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  1. RIP my Nature Godlike Bleak-walker arcane knight. nerfed in every aspect that made it viable in solo potd.
  2. Just did another play through to level 7 as Nature Godlike with the lower con and res stats. It work really and better than previous build. Updated!
  3. I originally started with Illusionist as sub-class for the passive effect which worked really well and lived off Chill Fog; which is so damn good, but I lacked damage so bad. I realized all my damage was coming from evocation spells, but the recovery time was killing me with the extra 20%. i also noticed that i needed the buffs from enchanting and they had no recovery time, so the extra 20% of 0 is 0. (someone did not think that through lol) From there it was an easy choice for evoker for the free power level, and access to the enchanting buffs. I then realized how much chill fog helped, but
  4. Thanks! I do not see a problem with lowering resolve and constitution by 2 points since gear will get the stats back 10. I would put 1 point into might and 3 points into Perception if not my OCD with end game stats. A higher Int would not be as noticeable, since fight end before the buffs end. Int is at 18 + 5 with vital essence and gear. If the buffs do happen to wear out in a fight, empower yourself to recast them and spam FoD; I never use empower expect early to refresh damage abilities or for Lay on Hands. I have the stats set a certain way so my defensive stats would be relatively
  5. Duskblade enchanted ability of extra accuracy and damage always active even without Duskblade equipped. Pet's party wide buff staying active or at least on character summary sheet. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibej7u2je8o64ie/Sernixia%20%28SerpentsCrown%29%20%28467d0b28-5845-4b25-bbcf-4c47d9ef7405%29%20%28771041744%29.savegame?dl=0
  6. Edit 1: Fixed misspellings; took out repetitive information; fixed organization of how information is presented in a linear path of how to progress; added how to obtain figurines early. Edit 2.3: Changed talents level 12-18/ Updated talents to suit new Grimoire and weapon change/ changed level 7 -13 to maximize efficiency Edit 3: Added Neketata content and added spell rotation concept to introduction Edit 4: Changed starting stats for a Nature Godlike Edit 5: Added link of play through video Link to playlist of video walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=
  7. I believe my stats at the beginning were: Str: 17 + 1 Living Land Con: 14 +1 boots Dex: 10 Per: 15 +1 helm (+5 acc gloves) Int: 3 Resolve: 19 +1 helm Gear: Act 1 Weapon: Gauns Mace Shield: Outworn Buckler Helm: Forget the name but the one from the Temple Chest: Plate Mail (from npc backer) Ring: Ring of Deflection Boots: Forget the name but the ones in black meadows Cloak: Rymgards mantle Gloves: Gloves of Accuracy Ring: Ring of Protection Belt: Blunting Belt Act 2 Helm: Same Cloak: +3 Dex from Deomals Faction Ring: Upgraded to +9 Boots: Booty of Study (+30 to pr
  8. TCS and Frozen TCS completed on Wild Orlan Paladin. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8fgjddpzjs510r7/c5cf513e41454280bae80cd01cdfdeb8%2039036699%20SuninShadow.savegame?dl=0
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