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  1. Bioware already confirmed that ME4 is going to be about searching for what's left of Shepard. They chose a cannon ending (destroy) and moved from there.
  2. No you can't be 100% non-augged. There's a main quest in the first few hours that requires you to get a few basic upgrades. BUT, it doesn't punish you for using augs either unlike Prey.
  3. Couldn't find my way to a side quest and spent a whole in game day watching ads.
  4. If finally lowered my resolution to 1080 so I got get lock 60fps.
  5. Vsync was turned off when I first loaded up. Holy screen tearing, Batman. I've got a 1080ti with a lot of miles on it. I turned the setting down to medium with a few things bumped up. I'm getting 40-50fps at 1440p.
  6. Download finished. Took me nearly 2 hours 'cause GOG's servers are slower than Valve's. Waiting for everything to boot up.
  7. Just started downloading base game now. I know better from my experience with Galaxy that if you pre-download you still have to redownload the whole game for verification. So far it's telling me 59gb.
  8. And I thought pleasure drones was the weirdest thing on youtube.
  9. I always love the internet. It's just the people who want to own it that I have a problem with.
  10. I think Sven said the matched somewhere around 40% which is tiny considering the steam pages for both franchises say they both offer the same thing.
  11. Firing Gregg Williams has nothing to do with the call. It has to do with he's been throwing Adam Gase under the bus for a month. Gase and his buddy Joe Douglas probably went to Chris Johnson to weaponize one call from the better half of the team to get Williams fired. BTW, one of the reasons Gase didn't get fired earlier in the year is because that would put co-head coach Gregg Williams as sole head coach.
  12. I want to thank Derrek Carr and Henry Ruggs for keeping our tank alive. Here's to you. For real, though. Gregg Williams called cover zero. I'm pretty sure he got a call from the owners box that they need to keep the tank goin'. I've been calling it for months, Chris Johnson wants to tank and that's why Gase and Williams still have a job.
  13. Pro gamers don't have time for personal hygiene.
  14. Sometimes you just get the feeling you're not supposed to be in here.
  15. The only thing worth watching with the Jets is the post game press conference. Rich Cimini from ESPN grilled Gase to a fine crisp. For those of you who don't know, Gase gave up the offensive playcalling duties a few weeks ago to offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains. It is commonly assumed that this change was mandated from acting owner Chris Johnson. Today through, Dowell Loggains was seen the entire game sitting in the press box twiddling his thumbs and Gase was back to calling the plays. When asked about it by Cimini, Gase tried to deny it but Cimini wasn't so easily deterred and kept at it
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