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  1. I don't understand. Why don't you just change the Blunted Criticals value amount? (Instead of removing the mod).
  2. Yes. Use Unityconsole mod from nexus, install it, launch game, go to watcher's character sheet, use the mod's GUI to change his class(es).
  3. For text changes (like yours) you need to include the folder structure which I think is exported>language etc. Don't know if you need to begin with an 'exported' folder inside Override, or if you need to begin with the PoE2_Data folder. I'd just begin with the Data one, make an exported one inside, then a language one inside that one and then one called EN in that one and inside EN one called-- etc, etc, you get it. For exported>design's databundle files there's no need to keep a structure: just drop the files directly in there. (inside override).
  4. It's been this way since PoE1. I can't even fathom of an optimized PotD party (in PoE1) that aren't all in Plate, regardless of class. I haven't reached end-game yet in PoE2 but I see absolutely zero reason to ever use less than Heavy. The DR and AR systems PoE1/2 use specifically promote usage of heaviest armor. If Armors gave Deflection instead then it would be different.
  5. Easy! Download UnityConsole mod from Nexus and change them to whatever set of classes you want, along with changing their attributes! And it doesn't disable achivements! Whoa, awesome.
  6. I just removed the recovery penalties for Wizard sub-classes, increased Power Level of chosen sub-class school to +2 (one level for each school lost), and added +1 spell to Level 1-tier to each sub-class. You lose access to 2 schools but gain +2 PL to chosen school casting and gain +1 Tier1 spell (comes in handy for first half of the game, especially for Evokers and missiles). You can do this easily by editing the statuseffects.gamedatabundle file, and for adding the +1 spell control + F and search for "volatile" in the file until you find the status effect for volatile casting's bonus spell
  7. You can find all spell IDs in abilities.gamedatabundle file. All you need to do is copy/paste the object entry code for an existing Grimoire (from items.gamedatabundle file) and then replace that Grimoire's spell IDs with the ones from the unique spells (found individually throughout abilities.gamedatabundle file). Tedious work, yet a very simple matter. Adding them to the class progression is also similarly simple: you can do so by adding the unique spell's IDs into the entries for the class in the progressiontables.gamedatabundle file. It's a mere matter of wanting to do it. The thing I h
  8. in characters.gamedatabundle you'll have to go through each enemy one by one. search for them by name, i think the first one was Animat something. Once you find one they're all one after the other, so just find one (control + F "Xaurip" is good choice) and work you way through the list.
  9. You're on the right track. I am writing a mini-guide, in another post because we don't want to crowd this one with unrelated things, on altering action speeds for attacks. Will post shortly once I have everything fleshed out. Dude, where is your post? I doubled all 474 "PreHitDuration"s, still no effect on attack speed :/ Edit: Ok, nvm. Added the rest of the unedited code into the mod file, now it works. Sorry for the derailment, AwesomeButton. Today's the big day for Spiritual Successor, hype! :D the castspeed IDs do affect how long it takes before a character attacks. w
  10. the castspeed IDs do affect how long it takes before a character attacks. weapons correspond to the fast/avg/slow/very slow IDs. what they DON'T affect is the actual sequence of animation from when the char draws the weapon, uses it in an attack swing or gun shot or spell casting (moving their hands whatever), and then lowering their arms back to their sides. speeds as you already found out can be globally adjusted in characters file just control + F "Default Mover" If I were you I would just double the numbers on the 4 speed ID's, halve the recovery multiplier numbers, and HALVE the defaul
  11. change the line that says IsHostile = true to false (on the statuseffects file's section where the frenzy SE are)
  12. One very very easy band-aid that takes less than 5 minutes is increasing the Damage Bonus given by Two-Handed Style. I know, I know, but like I said: band-aid.
  13. Characters.gamedatabundle control + F "Default Mover" RunSpeed # WalkSpeed # change 'em
  14. So far I know: - If you own PoE1 on Steam/GoG you're supposed to get Gaun's Pledge ring. - If you backed the game or pre-ordered it you're supposed to get a Cosmic Pig pet. - If you pre-ordered the game you get some cosmetic items like the Obsidian Flag. - If you own the game (PoE2) you can get a custom voice pack for free. Imported Save: - If you got a specific ending for Devil of Caroc you can get the best Breastplate in the game. (Don't know which ending, nor where the Breastplate is found). - If you got a specific ending for Eder he spawns in PoE2 with either a Night Market medallion or
  15. Eat food items that boost Perception so that your team misses less, and also boost (via food or whatever) Constitution so that they can take more hits. Remember to craft scrolls and to use them liberally. Wear heavy armor. Use the AI customization to set the If Health < 75% use Second Wind on everybody. Use your Empower every single combat, and then rest and recover it. Don't be afraid to just open every single battle with everybody doing an Empowered ability. The best offense is the early one. Remember to use Poisons.
  16. Why don't you use the UnityConsole mod from the Nexus? It doesn't disable achivements and allows changing everything: Attributes, Class/Subclass, etc.
  17. I liked that encounter from PoE1 because it felt good realizing I could bunch up my party near the entrance in order to avoid getting ganked from teleports, and that to make this happen I would need to use stealth to pull.
  18. Just to summarize: - Everyone who says balancing in SP games is unnecessary is wrong. - Everyone who thinks "don't use it" is a logical argument is also wrong. Alright, just wanted to set everybody straight. Carry on.
  19. Remember to check out statuseffects bundle file as well, for example the DMG multipliers for things like the Proficiency modal abilities are in there (for the proficiencies that alter DMG).
  20. Is Evoker the de-facto best damage-dealing/enemy defeating Wizard sub-class? There's a mod on Nexus that makes Soul Annihilation use half focus instead of all of it: does that break the class? (Make it too OP) Does it seem like all 3 of the Barbarian sub-classes are either not worth it, or require too much micro to be worth it, and thus the class is better "plain"? Since you can multi-class companions to whatever classes you want using the UnityConsole mod from the Nexus (works 100%), I've been trying to decide on which class-combos I'll make each companion while still SORT OF fitting withi
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