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  1. Hi everyone. I was just wondering about this skill because I've put it on my Cipher and after reading the exact workings of the skill and the focus growth I thought it wasn't worth taking. The skill reads it gives +10 max focus so this translates at ~+2.5 focus at the start of the battle. Wrong! There's something odd in this skill. My level 11 Cipher with this skill had 42 starting focus. And without it she had 32. Does this mean this skill has a hidden growth per level as well? If so, then it sounds worth taking because having 40+ focus at the start of the battle can make a real difference. Anyone have any clue?
  2. I saw that post, but I didn't see a solution. I was kind of hesitant to read other topics here because of the spoilers and I just started the game. I just created my own druid and wait for an actual fix to be able to use him. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I've recently picked up Hiravias as a party member, but because my party was full he ended up as a non party member next to the others that were currently at the keep. I continued playing intent on having him in my party at a later time. But when I get back to the keep and I go to the menu to add him something strange happens. I remove one party member and add Hiravias and then only the party member is removed but Hiravias does not join the party in game. In the menu it shows that Hiravias has joined, but he is not actually there. After this bug occurs I cannot add any other party member. When I go to the menu the and replace Hiravias with the previous party member the bug occurs again and the new party member shows up as being party of the party in the menu, but not in the actual game. I've reinstalled the game, but that didn't help. Anyone know what to do? Thanks!!
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