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  1. Obsidian releases seperate patches for the base game and for TWM pt. 1 on GoG, which means users are currently playing either PoE 2.03, or PoE + TWM1 2.03. A Steam user with only the base game will have their game auto-updated to 2.03, same as a Steam user with the expansion pack. Although no official word is out on the next patches, Sawyer mentioned that they're working on TWM pt. 2's content which includes patch 3.0 and that big changes will roll out with the 3.0 patch like Spell Mastery replacing Per-Encounter spells. Changes like the aforementioned spell mastery affect the base game and
  2. one thing to keep in mind is that on PotD the best you can hope for is to have afflictions graze instead of hit. this is still unbelieably helpful though, as the difference between being knocked prone or being stunned for 10 seconds (which is a LOOOONG time) is worlds away from being knocked prone or being stunned for 3 seconds. The game rounds numbers down, so a 50% increase/decrease actually benefits the player on a graze or crit on normal/hard this coastal aumaua will basically shrug his shoulders at any affliction tho. on easy i imagine he/she would reflect it back heh.
  3. yeah, monk would be a solid alternative to paladin. the paladin is able to reach higher saves on the 3 defenses without "contingencies" like having their Will targeted first, or needing to utilize a modal. the most difficult encounters in the game (imo obviously) are, in no particular order: - Ogres who spam DoT druid magic and knock prone their regular attacks. (mob type Wilder) - Spirits that Stun with their regular attacks. (mob type Spirit...) - Dragons that Terrify (fortitude-targeting affliction when it comes from Dragons, targets Will when it comes from a spell) and knock Prone wi
  4. What are the most dangerous situations you'll find yourself in during a PotD + TWM playthrough? Getting stunned, charmed/dominated, knocked prone or being paralyzed. I was thinking that the best way to create a PC that could, at the very least, be grazed instead of hit/critted by these effects would be to pick the following: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Towering_Physique - coastal aumaua get +20 defense versus a stun or a prone effect, so there's your race. - might 10 / con 16 / dexterity 10 / perception 16 / intellect 10 / resolve 16 = the reasoning for this is the bump to forti
  5. i'm actually playing through BG1: EE literally right now and PoE's reactivity is way better than BG1's from that sort of stuff is waaay better. Although obsidian did have almost 20 years to "get it better" hah. aside from reputation drops, which don't affect ANYTHING important in the game besides locking you out of eder's quest in defiance bay (the historian won't give you the archives) i can't think of anything really bad or any important content you'd lose from wanton murder. besides losing access to shopkeepers of course. but then the enchantment system would make up for the loss of acces
  6. sensuki mentioned how it would only be feasible for this imaginary melee scenario to play out in a similar way to a disengagement attack only if the attacker was using a reach weapon and thus could "catch" the evader on a backswing/etc. so, uh, that actually sounds p. much perfect to me. make disengagement attacks apply only to reach weapons, and make them more useful in the process.
  7. you know, an arena where your party can fight Specially Crafted Enemy Parties (backers maybe?) in progressive tiers of difficulty yielding better and better loot would be super awesome for POE 2. definitely easier to implement and way more satisfying than another facebook-app stronghold every tier would have parties/builds plucked straight from the forums for you to face lol
  8. invisible rogue counting on alpha-backstab... ok, let's see here: clueless Fighter suddenly gets backstabbed by de-stealthing rogue, combat initiates, let's assume the absolute worst-case scenario that the alpha-stab killed him, so Unbroken activates and Fighter immediately gets back up with 125~ish endurance and boosted stats. fighter knocks rogue prone. activates Unbending. fighter lands sundering blow on prone rogue. fighter keeps rogue prone, while regenerating endurance from his recovery And Unbending. Unbroken is guaranteed resurrection with better stat boosts than frenzy, and Unbe
  9. there aren't really any worthwhile "end-game" items worth buying at the dozens HQ IMO, so i always kill Penhelm, then refuse to give it back to osric (there are no stat checks IIRC if you decide to just attack him); in fact i ALWAYS make it a point to massacre dozens HQ for xp/loot since there is literally no consequences for doing it other than obviously not being able to buy from them or get their special perk. in case you're wondering you even get Cloudpiercer bow to boot lol I always massacre the doemenels HQ as well, for exactly the same reasons, BUT unlike with the dozens i do make sur
  10. correct! i'm pretty sure half-mast is the only magically unique pollaxe in the game, too. too bad it's a fairly late acquisition, as you need to reach the bottom level of Caed Nua and talk to the adra dragon as a requisite. another thing about most of these unique weapons from the soldier focus group is that you can get them all relatively early. You can get the The Temaperacle great-sword as soon as you reach ondra's gift, then go and buy Tall-Grass over at Dyrford village, along with The Hours of St. Rumbault. let's talk about estoc's tho, cos I've been using the following ridiculousness i
