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  1. Lot's of folks probably have immunity at this point via food or items, or just don't get that close to the wall. Ultimate strategies are weird.
  2. Yeah, still might be fixable for the console versions? It's pretty easy to repro. Don't be immune to push-pull effects and be near the wall then get hit and pushed by Aqua Breath. I just did a little testing and was able to trigger it 3x in a couple fights. (5min clip below) Timestamps: https://youtu.be/SsK1s7f74Sg?t=17, Vela at https://youtu.be/SsK1s7f74Sg?t=230, again 2x at https://youtu.be/SsK1s7f74Sg?t=250 saved by a tentacle then hit back into the wall with Aqua Breath =D Edit: my voice in the vid is a little hard to hear. I go through x key, trying to cast spells, movement--nothing
  3. So ends my Ultimate run. Repro steps: 1) Scoryielaphas fight 2) Character near wall 3) Character hit (interrupted/successfully pushed) by Aquatic Breath into the wall 4) Character stuck mid fall animation? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjHUIuaSViM Attached output_log.txt (this happened at the very end of session, you can see some Naga errors which happen in the room before but nothing in the Scory fight). DxDiag attached. Edit: No savegame as this was an ultimate run and it was purged... output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
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