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  1. After watching the latest trailer, I would like to think in my imagationland memory that the devs took my suggestion about having chef as a boss!
  2. Thanks for the replies! I'm glad the devs are reading this. Watching the trailers, knowing the company developing it, and also knowing Matt Stone and Trey Parker are involved with this leaves me with really good feelings about this game. I can't wait for March!
  3. One of the staples for the RPG crowd are mini and/or hidden bosses. Bosses that are hard to find, hard to fight, and are not part of the linear storyline. I realize that with 6 months to go and most lines pre-recorded that most of the gameplay is locked down this far into development, but I think this would really add to the gameplay with relative minimal effort. They don't have to be neccasaringly a mandatory part of the storyline, and thus, won't negatively effect the turnaround time as much. Suggestions for hidden bosses are: Darth Chef MechaStreissand Sally Struthers (in her Jabba t
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