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  1. I read other forums and people are complaining even if they have SSD. The part I don't understand is, if it is that bad, why they decided to release it on PS4. PS4 specs didn't change. So they decided to release it on ps4 knowing that it will be very slow. Also, I agree that it is poorly optimised. POE is not the only game of this genre that runs on PS4. All other games of the same genre don't have performance issues with this hardware but POE has. It seems to me that it is a quality issue. I understand old hardware can make things harder but other games of the same genre proves that it is not impossible. Question remains, do they want to go extra mile to make this game more performant or not? I thought Versus Evil is just publisher and all the development was done by Obsidian. Even if Versus Evil done the development, doesn't Obsidian have any say on quality of it? Also, from customer stand point, I don't want to deal with who did what. I bought a product, this the forum of that product. I am raising my concerns and a quick google search proves that I am not the only one who experiences those. I am still looking for an official answer.
  2. Hello, First of all, thanks for designing such a good game. It is great! If I were playing it on PC or Mac probably I would love it. I wish I could say the same thing for its PS4 version. It is horrible. I bet you are already aware of it. So my question is simple, are you planning to improve it? (BTW, I am playing it on PS4. Not PS4 Pro. Not PS4 Pro + SSD upgrade. Simple, Vanilla, PS4.) If you are not aware of the problems, these are the major pain points I am experiencing: Slow, very slow, loading times: It gets even worse in Neketaka. I saw some other entries about it but I don't see any comment on when (or if) it will be fixed. Lags, frequently lags: Just cast an Essential Phantom spell and see it yourself. Or at midnight wait until morning. Or go to a water side with some reflections. Or ... Crashes: It crashes regularly. Sometimes it semi-crashes (exits to main screen) and sometimes it crashes completely. Semi-crashes are happening because it cannot load a map which is a transient issue and when I start the game again it will be able to load. the game. I don't have any idea why It crashes completely. I am trying to send a feedback from PS4 but I am not sure if you are getting it or not. Bugs, bugs everywhere: Even in a simple team management screen. Sometimes it doesn't get my team selection. Sometimes it does get my team selection, removes a character from the team but same character stuck to same location on every map. Fun, isn't it! I am not even expecting you to go into detailed bugs like certain scripted interactions keeps playing same sound file over and over again until you restart your game. No. I am just expecting most used features to be worked as expected. At this level, game is almost not playable. I like this kind of games but if I knew it was this state I wouldn't buy it in the first place. When I realise its state after I played it couple of hours, I considered returning it but PS4 store didn't accept returns for digital copies. Before I bought it, I read it was slow but I wasn't expecting this slow to be honest. I wish you had spent same amount of time for PC version and deliver in similar qualities. So my question is simple, are you planning to improve it? If yes, when? If no, why? As I said, it is very nice game! I wish to be able to play it (ideally multiple times) without getting annoyed by the loading screens, lags, bugs or crashes.
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