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  1. Just like in PoE1 the Intellect Attribute can be safely dumped with negligible downsides.
  2. (Type iroll20s before using any commands. This disables achievements. Not all, but some commands like the Ability ones are case sensitive. Use FindCharacter Name to find the GUID/name of an object.) Example of adding an ability: AddAbility Player_name WeaponProficiency_Sword AddAbility Companion_name(Clone) WeaponProficiency_Hatchet Example of removing an ability: RemoveAbility Player_name Visage_Of_Deaths_Herald RemoveAbility Companion_name(Clone) Second_Wind ------------------------- Changing PC/companion Attributes: AttributeScore Player_name Might 10 [sets the PC's Might to Base 10]
  3. You can change the Level Scaling options via the game's registry entry inside HKEY_USERS > Software > Obsidian Entertainment: 1. Press Windows Key + R at the same time to open a Run Box and then type regedit.exe and press Enter/Return key. 2. Inside the regedit application press Control + F at the same time and type LEVEL_SCALE and press Enter/Return key. 3. Keep pressing F3 to cycle thru results until you arrive at the game's entry: 4. Change the numerical value in the corresponding Level Scaling entries to a number ranging 0 - 2, each corresponding to its setting in-game beginning
  4. You can also change the Level Scaling options (and every single other game option, including adding customr esolutions) in the game's Registry entry inside HKEY_USERS:
  5. To customize your PC from Level 1: 0. Write down your Watcher's full list of Abilities and his XP amount. 1. Unequip everything. 2. Remove companions at an Inn (or use console command ManageParty). 3. OpenCharacterCreation [create your char] AddExperience [amount of XP you previously had] AddAbility Player_name Watcher_Ability_Name_That_You_Wrote_Down 4. Go to a store and retrain your Watcher from level 1 up to the level attainable from the XP you just gave yourself.
  6. (Type iroll20s before using any commands. This disables achievements.) Example of adding an ability: AddAbility Player_name WeaponProficiency_Sword AddAbility Companion_name(Clone) WeaponProficiency_Hatchet Example of removing an ability: RemoveAbility Player_name Visage_Of_Deaths_Herald RemoveAbility Companion_name(Clone) Second_Wind Changing PC/companion Attributes: AttributeScore Player_name Might 10 [sets the PC's Might to Base 10] AttributeScore Companion_name(Clone) Perception 15 [sets the companion's Perception to Base 15] Changing companion's class level back to 1 (so you can cu
  7. Due to people complaining that afflictions were hard to understand in PoE 1 they decided to remove all affliction information this time around. Mission accomplished!
  8. I'd say the most popular combo is probably Rogue + Fighter, hence why Eder gets that option. It's braindead simple and synergizes so well it should've been it's own class.
  9. If you go to Install Dir > PoE2_data > exported > localized > EN >TEXT There you will find the text strings for conversations and quests and other writings in the game. For example if you wanted to change item lore, you can find those strings inside itemstrings.bundle file in that TEXT folder.
  10. Inside PoE 2 install dir > PoE2_data > exported > design The folders there all have files that are titled 'something.bundle' and when you edit those files the changes take effect in-game; specifically everything inside GAMEDATA folder. Inside the GAMEDATA folder you will find all the unpacked files that relate to item stats, char stats, item properties, class properties, etc, etc.
  11. When you select that option the game automatically uninstalls itself.
  12. There's already a mod on the Nexus that increases the maximum level cap.
  13. what you want to do is a actually a REALLY solid balancig idea man! props for thinkign of it! basically if i understand these files right to scale sneak attack with empower it is as easy and simple as going isnide abilities (or was it attacks) control + F the sneak attack thing and find the value that says something like Class: (either GUILE or Rogue one of the two; if it is like the majority of properties one can edit this field is usallyu empty) Usage: (1 or a higher numr if its like a knock down; if its like Sneak atk it will be empty) Clear after combat: (empty; this value
  14. hehe max i actually did do that alrady and in-game the modal completely disappeared along with all the damage and other numerical values for a bunch of items LOL however i will do this again bcause i am almost certain that that happened because i was less familiar with these files, and i guarantee i probably, copied pasted or put somthing over something i shouldnt will report back if it works this time (and it should i dont really see why not)
  15. @Max plase one last question: I really want to give the PoE 2 backer beta Shields a MODAL which allows the shields to BASH, and/or a MODAL which gives the shield a chance to activate a type of bashing or ANY OTHER SORT of push or otherwise usig the shield to impact the enemy After looking over the 3 modals (binding block for SMALL SHIELDS) followed by the simple BLOCK ATTACK by MEDIUM Shields and lastly the (imo actually very CREATIVE) Large Shield modal which ok everyone hre knows what these do.... Now going back to the modal for the SMALL SHIELD it says that when activated by the player
  16. i will have to go through all of the spells though and decrease their casting times unfortunately. OR alternatively as I mentioned in that video (linked above in my post) the real secret-sauce would be to increase by a few numbers the multiplier that makes DEXTERITY speed up casting. Its somehere in the global file I believe.
  17. thanks man! i think im going to end up doing exactly that. it was always my fancy to mod POE 1, now i am going to spend more time tweakig values tan playing the game probably. i want to eventually make an overhaul of all weapons values as poe2 (carryig over from poe1) has a lot of weapons and armor and yet there is always a lot that simply goes unused because there is no reason to use them. the modals in poe2 beta were a step in the right direction but i think they should have just gone ahead and really poured some love into the itemization. for example why exactly does a Spear NOT have som
  18. oh there are a lot of goodies in the global file. I just spotted the entry for how far a unit will walk to seek out an enemy; er, basically i mean theres lots of juicy stuff in global. there i see the attribute bases as well.
  19. sorry you are absolutely right notepad++ is much better for this
  20. yeah i had already spotted those but i probably mishandled them. thank you for the heads up: btw, i am using a hex editor to edit these files what program should i be using instead edit: never mind, trust me i am much more comfortable hex editing than using notepad. dont worry on that front
  21. i tried changing the max distance of the BaseQuarterstaff item in the game file but there was no change reflected in-game. probably the solution is more complicated although it is perplexing because i easily changed Pistol range from 8 to 12 in less than 2 minutes. you know , i think the problem is quarterstaff is classed as melee and there is probably a global value that has the max reach for REACH weapons, BUT RANGED weapons on the other hand use different properties and are classed seperately so maybe that is why. i will try seeig if i can change normal quarterstaff into a RANGED WEAPON
  22. btw rooting around in the files i realized that it is possible to swap around / replace visual FX of every single thing. POE 1 and POE 2 are eye-cancer during big combats so much crap flyig around impossible to appreciate anything whatsoever i am thinking i will start doing trial-and-error swapping around of the visual fx entries that link to the prefabs or whatever and see if the game doesnt freak out. perhaps a solution can be as simple as exporting somehow the visual fx objects/prefabs/etc, and in MS Paint or better (heh i joke) blacking everything out nukig the alpha channels etc then pu
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