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  1. The performance issues will likely not be addressed. This is because Deadfire is a poorly optimized game that puts strain on the HDD. PS4's are equiped with an archaic HDD with 4500RPM. That stuff was ancient 10 years ago. You can put an SSD in to improve the performance. It's the only way to do anything about it. Some PS4 specific bugs are likely to be picked up, but posting them here will probably not help. You should contact Versus Evil for this I think as they published the game and ported it to the PS4. Don't think Obsidian had much to do with it. I've not had the bugs you mentioned on the PC version.
  2. Haha, yea she's really annoying. I think if you want to keep her alive you should stay on the VTCs good side and have another rival. Not sure how that works. The wiki has no actual information on it other than stating "the faction you slighted the most". I love it when people edit these things with texts that only hint at what you're supposed to do rather than simply explaining a,b,c and d. I can only surmise to be in good standing with the VTC and finish their quests in their favor and then do the opposite for either the Principi or the RDC. If you side with the Huana you default to having the RDC as their main enemy so that would coincide with your faction choice.
  3. Wasn't carnage based off of the base weapon damage? Even with PL scaling it doesn't really go up as much as your normal weapon damage. I don't think things like Might and weapon boni are included.
  4. I don't think personal complaints have much to do with this. If you look at online reviews and steam player reviews this game is stated as awesome. This is what drives many people to play a game. Anything else is marketing. You have to reach your potential players and make sure you send them the right message. I myself don't rate POE2 as an incredibly good game. It's a fairly average game overall. It does a few things really well and a few things really really poorly. But opinions like this don't affect sales because I would only know this when I play the game, meaning after I bought it. They might have sold more if they did something like this: https://v1.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/95683-Strip-Bayonetta-in-These-Innovative-Japanese-Ads I think that's one of the funniest marketing tricks I've ever seen
  5. I put almost 700 hours into Deadfire. I wouldn't call it brilliant. I play the game solely for theorycrafting builds and to try them out. Most of the time I don't even complete the story with them. It's not a bad game and if POE3 comes around I might be interested in it. Although this game did leave a bad taste in my mouth regarding the series and I'm not too keen on a sequel. Especially if it's just going to be the same Watcher with the same party members. And especially if it's going to be open world again. That last bit took away so much enjoyment and immersion for me.
  6. Some of the issues are scripting issues or something like that. This means that a reload of a save might actually prevent the issue from resurfacing. I never ran into the issues reported here. The Zamar quest line can be solved differently as well. If you simply accept to help him you can deal with the baddies any which way.
  7. If you completed it at launch then the game should be quite different for you now. Some things were nerfed (such as WotEP) and some things were made harder (such as PotD and some encounters). With regards to mods. They will likely make the game easier. Anything that simply "adds" something to the game that wasn't in there before will have certain balance issues. I don't understand why people min max in a role playing game. But to each his/her own with regards to "power" gaming. The game allows you to make unrealistic characters that can somehow be succesful, so it's up to anyone to abuse that I guess.
  8. On Veteran mode Swift Flurry will still be better than Lightning Strikes. LS is only circumstantially better on PotD, but it depends on itemization and build. I mean you can go with the passives, ring of prosperity, potions and such and still have decent hit to crit conversion on PoTD. Meaning you'll crit even if you don't roll a natural crit. Depending on damage output a sinlge proc of SF means more damage than 10x LS. This is because LS is a lash and a SF proc is an additional attack with full benefits from the entire attack including passives, lashes and weapon boni. Even more useful if the weapon boni involve additional things like spell on hit or aoe attack. On Veteran my Shadowdancer with Karabörü instagibbed Menzzago with 1 hit proccing SW and weapon passive. And that's one of the stronges non superbosses in the main game. This char also doesn't have any issues proccing them in the DLC where enemies have even higher defenses.
