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  1. Any updates or suggestions now that 4.0 is out? I have 2 weeks off and was thinking of building my main around dual blunders monk.
  2. Damn that sounds ultra fun! I fell in love with Whispers of the Wind a short while back and love that this build barrels towards it.
  3. For a SC monk, I'm presuming statline with high pen? Trying to suss out the optimal stats. Is it worth taking both single weapon and dual weapon focus?
  4. Update: I have replicated this on a couple of different saves. The spell count stalls out after a single fight. Testing: If I unbind, then rebind, I can go into a fight with a clean slate of zero spells cast. All the the spells cast in the next encounter will go towards the spell count. However any fights thereafter don't count the spells. So the item stalls out. I have only tested this with crucible fights and I'm curious if this is related to how the fights end ("event complete" vs going to a "loot bodies and back to normal" situation) I finally leveled this item up by going into an
  5. I have soulbound the Survivor's Tusks to my druid. I've beaten all of the Crucible fights. However my tusks are stuck at lvl3. Conditions for lvl4: "DRUID- (Cast 30 Beasts/Plant Druid Spells OR cast 75 Druid Spells)" No matter how many druid spells I cast, the spell count is stuck at 16 druid spells, and zero beat/planet druid spells. Any way to resolve this?
  6. edit: don't mind me. I tried a different save and my problem resolved itself.
  7. Very curious to hear more about this 2H battle axe. Does anyone have a screen of the specs?
  8. I'm noticing with the latest beta patch that I can no longer change any colors for my characters. Anyone else having this problem? I did a repair on my steam files, have no mods.
  9. I did this one female91a_lg.pngfemale91a_sm.pngfemale91a_convo.pngfemale91a_si.png Cheers and thanks!
  10. Been fighting in photoshop to make this watercolor. Please help!
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