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  1. Unbroken + No-Sub Barb is good too. Sword and board, frenzy, lots of engagement, etc.
  2. UnityConsole mod (google Nexus Pillars Deadfire) lets you respec Attributes, Skills and/or entire package and class changing without any problems.
  3. One thing I'd like to do is make it so that an item type can use the proficiency ability from another of its type, for example having a pistol utilize the arquebus proficiency modal and vice-versa. How would you go about this? I can add the StatusEffect IDs of the pistol's wp prof to the Arquebus's wp prof, and vice versa, but that means that when you toggle the modal you'll get all the effects at once. Or give shields access to all 3 of the shield abilities. How would you do this? I tried looking in the items list some parameter that says what modals the weapon has access to but didn't find
  4. What mixes well with Priest? I was thinking Fighter/Priest, though boring, makes for a solid mix of spells and passives.
  5. It's working as intended as far as I understand: read MaxQuest's pinned thread concerning Attack Speed on this sub-forum. It has to do with how the game handles negative numbers. Now, whether they decide to change how the game handles negative numbers later on is another matter, but the Blunted Crits effect isn't bugged.
  6. The game adds all coefficients together. Bonuses, maluses, doesn't matter.In PoE1 it worked fine, since there weren't enough big maluses. While in Deadfire a similar approach would lead to negative damage on under-penetrating graze. A lazy workaround could be to limit the damage at 0, or 20% of original value. A better way would be to divide sum_of_bonuses by sum_of_maluses (all numbers being positive, so the result will be positive as well, plus it ends up with meaningful result). But Deadfire went on the path of double-inversion. Which personally I see as math shenanigans, as they use
  7. That JSON viewer plugin is godlike. If you're using the x64-bit version of Notepad++ however the one linked above won't work, google "Notepad++ JSON viewer x64 bit" instead and download that one. I wanted to give pistols/guns a Bashing property so as to simulate a close-range thwak. Ideally what I'd love to do is make pistols fire in close-range when dual-wielded with melee, i.e. have the sword and the gun attack Two-Weapon Style when in melee range. But for the life of me I can't find the freaking Bash property anywhere in items or statuseffects... was the name changed?
  8. Console command "Difficulty PathOfTheDamned" works. To change Level Scaling you need to download the UnityConsole mod from the NEXUS site for PoE2. That mod expands the game's console interface and allows using custom commands, and it comes with a suite of such of which Level Scaling toggling is one; I found the Scaling commands on the mod's "Posts" page.
  9. Can't you just use console command SetClassLevel ? There's also another command for SubClass.
  10. One way to band-aid this would be to have both weapons attack together when in melee range, exactly as if you were dual-wielding. Dual-guns would still be better at range, but at least close-up the numbers would still be viable. As things stand right now if you want truly optimized performance out of your characters then you should not dual-wield melee + ranged.
  11. And lose achievements, sure You can enable/disable the Achivement Flag using the Unity Console mod from the PoE2 Deadfire NEXUS site. There is also, alternatively, a CheatEngine table available which toggles the flag as well.
  12. You guys know you can just use console command AttributeScore Companion_Eder(Clone) Might 10 so on and so forth, and set attributes to whatever?
  13. Interesting. Essentially the biggest benefit is: - You attack faster than with One-Handed or Two-Handed (Same benefit as Two-Weapon) - However the DPS is -50% to Two-Weapon - No Recovery/Attack penalty on your next attack, be it your Melee weapon or your Ranged. (Switches between both dynamically depending on enemy range). Still, considering all you need to do is press 1 keyboard key to switch Sets, the loss of either ACC or DPS from the Styles is considerable.
  14. So if I take Two-Weapon Style I'll get that benefit on attacks I make while dual-wielding melee/ranged? On both the melee AND the ranged, or only on melee or only ranged? Has anyone tested if the buff from that unique gun (each successful Ranged attack generates a Speed Buff on your melee attack) stacks with the TW-Style speed buff?
  15. LARPing ins't role-playing. Role-playing occurs when the attributes and skills of a character allow the player to make different decisions regarding strategy or tactics or game state. You can choose to intentionally gimp your character because you're "role-playing" as a cripple, (no offense to cripples), but it doesn't mean you're role-playing, it means you're LARPing. Otherwise every game would be an RPG.
  16. Do ranger ACC buffs affect spell-slinging? How does Ranger/Caster-class combo look?
  17. Seems like there are only downsides: - You lose One-Handed benefit of ACC. - You lose Two-Weapon benefit of Speed/DPS. - You lose Two-Handed benefit of DMG. - You gain convenience of not having to manually switch Weapon Set. So if I understand everything correctly the ONLY benefit to dual-wielding melee/ranged is you save yourself 1 mouse click? (Or one key press)
  18. You're wrong. Balancing the game properly is indicative of the game's overall quality and results in a wider variety of strategic and tactical choices for player permutations. Once again you're using a straw man, this time saying people will bitch regardless what you do so why do anything. Previously you were saying why spend dev time on one thing instead of another thing. What nonsense straw man will you use next? EDIT: I forgot to address your usage of the logical fallacy that is "just don't use it" twice!
  19. Any class or combo that capitulates around critical hit frequency and/or critical hit damage, since 1-handed style provides the highest possible amount of ACC.
  20. You can change Attributes using console commands, or using the Console GUI Mod from the Nexus. All that said, I've found that Intellect is the Attribute most easily dumped without feeling any big downsides in battle; second dump-able Attribute for me would probably be Resolve. Most important one and/or most USEFUL, universally and regardless of build or class or race, is Might. IMO of course.
  21. I hate this argument against balance in single player games. It is the designer's responsibility to balance the game, not the player's. Avoiding content is not a solution to balance issues. Players who want to feel more powerful can lower the difficulty. Players who want a challenge should have access to that experience on the highest difficulty, regardless of what abilities they want to make use of. Thing is, on games of this scale there are ALWAYS going to be glaring balance issues. I dare you to name ONE Infinity-Engine style game that was balanced, even after a slew of patches. He
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