  9. Just because your CPU is running at 100% doesn't mean your system should overheat. Even at longer periods of time. There's no direct correlation between CPU utilization and overheating. There is however a direct correlation between how your system cooling is setup and overheating. This means that it can only handle a certain amount of heat that it can disperse. Anything over that will cause heat to increase, perhaps to dangerous levels. If your computer overheats, it's a good idea to look at your cooling systems. I bought my system specifically for optimal cooling (air flow, fans, etc.) There's no game on the planet that can overheat my computer.
  10. I think that's just how the game looks. It's just more apparant with the lighting.
  11. This was fixed ages ago. I've never seen this bug reappear. Are you playing on PC or Console? Also, the game is out of support, so there will be no more fixes. If you ran into this bug, then you got a really rare one. Solution is to load an older save, or use Unity Console to remove it.
  12. Yea I get that. but that's only relevant because Berath revived you. It was her choice, not ours. She could have picked anyone else. The fact that Eothas kills you imo doesn't drive the story at all. There's no quest for vengeance, no compelling force. Nothing. 2 things wrong with that anlysis. You gain back this strength tenfold before even going to Hasongo. What part of this soul lacking sounds important? I don't think the level reset has anything to do with the lack of soul at all. The reason is because everyone's level is reset. Even those that didn't get their soul taken like Aloth and Eder.
  13. And how much of that is played out in the story? It doesn't because getting your house destroyed isn't a good drive for an epic story. When you're revived, do you at all feel you're not a person? How much of the soul are we missing? Not enough for us to care about it. Epic story: someone destroys your house, we're now going to save the world! Woohoo!
  14. For PC you can choose to play it on lesser hardware and accept the loss in performance for better graphics. That's one of the things that's not allowed for console games. And xbox and playstation have really poor hardware imo. My 2015 pc is more than twice as powerful. Most of all it's the lack of any type of SSD though in these consoles. And the thing is that console built games aren't big on HDD requirements as a result. This is why you don't really see a big increase in performance for true console games. Ported games will benefit more from an SSD though. So that includes games like Deadfire. You cannot really judge ported games from PC to console. Some will perform well, others will not and there's really nothing you can do about it.
  15. Scout (rogue/ranger multiclass) is really strong for a ranged build. I myself don't have a whole lot of experience with Ranger myself. Although at higher difficulties the pets become less useful so you may want to pick ghost heart ranger so you can summon them whenever necessary. For sneaky ranger then you can go with Assassin. Deals extra damage from stealth and such. Great for ranged builds as well. Others may have more advice on this. I'm not familiar with Stormcaller build for POE1.
  16. Oh that sucks man. Looks like indeed the character is supposed to have to complete the animation, but the wall isn't letting you. You say you were immune to push/pull effects? I don't understand then why the push animation plays at all.
  17. Any Watcher or possibly even Cipher could have done the job. I also don't recall the need for being a watcher at all in the key points of the story. It's a gimmick. Like I said the Watcher isn't personally invested in the story and Berath could've picked anyone else.
  18. Both of you have this issue on a mac? Sorry to say that the game is no longer in support. There might be someone else with a similar issue here that had a solution for you to find. It does sound like a really bad bug, so perhaps Obsidian can help. They don't frequent this board much anymore I'm afraid.
  19. It's likely the graphics were altered to accomodate to console specs. POE2 isn't an optimized game and doesn't perform particularly well. There's regulations for console games that need to be adhered to. This is also in terms of performance. This looks like it was done deliberately to make the game playable on lesser hardware. I agree though that if they used PC graphics for ads that is wrong. Although I'm sure that Obsidian had nothing to do with that as they did not release the game on console. Versus Evil did.
  20. The NVidia GTX 2000 series have known performance issues with older games or certain types of game engines. I've seen many complaints about the 2000 series with this game. I play with a GTX 980 and I have like 10 second loading times. I do have an M2 SSD with over 500K IOPS so that's good. PC is from 2015.
  21. I've played the game many times. I know why Berath required a herald. I just don't see the reason for the Watcher being this herald. She could have picked the village idiot with the same results.
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