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  1. ahh okay i probably should spec out of it since its not really adding anything i get to max wounds like instantly as helwalker.
  2. So i specced into rooting pain playing a fighter/monk using sword and board but rooting pain is not doing anything like i see 0 pulses or no animations I cant see it doing anything really am I missing somthing?
  3. It seems like both these actions do absolutely nothing so you can't complete the old city at all. When it promps you to dive towards the light it boots you out.
  4. I feel alor of thought went into all the ship stuff just that was the main focus and some of the classes just pure classes just got made like yeap barbarian um berserker throw it in. I feel like you have to multi class to solo other then the monk or w/e which ive heard is op. I remember the beserker from Baldurs gate 2 Whhheewwyy was he fun and the barbarian sub class thats how you make a class.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions ill give it a shot. Im guessing Con is something i want to pool into as well i thought id throw into dex and str for faster attacks but it seems to do little for solo play. It just seems like Baldurs gate got it right when it came to choosing to use a party or solo, i guess BG is untouchable by standards.
  6. are they just pure ****? in this game I'm trying to solo this on classic and they get just ****in steam rolled has anyone had any success with a barbarian soloing this game at all it seems they programmed it to be just un solo friendly as you can tell I'm frustrated.
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