth it from a role playing or simple playing perspective. I mean I like playing as a Mindstalker because that's my jive folks but I'm unsure if making things more complex is always good.
  20. Tolkien's Elves are essentially immortal because they remained untouched by age. They can only be killed in battle or by a grievous injury. Legolas, the elf from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is nearly three thousand years old by the time the events of the books take place. Elrond, the older elf who organizes the Fellowship of the Ring is at least six thousand. The reason the elves in Lord of the Rings are aloof and mystical is because they really are old enough to master many things and many most assuredly believe they're superior. That's quite a bit more longevity if you ask me. Elves from Eora may wisen with age but they've got nothing on the ones from Middle Earth.
  21. I personally like the idea of having things outside my playing field. If done correctly it makes the NPC more special. While we could debate him as a character I really liked Haer Dalis from Baldur's Gate II. His class most certainly wasn't off limits but his race, Tiefling and his twin swords most certainly were. I suppose an issue might arise if it's TOO appealing though. I always wanted to cast spells like Irenicus did in those cutscenes but alas I was only part god and that just wasn't enough.
  22. I mean Josh has done airships before. Need I remind anyone Oswald's airship in Icewind Dale 2? We should light that mf up and travel everywhere. PIMP MY BLIMP.
  23. I hope this topic survives till the end of time so future generations thought we took copious amounts of drugs before battle and that others encouraged this.
  24. No? You were told that there was a delay and I believe the stuff is currently inside a warehouse waiting to be shipped. The latter part isn't in Obsidian's control. You can check on the status from the backer portal.
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