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  1. So Clarity of Agony would also reduce the self damage? Does that count as well for Berserker Frenzy?
  2. Her background wasn't as apparant in POE1. I think they just wanted to "flesh" her out. At any rate I tend to deal positively with the Glanfathans and not go with the Ducs orders and Pallegina basically hints that she wants to do this as well. She wants to not follow the Ducs orders. Then in Deadfire she's like: "I got ousted and you did this to me!". I think there's a special place in hell for people that put the blame on others like that and never stand up to their own choices. That and the fact she seems dedicated to end the Gods existence because she had a crappy childhood. Also, as if they did this to her. She externalizes everything and puts herself as a victim. You want to move on? You have to stop seeing yourself as a victim. And her hate for herself as a Godlike. I think this may have been Obsidians way of incorporating transgenders perhaps. And although I dislike Pallegina, I think it isn't far off in terms of the plight. Wanting to be something you're not. That's messed up, and I mean that in a positive way. Because it introduces a lot of hardship on the person. At any rate it all boils down to her being this bitchy tag-along that no one can get along with. If I had to travel to dangerous lands and fight unimaginable evil I rather not take someone along with that kind of bagage. She can join Durance in the beyond.
  3. Touche. Although I think the word wallow has different meaning to us. Perhaps the fact that GM is looking for redemption as opposed to Pallegina basically already having given up and becoming a bitch because of that makes the difference to me. The stories are completely different. Pallegina hates herself for who she is and everything relatd to it. GM hates what she did and what she had become. Although they may sound similar, they are very different.
  4. He said she was his favorite companion. You can throw it off and ignore she's a broken individual in that regard. I do not. That's like saying you enjoy having poop around the house because you like the color brown. If I say "but it stinks" I cannot because you didn't bring up the stink part? Come on. Things aren't only about what you see. But you are also entitled to your opinion. If I choose to form an adventuring party I would not pick a person who cannot respect themselves and others. Even in real life, because their destructiveness would make the group less and perhaps even endanger that. Empathy means nothing if it means it allows harm to others around you.
  5. Accent <> Personality. She's one of the most self destructive people I've ever seen in a video game. I dislike self loathing. I honestly don't understand how you can enjoy a person who constantly talks about self harm and suicide. Makes me worry for you.
  6. The main issue with POE1 was the stackable defenses. You could buff up a character that could stand in front of the Adra Dragon while it did nothing to him. That's kinda meh and boring imo. It's still pretty bad in POE2, but not as bad as POE1. If they ever do make a POE3, I hope they do away with all those insane stackable buffs and stats and just build around abilities and tactical choices. Meaning you don't become much "stronger", but get more options to defeat your oponent. And if they do stat growth of any kind I would like to see difference between the classes and not have a bookworm mage be as adept at wielding a two handed battle axe as a trained warrior. I'm not saying a battle mage shouldn't be possible, but it should be implemented differently.
  7. Ah yea they're Risen Armsmen. I got them confused. They deal insane damage. Basically the replacement of the Lagufaeth. If you fight them below their level you can expect to get wiped.
  8. Deathguards are everywhere you fight undead at higher level. You meet them with Fampyrs usually or skeletons. One of them is in the crypt you have to discover for the mapping the archipelago quest. More are found in the The Hanging Sepulchers as well in Neketaka. Some in the area where you fight the Demilich in the Flooded cave as part of another mapping quest. Plenty of areas where these are found. Although it's one of those enemies that aren't as strong vs higher level and better equipped parties. They can one-two shot you at lower levels since they crit a lot. Higher deflection reduces their damage output quite a lot as does armor so they don't overpen you. The problem with games like this is statgrowth to be honest. It's not as bad as Dragons Dogma for instance, but it is quite bad. Stat growth is crazy in this game. +3 all stats per level for no reason? I really wish they would change that so that a level 20 characters strength is more determined by powerlevel and abilities and much less by sheer stats. Some abilities are also quite over powered granting +20 to things and such. I feel like all that should be lower and no stacking so it becomes much harder to create a character that is good at everything without effort. That plus introduce Strength and reserve Might for spellcasters. That will forever bug me.
  9. I don't like people or characters that don't like themselves and wallow in self pity. So I dislike Pallegina the most. If she ever does turn up in the next game, by God let it be as an adversary so I can kill her and be done with it. I'm not really attached to any of the characters. At all. The only character I liked in the entire series was Grieving Mother. Voiced by one of my fav VA's and her backstory was fascinating.
  10. How easy the game is depends on your MC mostly and how you build your party. Some classes and characters have better early game than others. It also depends on the path you take and if you use upscaling. Since it's a bit of an open world enemies have base level and scaling. Meaning you could wade through every fight easily or you could end up in a fight you can never win. I do feel that Lagufaeth and pŵgra aren't as tough as they were before. I feel pŵgra spells aren't as powerful. And Lagufaeth die in 1-2 hits without doing any damage to you. So yea, game balance has shifted. Possibly due to the introduction of other enemies. Death Guards and Fampyrs are extremely powerful however.
