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Found 2 results

  1. [CLASS BUILD] The Flagellant Helwalker Monk Not intended for solo POTD Stats (Human): MIG 17 CON 7 DEX 18 PER 18 INT 12 RES 4 The Flagellant is a ranged character that takes advantage of the Helwalkers passive might generation through wounds. The primary way of doing this is through dual-wielding Scepters and using their modal, or through the unique rifle Dragon's Dowry (this rifle has a chance of inflicting damage on yourself when you fire it, and has a huge action speed buff that does minor damage over time to you). These weapons and their self-inflicted damage are the "safest" way to make use of the Helwalker. This synergy in combination with the fantastic damage buffs (Lightning Strikes, Dance of Death, Thunderous Blows) give this class awesome damage output. Being at range means you are less likely to be hit, which removes some of the danger of a helwalker (and lessens the possibility of losing Dance of Death). Single Classing monk means you still have access to the extremely powerful 9th level monk skills.
  2. [CLASS BUILD] The Green Knight POTD Untested for solo play Devoted Fighter/Lifegiver(Warden) Role: Off-Tank/Bruiser/Support Stats (Human): MIG 14 CON 7 DEX 18 PER 10 INT 12 RES 17 The Green Knight is intended to use The Spine of Thicket Green unique quarterstaff. This staff improves the power level of druid and some priest spells. The purpose of this character is to be a frontline bruiser/support character. Deflection can be boosted using the quarterstaff modal. Quick casting druid buffs (Nature's Vigor, Nature's Balm, Woodskin) provide easy inspirations for the front line, and moderate cast spells (The Moon's Light, Moonwell) provide nice healing. The Green Knight can also turn to damaging spells and abilities when an offtank or support is no longer required. Taste of the Hunt is a 2nd level druid spell that is actually a primary attack, doing nice raw damage over time and healing the caster instantly for a high amount. Knockdown/Into the Fray/Penetrating Strike can be used to save allies, cc or do damage. Most of the spell usage comes from early level spells, but I listed essential high level spells if you decide to pick them. A big decision you need to make is what fighter subclass you want. Devoted (Quarterstaff) can be good, since you can summon firebrand to deal damage to crush-immune foes and still get the devoted bonus since it applies to summoned weapons. Unbroken increases your engagement making you a better tank, but your lack of a shield is questionable for Unbroken. Spiritshifting is not a part of this build past the first few levels when you have nothing else to do. Overall this character provides a little of everything and is good at filling gaps in a party. I've been surprised at how tanky it can become and how easy it is to cast spells in melee range. Essential Abilities and Spells Fighter Guardian Stance Tactical Barrage Mule Kick/Penetrating Strike/Lower Their Guard/Clear Out (Choose one or more) Vigorous Defense Druid I Nature's Vigor Talon's Reach/Vile Thorns/Sunbeam II Light of the Moon Taste of the Hunt III Nature's Balm Returning Storm IV Moonwell Hailstorm/Boiling Spray/Overwhelming Wave V Plague of Insects/Firebug Cleansing Wind VI Sunlance/Venombloom Garden of Life VII Rusted Armor Weather the Storm/Nature's Bounty You don't need every spell listed there. Most used spells are from the early levels. Passives from both druid and fighter Two-Handed Style Confident Aim Combat Focus Superior Deflection Armored Grace Unbreakable Rapid casting Practiced Healer
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