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  1. But I don't think I have it all. I play with the vanilla game, I haven't installed any mods. In any case, I arrived in Neketaka, and things seem to be going much better. My FPS range between 50/60 and stuttering seems reduced to a minimum. At this point I have to infer that Hyper Threading to deteriorate performance.
  2. I have tried disabling console mod running, but the combination of CTRL and F8 doesn't seem to work. In my case, pressing CTRL / F8 activates fast loading.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I was not aware of disabling the mod running console, tomorrow I will try and update the topic. I also deactivated hyper threading and so far I managed to get 80 fps with few stuttering by deactivating ambient occlusion and with vsynch deactivated and in gsynch mode, but I have not yet arrived in Neketaka, because in formatting the PC, I forgot to make a backup of the save ( I'm an idiot).
  4. It's not exactly 30 seconds, it's not like I counted them. But being POE2 a type of game where you have to continuously enter and leave houses, taverns, dungeons, wait a long time each time, it kills the rhythm. I formatted the computer this morning and the fps seem to be going a little better by removing the rain, especially in Neketaka, where I have around 50fps. What I can't solve is sporadic stuttering throughout the game. The solution you recommended, "Special K", I have already tried, but it has not produced any results for me. Now through bios, i will disable hyper threading,
  5. It doesn't seem to me that my tone is so aggressive, and anyway if this impression has passed, I apologize. I am embittered because I can't fully enjoy the game, I played POE 1 without any problems, and I would like to fully enjoy POE2 which I find even better than the first one. But don't tell me I'm the only one who has stuttering and low fps in the game, even in this forum there are many requests for help for the same problem. Also, I don't have any active antivirus, I only have windows defender and nothing else. however without controversy I add some links that propose my own p
  6. Sure. With my pc I have just finished playing Metro Exodus without any problem, and now it is not able to run a 2D game. There are thousands of posts in the various forums that describe my own problem, do we all have problems with our PCs?
  7. How is it possible that after 2 years from the release, POE2 still has such bad technical performances? Is this a joke? Long load times of 30 seconds every time you enter and leave some building even installing the game on SSD, low fps in the city, constant freezes every ten seconds, some BUGS, and all this on a 2D game? In all this time, hasn't Obisidian fixed the game with a patch? Did you only worry about making 3 DLC to get more money from customers? I have tried all the guides and fixes described both on this forum and on that of Steam, but nothing seems to solve the problems, despite the
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