  11. At any rate a 5400 RPM sata disk is going to suck no matter what you put on it. That **** was old fashioned 10 years ago. I mean even standard SSD is already out dated.
  12. Well that's really interesting. Maybe even inefficient, but possible to give the idea of isometric. So what in this pic would be 3D and what isn't? I mean I can imagine the floor is 2D, but objects on it aren't as your character has to move around or interact with them and having them 2D would just not work.
  13. Definitely not a 2D prerendered environment. It's a full 3D environment.
  14. It's a port, not a complete build with engine that was created to work with the hardware. So if you're expecting it to be the same, then your expectations are way off. Consoles in general have pretty crappy stats when comparing them to modern PCs. They have a different focus on how to create the performance, but they cut costs to make it cheap. You can never ever expect a pc game to perform the same on a console. You can talk about how much money you spend on it, but that is also your choice. Some games perform ok when ported, some don't. And the other way around? Nope, because my PC is like 10 times more powerful than a PS4 Pro. And funnily enough PC games are always cheaper so I buy games that are on PS4 and buy them on PC for 40% less and get better performance. Win. I saved so much money on my games that my way more expensive PC paid for itself. The only reason I use my PS4 controller now is on my PC to play games with a controller. My PS4 pro is just catching dust being useless and taking up space for no reason. POE is not optimized, not even on PC. It's not a good engine in terms of performance. That's just how it is. It sucks. Although POE is not true isometric. It's actually 3D. You can't compare Witcher to POE because Witcher was created with both PC and console in mind. POE was not. It was "ported". If anything you got lucky it's actually on console.
  15. To be fair, it's a port to consoles so it's to be expected that not everything works well. Consoles are not PC's. Their games are built differently to work specifically with the hardware. I also have an M2 SSD with 500.000 IOPS, 3400MB/s read and 2500MB/s write. Which is like ~2000 times faster than the PS4 Pro HDD. Yea it's pretty insane. Also not expensive anymore.
  16. I'm not bothered by the loading times. It's like 10-12 seconds for me. And allowing fast travel from the map seems redundant. Just get an SSD and you're good. I mean if loading times are this bad in this game it's going to be bad in other games as well.
  17. That sounds pretty good actually. So you would forego Citzals Martial Power and go for Zandethus Draconic Fury instead? I mean I'd have to sacrifice some points here and there to get the other defensive spells I'd need but... I mean with -15 defense vs bloodied and the lack of Citzals Martial Power defense isn't very high so how is Offensive parry going to trigger often?
  18. Hm yeah. I was put off by the -15 all defenses of the blood mage vs bloodied targets when going super defensive. Why would i need the blood mage, when all i do is buff up? Are you going to run out of spells? I guess sacred immolation would be good in this build yea. But melee is kind of meh right? Or is it ok?
  19. So just fiddling with some ideas on how to make a character almost invincible. Thinking along the lines of Paladin and Wizard with all the passive and active buffs they get. Deflection without shield to 142 and other defenses between 140 and 160 without effort. Base DR to 25 (+4 vsd fire/ice if going pale elf) with Devil of Caroc breastplate (so can go higher, but that would be worse i think) Only thing that bothered me was that this thing is probably not going to kill anything. Thoughts?
  20. You can also beat Firkraag at level 1 with 2 wands of cloudkill, which only work because they ignore spell resistance as it's not considered a spell. It's not comparable if you can "cheat". I beat the last dragon in ToB by using the epic level traps. Just lure him on top of them and he dies. Well that stuff doesn't happen on table top hahaha. I think you used the same trick because I don't think he attacks you directly if you're outside his aggression circle. Firkraag is pretty darn strong though. If you don't have a cleric in the party and you're not level 20 then it's near impossible if you fight him on equal ground. He has too many hitpoints and I think his heal spell is infinite? It's been a while.
  21. I think it'd be funner if you were unable to beat him entirely. Would make more sense to me anyway. Dragons in POE are too weak imo. I don't think I've ever heard anyone complain their level 10 party couldn't beat Daurgothoth in dnd either. I mean a party of 6 elminsters probably wouldn't be able to beat him.
  22. Yea we're on the same page. It can be fun and it can be made to work, but not as a gimmick to solve something or just introduced as a later idea. I remember playing Spellforce which was built around time travel and it was made to work even though it was kind of a gimmick the reason for this is that nothing had any effect because it was going to happen anyway. And you don't trave back in time. You have another person traveling back in time to prevent something and in doing so he actually causes what will happen. I kind of liked that idea. It's not a new idea and has been explored before in different fashion. But going back in time to "fix" something... no that's not for me. And it's usually done so poorly that it just becomes annoying. To be honest I don't care about POE enough to have a 3rd installment. Especially if you continue the Watcher story. I enjoy playing the game because of the combat only. Everything about POE2 was forgettable. I had much more immersion in POE1. I felt my character was important and part of the world. In POE2 I feel it's disjointed and irrelevant somehow. Not like my character is really there.
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