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  1. I hope to Christ Obsidian just ignores this thread entirely and just has a toggle switch as mentioned before ^^
  2. I say have i.e. [Wisdom] in front of your arguement to indicate the tone when your character is speaking from experience. Sometimes in RPG dialouges, I read them, and then I think: "Oh. This is the most logical one. I will say this." and then I get a response that goes something along the line of: "Don'tchu take that tone with me, mistah." And then I'm like: "Uh, that was a sarcastic thing?" Also, in Fallout New Vegas, you can chime in about something scientific, medical, or share a fact about explosives in conversations. But without proper indicatication of where my character is getting his k
  3. I don't think PE is created to spite Dragon Age II. Truth be told, DA 2 committed too many errors in general to have been great on its' own. - Companions were boring, disgusting, whiney, unloyal, too weird... (For example: Isabela isn't the kind of person you build a solid friendship with. She's the kind of person you meet in a brothel and have a random threesome-foursome with before never talking to her again, which was her exact role in Dragon Age Origins. Also, she's a terrible human being who takes no responsibility for her own actions, and she's a boring character to boot. She also ac
  4. Thanks! It's a full plate When Wynne got preachy, I just leaned back and enjoyed the visuals going: "Uhu. Yup. You don't say? Yeeeeah.. you like things you can remember. "
  5. Here's my modded Dragon Age Origins experience. With pleasing visuals I could now lean back and enjoy the story From left to right: Leiliana, my charname, Alistair and Wynne. Mild spoiler: His romance was the queen, who will not be shown. Her modded outfit was so scandelous that your genitelia will drop if you saw her
  6. Who here have played the PnP game, original SNES title, or any other installment from the franchiese? And who is looking forward to the new singleplayer campaign most likely coming out in January 2013? Personally, I've only heard/seen some from the SNES game. The rest is just own research from interviews/articles. I'm very excited about what I've heard from the setting, and that the newest installment is available for mac/pc/ipad (Not sure if also android tablet) so yay! I'm definetly getting it, even though I'm upset I missed the kickstarter for this game I'm not sure if there's dialoug
  7. Well, honestly, I think you're not the only one who has requested a fantasy game where you take up a way more passive role to a giant conflict. I read on the Fable forums a lot of times, that many people wish they could do menial chores like carrying crates from the delivery ship to the local taverns, play a regular farmer tending to his farm, and occasionally having to hire heroes to fend off bandits from him farm, or just being a travelling merchant.. But it's definetly not a game I would want one of the greatest RPGs makers to make. I'm very happy with the standard RPG formula improved
  8. Ivan... Having a lot of gold isn't a class restricting trait I can't even count the games where I've broken the economy by just playing as a hero. (In games like PE, heroes/villains are usually effortlessly famous and are important enough to naturally attract the attention of other wealthy people without thinking about it anyway) "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the citadel." Blammo. Instant store discount. If the player can purchase property, then it would just be easier to have that option available for all classes. I mean, take Fable 2. You essentially earn a f
  9. Newco is Bane, bringing badges back to the people of Gotham and the Obsidian forum! "Courts will be conveined. Spoils will be enjoyed. Blood will be spilled out of this GAME companyyyYYYY! Well, enjoy... the badges! Gotham, and Obsidian Forum-members, the badges, are yours!" Can't you see? Newco wants the badges right now for no explained reason other than to just have it! In case the nazis attack.. and they want to see our Obsidian forum badges like.. right now? Not really sure what's going on here either.. ^^
  10. What's the matter with you, foo's? Didn't yo mama teach you to play sum NWN, yo? Because project infinity should do it like that, word on tha street! Default is light jogging, but if you enter 'detect' mode, you enter walking speed, but on the plus side, your character/characters will be more aware to their surrounding, increasing Search/Spot/Listen/Detect traps. PEACE OUT! Edit: You're not really foo's. I just enjoy talkin' like a middle-class white gangsta
  11. Dude. Her version was just OKAY.. Offspring could have made a cover and it would be good. The original text and beat was the GREAT thing. Malukah did an average performance *Wiee! Honest drunk posts are fun! I should do more!*
  12. Eh.. sorry, PsychoBlonde. While I appreciate the thought you're presenting, I don't feel it's a good idea. In my opinion, the writing of even fictional books in a video game isn't something that should be written by random people. It should be written by professional writers who work closely with the game, and knows what narrative elements works with it. If they accepted random people to write for them, Obsidian would have to hire a staff of professional writers familiar with the established lore. This staff would have to look at a ton of novels they'll have to read reject/accept/edit/repl
  13. Meh, fancy artsy non-practical armors are fun. http://th01.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2012/113/7/f/conan_and_red_sonja_by_skeel76-d4xbyrw.jpg http://fc07.devianta...YunaKingdom.jpg http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120110135139/finalfantasy2/de/images/4/48/Cloud_AC.jpg http://www.reapermini.com/forum/uploads/monthly_01_2011/post-5715-12947290059661.jpg I say go for those, BUT ALSO have realistic armors. If you got both, the over-the-top ones will stand out more. I'm not a fan of armors, though I am a fan of Great Swords. The thing is.. This is a fantasy game. It should look fun
