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  1. I would like the amazing justice friends have evil dopplegangers and you fight them!! (include Muhammad)
  2. This shouldn't be a no brainer people. They shouldn't be afraid of terorrism, even the creators of south park have tried showing muhammad and Comedy central has censored them constantly. That is not only blocking their art form. But censoring freedom of speech, if everything is ok to make fun of. Then **** the muslim peoples beleifs. South Park has already bashed Jews, christians, budhists, japanese, chinese, Mormons, and literally every single ****ing possible thing almost. So why not show Muhammad? I garantee when south park first came out people tried to get them off the air. They threaten
  3. Since episodes 200 and 201 were unjustly censored by comedy central that they should create an uncensored image of Muhammad in "The Stick of Truth". South park is notorious for making fun of every single religious figure. But this is the one figure they haven't been able to show since 2006. Because some butt hurt muslims threatened comedy central. They should shove this in the worlds faces and show us that our free speech is not bordered by threats. To show everyone that you can make fun of everything, because as our given rights of freedom to live. They should have the freedom to show whate
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