  11. soldier focus really is the absolute best weapon group in the game. great sword 1: tide fall. nuff said. great sword 2: the hours of st. rumbault = prones on crit, extra crit dmg. great sword 3: the temaperacle = prones on crit, comes w/ corrosive-lash already enchanted. pike: tall-grass. prones on crit, extra crit dmg, AND higher chance of critting. this is what my 4 martials rock; PC/Eder/Zahua/Pallegina prone-critting everything in sight is hilarious ! for my two casters they ALSO rock soldier focus... caster 1: long-feller arquebus = reliable enchantment (!) caster 2: pliambo de cas
  12. if you guys were rolling a crew of 4 martials and 2 casters (my preferred setup, just because more than 2 casters makes the game too easy) which unique armors would you equip on the two squishies? i usually roll with Durance sporting Osric's Family Breastplate for the second chance and the second caster being GM with eder's scale mail, again for the second chance. i prefer durance in the second chance breastplate because his priest spells usually force him to approach the mosh pit, whereas GM can get away with less. If there was a second chance armor lower than eder's scale mail that's what
  13. they are definitely tuned into what the modding community does from what i've seen so far, case in point being the fighter mod someone made leading to the fighter changes. besides that i'm certain sawyer has all sorts of ideas concerning engagement considering it's his baby and i'm certain he is well aware of the flaws (and merits) in the mechanic. it is no coincidence that each successive patch has belittled the engagement mechanic in favor of striving to design more interesting combat encounters (TWM encounters; plus 2.0 enemies intentionally breaking engagement constantly). it's good to s
  14. how hard would it be to modify one of the existing Defensive disengagement talents and add a status effect on its properties? i'm thinking something like opening the ability asset file (i assume inside assetbundles folder) in either the Unity editor or the Modding Framework tool (that isn't being updated anymore, sadly) and basically... uh... copy/pasting the code from an ability like Deep Wounds(as an EXAMPLE) and adding it to the disengagement talent then recompiling. am i talking out my ass or is something like this doable?
  15. I find that the best PotD party is something that works very similarly to what Boeroer describes: 4 melee units that disable with 2 ranged units that crowd-control. I'm currently steam-rolling PotD 2.02 with: Paladin PC (Soldier Focus) prone-critting enemies with The Hours of St. Rumbault Eder NPC (Soldier Focus) prone-critting enemies with Tall-Grass Zahua (Knight Focus) prone-critting enemies with We-Toki one-handed-style Pallegina (Soldier Focus) prone-critting enemies with The Temaperacl Durance (Soldier Focus + Inspired Flame for Arquebus auto-attack, all other picks "spell plus" talen
  16. Actually I've been getting that effect all game long. It's barely noticeable but it is most definitely present in my GOG 2.02 playhrough. Places that I can distinctly remember getting the Deja Vu purple poof were in Oldsong after talking to the two Dryad sisters; after walking over the bridge in Elm's Shore, and many other places. However this is a very subtle thing and I don't personally think it's worth Obsidian's time looking after. I wish they'd optimize the game code instead of adding more balance passes. They can continue to optimize the MobileObjects.save file cleaning/reduction with e
  17. I noticed that the console command SelCircWidth no longer functions in the current builds of the IE Mod, and looking at the game's registry entry I found the corresponding entry but I don't know how to change it. The value it shows is a long text entry referencing an XML document that I don't know what to do with, or if it's even possible to change anymore. Any answers would be great PS. Yes, I already googled.
  18. my mind. it is blown. i can see the code now, the 1s and 0s. anyway, started PotD today after finishing it on hard and i am having a blast. this is the way the game was meant to be played. i just recruited durance and encountered the blight near the wooden hut, and it's the first enemy in the game that can charm you AFAIK. he charmed eder, and i just up and had aloth zap him with his low-level charm spell and my god it charmed eder right the hell back to normal. tl;dr i'm all excited cos i thought i knew most of the game's stuff, good to know i don't.
  19. The Spellsward Amulet's +10 "spell-defense" stacks with items like the rings/capes that give you +5/+9 in your defenses. For example, if you equip ring of +9 to ref/fort/wis and the spell amulet, and have aloth cast something like fetid caress which targets will (it paralyzes) then you the combat log will show that your saving throw was the +9 from your ring and also +10 from the amulet. however it doesn't affect the most deadly/annoying status attacks from enemies like the fungus or the fish monsters from WM because those aren't spells but are considered special monster abilities, as such t
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