  14. Ehm... I feel this question is sort of "D'uh?" Just do it like in Dragon Age Origins. *Mild spoiler* Zevran will betray you if you're not nice to him, but if you are cool with him, he'll value your friendship/relationship more than coin
  15. Actually, I got a buddy who likes playing evil. He just wants to see the virtual world burn. He'll go the extra mile to make sure no one comes out happy.. Even at the cost of himself. He likes to be evil, and he doesn't mind a good challenge. Like, yes.. you got people willing to sell out others to come out better themselves.. that's "Lawful" evil. Methodical.. Tactical. However, then you have evil people like Sauron (chaotic evil) who shows no restraint once he has the power. He just wants to kill people and make people suffer. Are you not a minion of his creation? Well, it sucks to b
  16. Dragon Age isn't perfect, but it had many right elements to an epic story. You do a lot of stuff, working towards one greater goal. There are side-quests, but they don't overshadow the main goal. In fact, the main quest has a lot of optional things you can do or ignore entirely, but if you ignore it, you probably won't feel as satisfied in the end. If you invest into the companions, the characters, and the story, then you'll get emotional and intellectual value from the game. It's satisfying seeing all the work you have done play out in a rewarding outcome you've been working towards. It's bec
  17. I actually feel Obsidian makes great romances. I was disappointed when they were not included in Fallout New Vegas though. Just remember to include them and I'm happy. EDIT: Actually, I would like to see more romances like the one you can have with Queen Anora from Dragon Age Origins. Most wouldn't consider it a real romance because you don't see much of Anora in the game, and she is very sneaky and dishonest if she felt you were crossing her. I actually get why people dislike her, but I liked her because I could relate more to her than Morrigan and Leiliana. Morrigan is a witch from t
  18. All I did in Dragon Age 2 was being bored of Hawke, and just desparetly trying to listen to gossip about my old character from Dragon Age 1. He married the Queen and became a prince when I left him. He became a king over the years and was said to be a 'good ruler' along with his wife. I giggled with glee before I glanced back to Hawke and the current party he was with and I sighed. Hawke's a tool and I don't like his voice. Isabela is a terrible person who takes no responsibility and she's not someone you'd stick around with for ten years. She is someone you meet at a brothel and include in a
  19. I feel OP is just an ignorant racist, and a coward for not saying where he is from. Even in your 'profile quote' you slander Russians. Must be safe hiding behind anonymity and spew useless negativity at other countries, hm? A little insecure about yourself and must yell at other people to feel validated? Who knows? You might be a Norwegian, but it doesn't matter, because what you say is absurd. How can you point to an article and not have read it before opening your mouth? "Oh, Norway must hate themselves for letting a non-caucasian be in Norwegian politics." So? America was built by imig
  20. I think good endings celebrate the things you've been through and embrace the messages you've been told through the whole experience. (Mass Effect 3 did none of this, but did the exact opposite. The ending felt like it was written by someone who didn't capture the over-all feel of the series. I'm not opposed to tragic endings, but just have them be coherent.) Point is: Learn from Dragon Age Origin's ending, and the Baldur's Gate 2 ending. Hell, even something as basic as Dragon Ball Z had a great ending. You may like or dislike the premise for that anime, but it was executed great for
  21. Wow.. This isn't a question of realism. I think the expression you're looking for is: "How edgy can this game be?" That's how sleazy marketting-agents think. They try to find what kids like and then exploit it. And kids often like things that should appeal to those older than them. That's what's usually 'cool', or 'edgy'. So, edgy has very little to do with realism or maturity, especially maturity. Those are two powerful, seperate terms that can enhance a story. Violence, rape, child killings, are mature themes, but those things alone don't make a good story. Anyone using those tools i
  22. The problem isn't that people show Muhammed. The problem is that some people live their life in belief that their belief is superior to others, and that they can threaten others from speaking their mind. It's called facism and it's an obsolete way of thinking. 'If we give into being bullied then we just believe in free speech, but we don't defend it.' - Loosely quoted from South Park One thing is to be respectful for others, but if they threaten/kill us then they're not being very respectful themselves. They are the ones who need to learn tollerance much more than some people drawi
  23. No romance option like Isabella from DA2 plxz. She was a terrible human being and had a sh*tty personality to boot. There's no reason she sticks by you for years other than that she's bored, and Hawke just sucks at meeting competent people. How exciting.. She caused a riot in Act II. She wasted many years to a group of people and got good men murdered. When you tell her that you expect her to attone for what she did, she becomes shocked and angry. :/ She is all in all, generally inconsistent/unreliable. In ACT I she says she's against slavery. In the third act, she is for it. She also
  24. ... I don't think so. First off, I love the non-lethal approach, but your party members are probably people with weapons and fireballs. And there's probably going to be tactics involved as it is, so I doubt including non-lethal combat is going to be a serious thing. It's hard to tell someone not to use their weapon of stabbing if that's what they're trained to do. However, if there were to be a 'pacifist' thing, wouldn't we need classes like monks/martial artists/lots of non-lethal spells that still damages? ... I don't know, that sounds like a stretch and not something that is ess
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