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  1. Actually, if it's not going to be on the Infinity Engine, then I agree. I misunderstood, sorry, and you're absolutely correct. Definetly make it a solid game experience for the PC.
  2. Heya, I'm from Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition's forum. I'm planning to get BG:EE for the iPad so I can bring the game with me on my travels. Actually, I think that's a good strength for the Infinity Engine, that it's not a very demanding engine so tablets can run its games quite easily. I was just interested in hearing why this game isn't going to be for sale on multiple platforms. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this game regardless, but I think that would be a neat offer. - Zinstah
  3. Ehm... question? Can't Obsidian Entertainment lend you the voice actors? Or at least send their voices to the conversations options that remains? It would be pretty odd with you guys voice acting... no offence.. *Coughs a bit* I mean... I know you're not part of Obsidian Entertainment, but I think it would be awesome if Obsidian Entertainment sent you the options! You could ask !!
  4. Leaving solo mode on: Never happened to me Random Loot generator : Not so much of a prob Kreia's 'can't please me'- attitude: It wasn't that that was the problem..... IT WAS THE FACT I COULDN'T KICK HER OFF THE TEAM SINCE SHE'S A QUEST CHARACTER! >.<In the next game, they shouldn't make an important character so annoying, and they need a much better reason why the heck I should even put up with her. I had to re-start my game once because of her being such a b**ch.... I wanted to rip off of her head and parade around town with it and....! Err... I just don't like her... To be h
  5. Ah, fair enough. But according to about 17.000 angry SWG players, LucasArts doesn't care about what angry customers have to say about their products or release dates, unless it's positive responds. (Or is this actually the work of Sony Online Entertainment alone? I personally think they're both in on it) Anywhom, I do think it was LucasArts who did set the release date on KOTOR2 though, so I wouldn't put all my money on that the game got rushed just because of a couple of impatient players alone.
  6. Right o', but that was back then. Anyways, now we're whining about it being buggy Doesn't matter what people complained about in the past! We shall always find new stuff to complain about ^^ For as long as people are disatisfied, bored or old, there will exist complainment! Just kidding about the last part. But anyways, the point is that the game wasn't finnished and got released when it wasn't ready, and could hardly be modified on through patches. So it would be better off with some fixing and a delayed release date.
  7. The heck you on about? What were the wrong reasons? O.o We got KOTOR2 for PC and XBoX the same day. EDIT: Even though KOTOR1 got released on XBoX before on the PC.
  8. I think that there should be a "new kid on the block", but I think we should get to interact with Revan and the Exile in this game somehow. Because the game wouldn't progress otherwise if you didn't. (I hope you know what I'm talking about. You kinda learn it in the LS endings. I can't say it straight out as I'm unsure how to blur the answer) Anywhom, I think they managed the memory issues of your character quite well. Because you got to modify on your own past in K2 as the story went along, and I mean, if your background story was already set then it wouldn't explain why you suddenly felt
  9. true, it still would have been the MOTHER OF ALL CLIFFHANGERS but it would have had an extra planet and less bugs. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't have any ideas, as I'm sure they will find new things to add to the game anyways. I prefer being surprised anyways. But my concernment lies in that the game won't be rushed, too. *Nods*
  10. "You can have it today full of bugs which makes the game not 100% done, a couple of endings will not be in this game, and friendships with other party members will not have a climax. OR, you will have a fully functional game if you wait 1 month more, tops."? Eh, I may have been whining for an extra month aye before the release, but on the other hand: I wouldn't be whining for months after the release P.S. I'm not saying that the game is bad. I tried playing KOTOR1 the other day, but I kinda missed a lot of the new ingredients in KOTOR2 so I stopped playing, I really loved the story i
  11. Oh.... Well, from my own point of view I could have waited a bit longer if they could make the game a lot more awsome in such a short time
  12. Um... Well, I bought KOTOR2 game on day 1 release, but I always thought that there were several things that was just plain wrong with it although the plot was very good. And after complaining to a couple of friends of mine that the game had couple of too sudden changes, I got told that they had heard rumours about the game being rushed. So was it? And why was it rushed? And I was told that there would be a patch which would make the endings a bit more forfilling/satisfying, but I bet that is just mumbo jumbo.
  13. Actually, I never thought about that. Perhaps it's just another name for it used by the philosophers in the Star Wars universe although more believing ones will refer to it as: "The force". But now that you mentioned it I cannot stop thinking about Goku and Vegeta stuck in Star Wars universe going: "My "Midichlorians" are higher than yours!", "No! I got more "Midichlorians" than you do! Let's wrestle about it to find out !"
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