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  1. the unique morningstar in arkemyrs manor applies a DoT that has a chance to paralyze every tick
  2. Nah it's i just rolled a paladin/wizard, I just wonder that poison will add some dark theme to your build. The point i wanna show is that +320% Powerlevel btw. how is it that high? how much % per PL does that spell get?
  3. I didn't go into too much detail because this build is really just a shell for multiclassing. look up nerd commando on YT. he has a helwalker/streetfighter version of this that goes into detail.
  4. i think the worst part about this combo is wizard and priest barely have any passives to choose, so you are just always choosing spells on levelup. multiclassing wizard works so well because u just grab the right grimoire instead of having to spend levelups on spells, but here you lose that advantage of multiclassing. i think you can make it work but it just seems wasteful because u will never need all those spells or even have time to cast them
  5. if u put pistol in ur mainhand, u will just ranged attack unless an enemy closes to melee range with u. if melee is ur mainhand, then you will close to melee. the point of dual wielding ranged/melee is you still get the two weapon bonus so you can fire faster. it's probably not better than just dualwielding pistols or 1 pistol only. but there is one cool combo you can do. if you are a chanter you can use sasha's singing sabre in your offhand and pistol mainhand. the unique sabre grants an action speed aura based on your current phrases. this is the only real combo i see that utilizes ranged/me
  6. shattered pillar is the best melee spec and helwalker is the best ranged spec for monk. with current state of potd you barely have to micro ranged helwalker to keep it alive. nalpazca isnt bad the others are just better at what they do
  7. Ranger is a little boring but it's not a bad class. It multiclasses extremely well and has some really nice accuracy bonuses through the mark and upgraded wounding shot. Major problem with the class are the ****ty pet actives and the high bond cost for some skills
  8. I think there are better ways to build this ranged monk style anyway, now that I had some more time. Shadowdancer seems superior because you have some good attack abilities like finishing blow and blinding strike. And of course all the nice passives from rogue. Escape is actually a really good tool for this ultra glass cannon as well
  9. Make a troubador/x. Use the sabre that gives stacking action speed aura for every phrase you have. put it in offhand and then mainhand pistol. take dual weapon style and benefit from the action speed for yourself and your whole party
  10. fixed. the stats are a rough suggestion anyway. f.e you could take 2 points from int and give it to might
  11. [CLASS BUILD] The Green Knight POTD Untested for solo play Devoted Fighter/Lifegiver(Warden) Role: Off-Tank/Bruiser/Support Stats (Human): MIG 14 CON 7 DEX 18 PER 10 INT 12 RES 17 The Green Knight is intended to use The Spine of Thicket Green unique quarterstaff. This staff improves the power level of druid and some priest spells. The purpose of this character is to be a frontline bruiser/support character. Deflection can be boosted using the quarterstaff modal. Quick casting druid buffs (Nature's Vigor, Nature's Balm, Woodskin) provide easy inspirations for the front line, and moderate
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