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  1. Well you're definitely entitled to your opinion. My opinion is that the watcher story was done in POE1 and the watcher had no point in returning for POE2. You're saying Berath revived the watcher because he was the hero of the hollowborn crisis. I call BS. What, is the watcher now an errand boy/girl to be called upon because they did something great before? I mean, what in Deadfire required the watchers presence at all? Absolutely nothing. It's nothing that any avarage ragtag band of adventurers couldn't have done. And like I myself and many others have stated before the presence of the watcher in Deadfire is inconsequential to the main story development as they have 0 impact on the story. It's not epic and it doesn't sound like it will be epic in POE3 either. Takes away resources from a good narrative? What part of the story of the watcher is completed in POE1 and they have 0 investment in the next installments did you not understand? There is no good narrative with the watcher as an MC. Deadfire proved this. I forgot halfway through that I was actually a frikking watcher.
  2. I'm sure it does. My wife also likes reading book 5 first in a series of 7 books. I myself don't like that lingering feeling that I should have been along for the ride instead of reading some generic history card that really doesn't tell you anything.
  3. When you play 3 and indicate you haven't played the first games you get a bit more back ground info and pick who you were with and what your choices are, but none of that made much sense to me. I mean for instance I had to choose between Yennefer and Triss, but seriously how do you choose that if you have no idea who these people are?
  4. Well you may think that way about The Witcher because you have played them all. I tried just playing The Witcher 3, not knowing anything from the previous games and it was extremely confusing. I had to stop playing because I had no idea what was going on or who was who.
  5. Point is that the watcher as a character is no longer necessary. In POE1 the watcher was pivotal to the story as you could uncover things others could not and you were story bound to Thaos with your soul. In POE2 this is no longer the case. Being a watcher is a gimmick. And it will be the same in POE3 because the watchers story was already resolved in POE1. I strongly believe that POE2 was never in anyones minds at Obsidian when they created POE1. It really feels like it was going to be a single story. Proceeding with the watcher in POE2 was a mistake I feel because the character didn't add anything to the story nor had any impact by being that character. In POE1 you have a personal stake in everything. In POE2 we just blunder around the deadfire doing what everyone else asks us to do. Basically being a mercenary. Boring. If we proceed into the future with new characters we have the option of linking that character to what is happening post-Eothas. That would make things so much more interesting. Maybe it's a new type of watcher, maybe it's something else linked to souls that never existed before. You can be much more creative than regurgitating characters and have them plow through dungeons "just because". I mean what was the reason for Berath to revive you in the beginning of POE2? I never really understood why because there is litterally no specific point in doing so.
  6. Cast times aren't much of an issue. It's more the recovery that slows down everything you're doing. But with enough dex + recovery cuts you can make a single class priest that's really strong. Even in melee with minor avatar. I haven't played much of priest as it is such a slow class it's not really my style. There's a couple of spells such as salvation of time that can really change the way things work on during battles. Looking at different dieties they bring different spells that alter the way you play. You can investigate the different skills and see what type of playstyle you prefer.
  7. You only need 1 daughter "turned" to be able to help the rotted lady. I've done this quest several times and the first time I only healed 1 tree. This was enough to convince the rotted lady to heal her tree. After the rotted lady turns into the green lady everyone should be non hostile on the map. This is definitely a bug. Have you retried the map (load save from before you entered the map?)
  8. Not going to be resolved on PC as it is out of support. Can you reproduce this? I think I've seen it once somewhere else. What happens when you press the X (stop) button?
  9. Issue is that saying something isn't simply sending information. It's also receiving. Something you meant as benevolent might be perceived as cruel by others. The game tracks the latter as do other games as well. The final result so to say. Although I am interested in being able to choose disposition, it does pose issues in the implementation. Because it all boils down to intent on your (our) part, but that may not be the final result. And truth be told the result is what matters, because it's how other perceive you. And as there isn't anything like charisma in this game, or any sort of social skill (other than the locked down diplomacy and such, which don't really suit imo) there is no proper way to measure whether you are actually capable of steering your intent to be believable based on in game stats. For instance in the beginning of the game where you have to get the pouch back from Moheka you have the option of saying "nice shiner" as a joke to Rinco. Which is marked as Clever disposition. But depending on circumstance and what type of person you're talking to this might be perceived as mean/cruel.
  10. You need to interact with the round shaped sparkly object next to it. There you can insert the gem and use the combination.
  11. Fighter/Wizard is more offensive focussed. Especially if you're ok with focussing on a single weapon type you can choose devoted for the extra penetration and crit damage. Perhaps not as durable as a Paladin, but it's more effective at taking down multiple enemies in melee with the different stances. Able to wear very heavy armor and not be bothered by it as much. Good hit to crit conversion, lots of melee abilities and able to chain cleave attack enemies on kill. Synergizes well with wizard self buffs, but it's likely you will focus more on melee. With this build you can waltz into melee range, use Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage and massacre **** without enemies hitting you.
  12. Is that part of normal banter? Or is it an actual interaction that pauses the game? Because then I might have missed it completely. I don't usually wait around for people to talk to eachother and pan away to click on somewhere else on the map. Also may be interrupted by area transfers. They should implement banter like in BG2 where you can't miss out. I mean, give an option to skip it for those that don't want to bother with it, but it's a more involved experience other than people just talking to eachother and being interrupted by other stuff. Poor design.
  13. I hear you man. I never use consumables (well, rarely), never upgrade items unless I'm 100% sure. It's been ruined by games having you feel bad by not holding onto a once only weapon you only had at the start of the game to be able to turn it into the most powerful thing ever. Or items you used, you find out later you can not create or ever find again. Rare things that are impossible to replicate and have a single use, but aren't available in high enough quantity to cater to everything you need make you hold onto them for way too long. With the consumables thing. I play every game that way. Every RPG I play I don't use consumables. Only in very rare circumstances will I use them, or if I know I can get plenty more. It's also one of the reasons I do not enjoy playing Nalpazca. I hate playing that because it forces me to use consumables and I don't want to. In Deadfire summons from items for instance have a per rest activation limit and a limited use. This means I will never ever use them. Like ever. Am I gimping myself? Sure, but I don't want to use them. Period.
  14. Weird. With the 700 hours I put into this game I never noticed romance or anti romance between any characters.
  15. Unfortunately I don't really know. Perhaps someone here will know, but the boards aren't as active as they were when the game came out. You already looked for similar issues, but I think the amount of Linux players is very limited. Don't you have an older save you can use?
  16. As far as I know engagement is not linked to weapon reach, but simply the distance between the characters. In my experience having a reach weapon such as a spear actually makes it so you do not engage the enemy. It also disallows boni such as flanking. You manually have to move your character into range.
  17. Man last time I played Tyranny I wanted to play without Barik and made Verse my tank. Now that was a mistake because of the way the game is built around experience gain and enemy scaling. I ended up having to do a mandatory impossible fight vs Eb I think with only 3 party members and had to quit playing. It's better to have a full party as early as possible to limit exp gain so enemies are lower level and you're with 4 peeps. What a dumb mechanic.
  18. Slightly related. Does the affinity system between party members have any effect? I never noticed this...
  19. I assume it doesn't. Suspending an effect doesn't "end" it. Otherwise you would get wounds twice from a single effect. Which would be cool, but also not right imo.
  20. They're talking about patch 1.1 breaking the build. I'm assuming this is because of the balance buffs making PotD much much more difficult. I think you can still play it, but accuracy may be an issue. I'd also advise against the fights in Gorecci Street and the fight in the center of Engwithan Digsite. Once you get off the island basically any build is viable.
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