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  1. you calculated the stats wrong. you have 10 points extra. POE char stats are, 18 pts in addition to all states set to 10. unless i read your post wrong and those are somehow your planned final end -game stats? technically, it's actually: all stats at base 10, + 15 to distribute. then you get bonus 3 pts from char Race, and char Background. yes, eve dwarves, remember they have -1 dex, even tho they have +2 might and +1 con. ppl always forget that. edit: never mind, i apologize. those are your calculated end game stats. i'd love to see a detailed breakdown ! edit #2: yep, you have the pr
  2. after robbing gilded vale of every single nut, bolt and scrap of value (which had the final consequence of an entire town turned against me; the presence of of sympathizers notwithstanding such as the smityh and aufra, who were more than willing to let me run their errands regardless of the blood running through the streets every time i exited a house) and making my way to caed nua, and THRU caed nua, all the while making sure to murder the Aloth, Eder, Durance and Kana, of course, since my custom posse needed to see what was what; finally I'm almost there, almost at Defiance Bay, and have jus
  3. i checked the wiki and: Halt: 12m range, fast cast, +10 ACC vs WILL, not reflex, i apologize. that's even better, btw. no wonder it hits so much. duration: 10 secs. repulsing seal: 5m range, 1.25 radius (you can fit 3 ogres if you're good) +15 ACC, foe-only. average-casting time. barring death's door: fast cast, duration 10 seconds, during which you can't reach 0 endurance. i'e never tried it but i assume you can then immediately withdraw yourself to guarantee safety. shining beacon: average-cast time, foe-only AoE DoT + debuff, +15 ACC, range up to TEN METERS 10m, vs. Will, inflicts burn
  4. priests can buff their stats to high heavens, and the moment they're in trouble they can withdraw themselves, or later on start a fight right with watchful presence and and as a safety measure barring death's door. might be tricky getting out one of those 3 life-saver spells solo while getting focused, but it's definitely stuff other classes can't do. closest to it is rogue's shadowing beyond. high dex high int priest can Fast Cast repulsing seal and hit/crit mobs for 10-13 sec prones, then take that moment to cast priest buffs on himself like holy power that raises all his stats by 7, it is
  5. i rolled a eothas priest in my new potd/trial of iron run, this time gonna use all henchmen. i already slaughtered aloth and eder lewl. i picked that deity for the freebie supress fear/terrify ability. seems like it'll come in handy throughout most of the game, especially on ToI; as opposed to the other deity spells/abilities, with the obvious exception of skaen. summer flame spell WITHOUT blindness? come on man, get real! arkemy's dazzling lights with less duration !? jesus christ obsidian have mercy on us. since i decided i'd roll a henchmen rogue the only deity that seemed useful was eotha
  6. i did this just now, literally just now; i began trial of iron/potd/expert mode w/ custom party, so i made sure to go grab the plate from the backer NPC standing near the starway down into the temple. 1) that one i just mentioned is no. 1 loot grab 2) second grab-stab is in the second floor of the black hound inn. The only way to do it right is to enter thru the upper story door, and make sure to pet the dog/animal so that he doesn't render you unable to stealth. cram your character/party/whatever inside the little hallway dead-end the Pet was in, and have someone stealth-shoot/aggro the ve
  7. try playing bg1 lol that game's pathfinding issomething else why go through the tunnel when you can go around it hahaha
  8. i always used to give durance his arquebus as it is p. much Magran-ordained, but i realized i'm sick of the long arquebus reload animation messing up a spell casting when i need it, so i've been having him use crossbow. btw, i finally figured out why the game has both aloth and durance with wnads/rods when you meet them: no reload animation to interefere with spell slinging, i.e. implements = caster gear.
  9. i just had a Triple Crown Solo run end i was running a Aumaua/Towering Physique Chanter with INT dumped to 3, and every other stat at 15. (love that math!) I've been doing some experiments with come winds of death and, strangely enough with the cross-class talent that lets fight unarmed, i forgt the name. novice's suffering? at level 3, which is when i died when i accidentally aggroed a bunch of forest trolls on my way to east, in the map to the right of magran's fork; anyway with the stats i mentioned, 15 everything 3 int, and novice's suffering, i was punching fools for 10 dmg on a graze
  10. if only we could edit the abilities without having to implement our own code... such a waste
  11. it would be... madness!!i think 2 priests, 1 cipher and 3 fighters/monks is probably the most ridiculously OP setup right now. 1 priest spamming beacon, the other traps, the cipher spamming amplified wave, and the 3 martial units doing their thing.
