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  1. Oh - I totally agree that even a third of the way through the game, a Wizard (or two in my case) really start to shine - and by the end - indispensible. If I started the game again, I'd play a Wizard, without Might to start with knowing I could boost might to a certain extent with items in-game. My first time through was kinda frustrating tho. Still - I was happy with how my Chanter worked out.
  2. Having finished the game, I just wanted to post my Party and PC build, and add some comments. I had great difficulty settling on a Primary Character (PC). Partially due to the Might attribute being a desired attribute across all classes. Traditionally I've always built a wizard/mage class, but to start with, this class is SUPER weak. So I started playing other classes. Tried a Ranger, a Cipher, a Priest and finally a Chanter. I got quite away through the first Act with a Ranger with a bear, but I always came back to the feeling that I was missing out on a lot of conversation options, du
  3. I'm sure this has been raised before, but I did a search for "Might" on the forums and didn't get any hits, so here is my question: Why is Might required for every class? Now, Obsidian have every right to build they game they want to play - even if what they make is their own version/take of things like DnD rules and previous games like Baldur's Gate. And if they take away 'healing' and put 'Endurance' in it's place, so be it. (Personally I think it sounds like an extra layer of complexity, but that's their call). I just don't understand why, in order to have an effective characte
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