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  1. I think the main issue with SC rogue is not the SC part, but just how good MC is with this class as it gets almost all of the benefits without losing much.
  2. I think I have a decent amount of experience with RPG games. Probably more so than most here. Professing your opinion by saying people lack imagination is below the belt and not a valid argument. I disagree with your statements on Wizards. In DnD you have far more options to develop a wizard or any other class than you have with the options you have in PoE. Especially if you include prestige classes and so forth. But let's not go down that road. The issue with PoE is that it has stat growth equally for all classes and a limited amount of stats to make them different from eachother. Every character can more or less do what any other character can do. Some might be a bit better at something than someone else, but every character can cast spells just as effective as a wizard can and any character can wield a weapon just as effective as a fighter can. Sure you have some unique abilities, that will make them more effective. Especially if you know the game as good as you do. I've had this complaint as well for PoE1 that I really disliked the fact that there's hardly any difference between classes in terms of combat effectiveness. Of course you have games from developers like Bethesda with Skyrim and Fallout 4, but also Mass Effect Andromeda who milk this even further where you have absolutely no restriction to class anymore and you can basically do whatever you want. When I play a game like that I shrug and accept it, but I have certain expectations about games like PoE and in this it just did not deliver for me.
  3. How much different is this when comparing it to shadow dancer though, you should be able to use the Confounding Blind attack to much of the same effect I think. You're going to get +12 accuracy, +5 might and +2 pen and a fire lash from monk to offset the loss in damage. Plus you're a lot more mobile and can kill things quicker imo.
  4. Hm, not sure if any from PoE would fit that description. And early thirties is still young and much more influenced by modern media than you might initially think. I did like Prince Aruihi though, but he doesn't get much of an opportunity to show his complete character. I may have misjudged you, but I don't really know what to make of a person putting masculinity and negativity in one sentence to get a rise out of me when I simply look for a different kind of man. In my work and life I've seen many different types of men. Some charismatic, some strong, some bad and some good and also a lot of weaker ones. A charismatic person is a person someone else wants to follow. A natural leader perhaps? Charismatic doesn't necessarily mean good person. My old boss for instance was very charismatic and lured many people to work for him, but he was also a psychopath and destroyed many peoples lives, including mine for a while. In terms of my experience, I'm a project manager working on high stakes and expensive projects. In this environment I meet a whole lot of different people at Manager and C level and have to gain their trust. Which I am able to do, because it is one of my strengths. Never ever have I encountered a person like Castro for any length of time because they just can't handle the job. I would not follow him. I also would not follow Atsura as he's a slimy weasel with no charsima. Only schemes. Furrante is probably ok, but he's so bad at his job and he lacks true charisma to make me believe him. Explaining what it means is difficult. It'd probably be better to give examples, but I'll have to take a rain check on that for now.
  5. I see that my use of 100% confused you. I didn't mean they were identical I meant to say they weren't unique and emphasize that. I'm not sure how much of the class systems quirks has affected sales. I'm thinking it hasn't. But introducing classes that in the end aren't that much different from eachother kind of ruins the fact that you picked a specific class because in the end your play style is much the same. You can auto attack your enemies to death no matter what the class. Of course if you play PotD this isn't the case, but most people don't play PotD. I never liked stat growth and generalistic classes in PoE. It makes my characters class choice feel trivial. And I don't want it to be trivial. I want the class I choose to mean something. Especially if I intend to play multiple times I would like to have a unique experience. With PoE this is really not the case unless you go into specific builds that no casual gamer would ever find out. The fact that a mage that has spent his/her time in books al their lives is just as able to wield a sword as effectively as a fighter that trained all his/her life and walk around in armor without hindrance is just stupid. No other word I can use to describe that.
  6. Heya, this forum is no longer frequented by support staff. You could however reach out to support directly and they may be able to help.
  7. This is why DnD video games have fixed parties that you can't alter until later or have the correct party members show up first (such as rogues). I agree that the classes are all more or less the same. Their stat growth is almost the same, their ability to be as good at everything skill wise is more or less the same. Thing is that mid to end game it doesn't really matter what class you picked as all of them will be able to take a greatsword and bash an enemies head in. I also dislike that about this game. A lot. It's exactly what xzar_monty said and I've brought this up multiple times. A wizard with his nose in the books has the same ability as a fighter to pick up a sword and shield and go to town on a group of enemies. sure he's not going to have the fighter abilities, but his base stats are nearly identical. It's just stupid and makes choosing a class kind of trivial unless you want to power build. Which is what most people don't do. Classes 100% lack uniqueness. I never wanted to say it because of how many different abilities a class gets, but in truth classes aren't that different stat wise. That, plus the fact that Might = Strength and Magic Power still annoys me to this day.
