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  1. Was it raining in Neketaka? This game is so poorly optimized it makes high end gear act like toasters. With your rig you should be getting 60fps tho.
  2. Did you have issues with this game before with the same system? Also note that the game is out of support.
  3. If you're going to compare it then best to compare it to later itterations. I mean if you look at DND 3.5 (Neverwinter Nights 2) then char generation is fairly simple, even though there's quite a few base classes. Multiclassing doesn't start at level 1. You can multiclass with a maximum of 4 classes and have to work towards specific prestige classes if you want them by selecting specific skills/feats. There's almost an infinite way to build your character. I mean there's an entire website dedicated to it: nwn2db.com where you can theory craft your character. The way you can craft your character is much much more elaborate than in POE2.
  4. It's rare, but If you get the loaded pockets perk then yes. Even got some Adra Ban. Without the perk, it's just for the money I think. Some NPC's have fixed loot, so you could go for that. But Loaded Pockets is what makes it worth it.
  5. Telling if you can pickpocket is actually quite easy. As long as you can pickpocket it works. If you're detected it simply won't allow you to pickpocket. Detected is when the circle is fully red. If it is still filling up you can pickpocket. You will need a certain amount of pickpocket skill to allow pickpocketing of certain items. There's equipment and potions you can use on your character to increase pickpocket skill.
  6. Yea it looks really strong. Gotta hand it to you. You're sure you're not killing yourself with the AoE?
  7. You can use Karabörü as well. It's a good sword and you can get it right when you get your ship. So that's pretty early in the game. Also allows you to insta complete Aloth's side quest.
  8. Well dnd is very popular so it stands to reason that anything based on it will have an advantage over something like POE.
  9. Pathfinder is based on dnd so even if the descriptions aren't great (they are better than POE), people that are familiar with the d20 system and dnd will not have a hard time understanding it. I could pick it up without issues without any information whatsoever.
  10. Ok you're going for that reference, but I was more implying that you decide for other people what's best for them. You'd normally call that a tyrant no matter how benevolent you think you are.
  11. I never thought of using this wand as an offensive weapon particularly in a ranged damage build. I mean it's great weapon, as is Tekehu's wand. But since it's a wand/scepter I never thought about using it in this way. Cool idea actually.
  12. The characters were meh, the story was meh. How on earth is the ending going to be wonderful? I thought it was pretty terrible as a whole. The only thing that keeps me going is the combat and class system. It's like Neverwinter Nights 2 (Also Obsidian lol). Great to theorycraft characters, but story and characters weren't particularly great. Although imo I like NWN2 a lot better than Deadfire. Especially MotB was great.
  13. Am I confusing the debuff? It states takes 5% more damage per point of might. So as long as you have wounds you take 5% more damage per wound right? Screw the self damage. What about enemies hitting you? How much extra damage do you take?
  14. I think classical single player CRPGs as we know them will die out with GenZ. Those people want fortnite and crap like that. Enjoy it while it lasts. Everything will be open world, loot chests, micro transactions and social interactions. That's not to say that there won't be people that want a game like this, but they will be too few for any company to invest in. If it's not going to make a company money they won't build it. I'm not really sure on the demographics, but I have the distinct feeling that games like these are predominantly played by 30-60 year old white males. While we are alive, we will buy the games, but in 20-30 years... who knows. Also marketing and such helps. I recall Fallout 4 vs New Vegas. Even though New Vegas now has some sort of awkward cult following and is deemed to be many times better than Fallout 4. People seem to ignore that New Vegas sold as many copies in the first year as Fallout 4 did in the first week.
  15. It's out of support on PC. It was released 2 years ago and had extensive support during that time. I think the POE development and support team isn't as big as you may think. The first game was built from kickstarter. I think it's great that they were able to push it to 5 major patches. The thing that's kinda confusing is that this forum started as a pure PC focus as that was the only game available. Now that there's PS4 and XBOX out we see more people coming in from consoles. There's no split in this on the forums. I'm also not sure if Obsidian is directly involved in support for consoles as it was ported there and not published by Obsidian. You may have to go elsewhere for support for consoles. Versus Evil? Not sure.
  16. Isn't Blood Mage / Helwalker dangerous because of the extra damage you receive? You may end up killing yourself with your blood sacrifice if that scales off of might. Does it? I think I had this convo before on the helwalker. Since at +10 wounds it would seem it would take +50% extra damage? That would be insane. Imagine getting crit by an armsman...
  17. Yea that whole plot with her made no sense to me. She's much to nice for the way she lives. I mean RDC: me: so you're conquering the deadfire? RDC: that's a naive way of looking at it. me: But you're doing it? RDC: yep go kill the queen
  18. Once governments start listening to research proving the immense negative side effects of social media and online gaming on young people we may eventually get rid of it. I will probably not live to see it unfortunately. But I sure as hell will vote for anything banning these things.
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