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  1. I actually enjoy how the game has been evolving. So the next playthrough a few months from now will be somewhat different. So i don't really mind about being finished.
  2. I am having trouble deciding how to build a barbarian for potd, as stats there are 4 stats i really want, but as a melee, it's quite risky to drop CON and RES. It's also very hard to find a not severely outdated guide. I read the nerdcommando steam guide, but it recomended lowering per to 3, and that feels like it was written before the Perception changes, it would start with 18 accuracy. I am thinking divine moon Might 16 Con 3 Des 18 Perception 18 Int 20 Resolve 3 Then i am planning to get a plate armor as soon as possible. But still, i feel like he will be too squishy with
  3. Didn't look any more dark or light than any other vanilla-esque D&D world. I will admit that story thus far is leaving me very uninterested. ...W40K is also supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, despite Games Workshop's attempts lately at pretending it's totally not. "lately" has been going on for more than 5 years now... heck, probable since before the 4th edition. HA! Good Fun! 3rd edition of WH40K and 6th of WHFB started erasure of tongue-in-cheek things from GW's settings. Especially Black Library's books started to change from hero adventures to more gritty
  4. Yeah i already do that, but against enemies that can break your melee line (either charm or teleport) is quite hard to do so, and i feel like i am lacking in the sustain damage potential.
  5. The party has been working really well until now, but i am starting to have problems when opponents can swarm me. Even with 3 melees (4 a bit later on as i summon). I think it's time to switch the Priest from ranged to shield + hatchet so have another melee. I am also feeling that my damage is not that good. I do have good alpha strikes and against small waves of enemies i just delete them in few seconds, but when there are a more sizable amount of enemies the combat drags quite a lot. Thinking about switching the ranger for a barbarian now, as he would do aoe damage, but i don't know
  6. Thanks all for the comments, i am changing a bit (as i got to play more and more with the party i posted).and i think about making the party more "ranged focused" one, but i don't know if the lack of melees will be a problem. Paladin (Tank) Chanter (tank summoner) Priest Ranger Rogue (ranged) Cipher (disabler) I really like the ranged rogue, she deals plenty of damage, same for the cipher. The priest as i am reading, while not obligatory would improve the party a lot, so i am thinking that he would be a stapple. So my doubt in this case is the ranger, she could provide a "b
  7. Typo, she is a chanter :D I played around with the barbarian, it seems fine, this afternoon i will try a little longer and decide. Man there are so many party configurations i want to try out and so little time
  8. Rogue has high int because of borresaine warbow. Cipher right now is going decently enough, if i feel like i need to change it i will follow your advice, that's what respecs are for :D
  9. I played the game a few months back then, but life got me busy and finally i get around to play again. This is the party i want to play, but i have problems filling the last spot. Paladin (Tank) Chanter (Tank summoner) Fighter (Offtank DD oriented) Rogue (ranged, glass cannon, max int) Cipher (DD focused) I am debating myself between 3 options: - Priest to get heals and buffs. Dunno if they are really required. - Ranger (full damage, bear pet as a bump) - Barbarian (aoe damage and i like my 2hander dudes). So which one would you pick or do you have a better choic
  10. Dual weilding pistols as some sort of stronger "alpha strike" is not true. Yes you could theorically shoot twice, but aiming well with a pistol (even modern pistols) requires two hands. You would require very low weight/small pistols to be able to do that, and flintlocks aren't that small, and there goes your alpha strike. It's the same reason why i don't like dual weilding melee weapons in most games, because they use the weapons individually stupidly, when you would gain more distance and able to do the same with just one handed weapon. That doesn't mean that dual weilding is not possibl
  11. Which seems way more likely since they are raising the lvl cap. And yeah, i guess we can import our characters, what would the point of "continue the story" if we couldn't.
  12. No. Critical chance is not some value on your character sheet. It completely relies on your accuracy vs your opponent's deflection (or defensive stat that you are against) There are talents/spells/racial that can convert a % of Hits, into crits.
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