  12. the fix to this is so simple i simply can't believe it hasn't been implemented... the no. 1 complaint about afflictions, either coming at the player or coming FROM the player; due to the graze/hit/crit system " difficult" battles become Charm-Wars, with the victor being whoever out-CC's the other. Instead of making up a bunch of new **** simply go through each CC spell and freaking put a -10 or -15 ACC penalty on it, there, problem alleviated. That should result in more frequent Misses, and more frequent Grazes and obviously much less frequent Crits. there is absolutely no reason slicken or
  13. lol i thought i did mention it. perhaps it is because it so obviously OP i just forgot! shining beacong is actually 60 percent of the reason i decided to have only durance along, and kick out aloth and hiravias. i take GM along sometimes cos ciphers are cool. my bounty fights in TWM went like this: my 4 martial-type units hold the coming wave of enemy mobs, that is step one. step two: watching a completely naked durance spam shining beacon as fast as my finger can click!!! the 6th unit, usually GM or Kana, are literally standing guard for durance, to prevent anyone messing up his beacon-spa
  14. interesting points. afflictions and mental assaults are indeed legit. in my first two full potd playthroughs the second i got wiped by some dank spores at the bottom of stormwell gorge something snapped in me, something PRIMAL, so i made every single party member in that playthrough AND the following potd playthrough aftewards take the 2 talents body control AND mental fortress. i also for the first time since playing the game on normal, and then hard, and now on potd i actually stopped and ready bestiary entries and started planning ahead my defenses to certain afflictions. it was the "magi
  15. finally guys, i found a proper video hatchet used by a guy properly. hatchets ARE a defensive tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDFpiw3Ijd8
  16. I have never rolled a custom priest! I've been reading the wiki's data on the favored deity abilities and spells and two jumped out at me: priest of eothas [on level able to select talent which gives priest +10 ACC w/ Great Sword and m'f'k'n MACE BAB] immediate superficla thoughts are: there are a ton of extremely good GS's in the game, and most can be gotten early and two of them even have prone on crit. this would make the priest have 25 base ACC with his great sword or mace, before PER modifer and gear, on level 1, same as a 10 PER lvl 1 pally or 10 per lvl 1 chanter. NOT TOO SHABBY. the
  17. i read this thread. i empathize with the OP; brings fond memories of when i imagined fantastical outcomes to game states before finishing it and realizing that nothing ever lives up to what you hope for. be thanks for your PotD experience: it sounds like it was hella fun!!! dungeon crawling takes HARD WORK lastly i wish to randomly point out that on potd level 4 of caed nua has a total of 21 Troll enemies, and a TRULY inspiring 34 oozes of various types. Way to go Obsidian! TRULY these paths are ENDLESS indeed. I can only hope their area designers and combat implementers are at this very mo
  18. i think priests are currently the undisputed best caster class in the game. they have incredible spells that completely control how a battle develops if utilized correctly, and they also hae a very healthy mix of (mostly fire-based) direct-damage spells that always apply a secondary effect after the damage, unlike the majority of direct-damage wizard and druid spells; they have the buffs, nuff said; and the packed is nicely wrapped and sumptuously gifted with their suite of godlike trap-spells. a high-INT priest with average PER will prone fools with repulsing seal for freaking 10-15 seconds.
  19. I don't know about the rest of you people but even with auto-slow unchecked every time fights would still enter slow mode when the amount of enemies increased; usually it activated when there were more than 3 mobs, but anyway that's neither here nor there. First few plays of the game i absolutely needed slow-mode but now i don't, and in fact it is incredibly annoying when it activates during an "auto-attack > all" type of encounter. You know the type. In addition to this there is also the annoyance of slow-mode activating whenever traps are found. I assume this is normal and I don't have
  20. 2.03's undocumented roll-back to beta build engagment threat zones sizes is bugged the **** out. i just reported it in the tech support forum w/ a video i took of gilded vale non-hostile villagers hitting me both from when i would move past them (DISENGAGEMENT ATTACK! SURPISE!) and also randomly walking and receving a Dis-Atk from off-screen. LOL the reason i know this is not something new is because of sensuki's video efforts. i can't believe sawyer is so defensive of his alcohol fetal syndrome-baby, engagement, that he doubled down on it and slipped it in 2.03 undocumented! and to top it
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh579zSqt1Q this is not a new "bug", this happened in beta builds when the threat zone for engagement was bigger. they made it bigger again now in 2.03 and i just was party to the gilded vale villagers randomly starting to turn on me and produce a disengagement attack on my party whenever i walked past a villager. it was quite funny. i started running away from them, and towards map exit and that was when i started receiving the disengagement attacks, from the VILLAGERS remember, the VILLAGERS, from half the length of the town away!!! in addition my party
  22. rogue gets almost no benefit from pumping INT. same situation that happens with any percentage-based relationship between abilities and modifiers in PoE: the shorter the clause (i.e. the rogue ability or whatever that has a duration) then the proportionally less impact each point of INT will have modifying it. The LONGER a duration then the proportionally bigger margin of the modifier. one simple example, using the Fighter: - 18 INT Fighter has a 7 second Knock Down duration. - 3 INT Fighter has a 3 second Knock Down duration. i have done extensive playtesting and build-testing in regards
  23. step 1: use your mouse to click on Aloth step 2: use your mouse to click on the spell Slicken step 3: repeat steps 1 and 2
  24. i agree with your general conclusion regarding RES and its relationship with core class function of casters; i.e. unlike the multiple examples i provided concerning the game's martial classes and their questionable relationship with the INT stat from a reductionist approach to the mechanics, the RES scenario i began to debate isn't the same thing at all; the type of correllation i'm referring to doesn't exist with casters, and most definitely not with RES stat. obviously it is INT the one and only stat casters need, but I stand by my original statement concerning stat-dumping with non-martial
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