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  1. I read other forums and people are complaining even if they have SSD. The part I don't understand is, if it is that bad, why they decided to release it on PS4. PS4 specs didn't change. So they decided to release it on ps4 knowing that it will be very slow. Also, I agree that it is poorly optimised. POE is not the only game of this genre that runs on PS4. All other games of the same genre don't have performance issues with this hardware but POE has. It seems to me that it is a quality issue. I understand old hardware can make things harder but other games of the same genre proves that it
  2. Hello, First of all, thanks for designing such a good game. It is great! If I were playing it on PC or Mac probably I would love it. I wish I could say the same thing for its PS4 version. It is horrible. I bet you are already aware of it. So my question is simple, are you planning to improve it? (BTW, I am playing it on PS4. Not PS4 Pro. Not PS4 Pro + SSD upgrade. Simple, Vanilla, PS4.) If you are not aware of the problems, these are the major pain points I am experiencing: Slow, very slow, loading times: It gets even worse in Neketaka. I saw some other entries
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