  8. I hardly ever finish a playthrough let alone go and finish the DLC. Thing is though that when you don't do the DLC you'll get specific notice to the ending that you've let something dangerous exist that affects the Deadfire in a bad way.
  9. Can't find this on gamepedia nor fextralife. Sidekicks are just companions with less interaction.
  10. Your post implies you have absolutely no clue to what a charismatic strong man is. Dang how old are you and how much has modern media ruined your life with fake information about men and women? I'm sorry I think it's impossible for me to explain at all since you choose to use the words macho and masculitnity to assume negativity not only once but twice now.
  11. With regards to your question on wimps would say specifically Atsura, Castol and to a lesser extent Furrante are particularly weak. I like your troll bait on manly man. Good try.
  12. To be fair non of it bothered me in Deadfire. I wasn't even aware of some of the things until someone pointed it out and then I was like *shrug*. It's not a massive issue, but I did find that most of the men in Deadfire were a bunch of sissy losers. Especially the ones linked to factions. So either that was by accident, perhaps Obsidian have no clue how to create a charismatic powerful man, or it is on purpose. I can't decide what is worse.
  13. Well I wouldn't say sexual orientation is the same thing as a fetish. That's really oversimplifying things, but it does make so much more sense if people think that way... Oh boy. Smh.
  14. I like how game designers seem to think sexuality is a choice.
  15. Fair enough. But all these elements are connected. You will not see a black male portrayed as bad generally.
  16. The thing is that is what happens online when you're trying to make an argument. I'm not the one making it up. And I do agree with you on this that I shouldn't be the one mentioning it, but in this case I said it to emphasize the point in general, not to defend myself in particular.
  17. Yea, but it's much much worse now. And more aparant and direct.
  18. Well, media creators (games, TV shows and Movies) feel they need to hand out political messages by being inclusive of everyone, even if it doesn't make any sense or makes the game lesser. They feel they cannot get away with not doing it because of a small group of angry sjws that have been terrorizing the Internet for a few years now. The result? Characters become a-sexual, everything is created to be uniform and big breasted women are no longer accepted. Hell, Lara Croft went from D cup to A cup. It's even worse in teen and young adult shows where men are portrayed as evil, weak and always opposing women and being sexually offensive. And the females have to overcome this to show the world they can stand on their own. Almost every show created in 2018/19 and 20 has something of this drivel in them. Does it bother me in Deadfire? Yes and no. Not as much as it does in other games. I do pick female characters because I never directly identify myself with the main character. I'm sure that if I picked a male character it would bother me more. Although I would prefer that I could set my sexual preferences at the start of the game. So I can choose to be gay or not and not have people bother me with it all the time. When it comes down to it, choosing political correctness over a good story is bad practice. I've even seen it ruin series by altering canon of previous games. Don't know if you guys have played Borderlands 3, but aparantly there is a player character (robot) that doesn't identify as female or male because he is a robot. I say he because he has a male voice and acts masculine. But people calling him "he" on the Gearbox forums are banned. So there you have it. I am also a white male, so I must be evil anyways. There's also games that let you pick a character and then alter their looks to be female, even though you play male and vice versa or have a non-gender. Because you know. those 0.001% of society that have psychological or physical issues and want to be a different gender have to be catered to as well. Well since we're messing up peoples minds now the amount of people wanting to change is probably going to change. All I can hope for is that this nonsense dies down. In the end it does more harm than it fixes. But this will likely not happen until we ban things like social media. Which I am all for, especially for underaged people.
  19. So I just found a silly bug I would have never run into before. While I was talking to her I needed to quit playing and shut down the game. So I closed the dialogue before she gave me the quest and then saved and closed the game. Now when I talk to her she will tell me all about herself and Oswald, but not give me the quest as the option to ask for it is no longer present. Aenalys will also not discuss Oswald. Any other way to start this quest? I mean I could just go to the area where Oswald is and pick him up, but I'm not sure if that will trigger the quest anyways.
  20. Drugs have very powerful effects. You can take them outside of combat and last a long time. Potions you can stack, but you can only take them during combat.
  21. If people solely focussed on what a guy in a video online has to say then Fallout 4 would not have broken all sales records ever. I do believe that people are more inclined to follow some nobody with a streaming account rather than trust their own opinion nowadays.
  22. It's just that since Obsidian ended support for the PC version they don't frequent this part of the forums anymore so you're going to have to wait for a long time. Other than that you can send them an email and they might be able to help you further. Over here it's just us now. Some people have a crappy SSD. There's plenty of different ones. My loading times are about 10 secs for a new area. That's acceptable. I do run an M2 SSD. Normal SSDs are already kind of old fashioned. Whether or not they will change performance I cannot say. I doubt it. Since this game is a port and not a console built game it's unlikely. But like I said you can send them an email and see where that takes you.
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