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  1. A key, key point. Far more important than which faction achieves political/military supremacy and by what means. My Watcher ended up not throwing her weight behind any of the factions and sailing to Ukaizo alone to try and settle the Wheel crisis. From the perspective of not really knowing the ramifications of Gaun's actions at the Wheel before he takes them, the decision of which faction to back with regard to the Wheel crisis is an agonizing one. My feeling is that the VTC (and back of them, other scientists and researchers in the more liberal Vailian Republics) has the best chance of using Ukaizo/luminous adra as a springboard to not only figure out the Wheel, but potentially to rediscover all manner of Engwithan knowledge or technology that could lead to a Renaissance or even a golden age. The problem with animancy for me is they’re using the mining of souls and the soul transportation infrastructure as fuel. That seems like a suicidal road to take. It’s also only one small step from cutting out the middle man and simply using the souls of the living, as the Engwithans did at multiple sites and as Beza thinks Alvari would consider- and I doubt she would be the only one given the ‘profit above everything’ nature of the VTC. Using luminous adra for study is probably inevitable now, but using it to fuel an industrial revolution of sorts seems risky. It could be that the whole luminous adra thing is intended as allegory for our own use of non-renewable fuel sources, except that humanity won’t potentially give up the ability for babies to be born with souls if we run out of oil.
  2. Just discovering this myself after starting a new PotD game with no Eder and about 8 Con. Must have died about 20 times in the Sea Cave.
  3. Nalpazca Wizard with high Alchemy and... Insight? And don’t forget to take Yrden in your party.
  4. Aeldys reactivates the storm machine btw, which also maintains the storms in Rauitai. We don’t really know how disasterous The Wheel being destroyed (or even destroyed *and* inaccessible for repair/research) is yet, because the game doesn’t make it clear at all what the repercussions of The Wheel being destroyed are. If Eora was immediately thrown into a worldwide Hollowborn crisis (which would be known within hours, or days at most) you’d think the ending slides would mention it. If it’s not and babies are still being born with souls just fine then the whole thing seems like a fuss over nothing. Another thing worth considering is that the storm machine may have been hiding some kind of backup system in Rauitai. If the Ukaizo machine was responsible for the storms even in faraway Rauitai it stands to reason they must be hiding something important. Teleportation (such as it is) may not even work now without the ‘pull’ of The Wheel on the adra network.
  5. You would still only have 5 party members requiring UI. I assume the others would only be present ‘in spirit’ so to speak, so they can chip in if they have something to say about a quest or whatever, as if they were in the party. At least I guess that’s the idea?
  6. The slavers are ostensibly in the legal slave trade so I doubt they are brazenly attacking the major factions very often; that's what the relationship with the pirate faction is for. The pirate faction would attack whoever and be attacked by the 3 major factions. This is implied to be happening; I don't believe the ship icons on the world map are necessarily supposed to represent all shipping in the Deadfire. They could add nameless pirate ships attacking nameless faction ships on the world map though. I personally don't think it would hurt or add much. If the Huana, VTC and RDC were attacking each other at sea it would presumably be clandestine and not in sight of other shipping, as they aren't at war. It would be very confusing to the player to explain that a fragile peace exists between the 3 state factions and then show them openly attacking each other's ships on the world map. The game could lock you into a faction earlier like they did in PoE1, but a lot of people didn't want to get locked out of so much content, which is understandable. In the context of Deadfire it does make some sense because by the end you're the kingmaker and the major factions all need you far more than you need them.
  7. The Roparu needed an element pushing back (probably violently) against the Huana caste system. A people may meekly accept that system, but generally not to the point where they are starving and still loyal to the system.
  8. Do you mean you climbed up on to the ship? You can click an area near the front of the ship to climb down again. Holding tab should highlight it.
  9. I liked the Concelhaut and Kraken sidequests for flavour. The Arkemyr Manor heist was fun, and how he treats you afterwards. Fort Deadlight clearly had the most thought put into it in terms of structure and different ways of going about it.
  10. I know it's not ideal, but have you tried killing both pirate leaders and sailing to Ukaizo either in your own fully upgraded ship or in the Floating Hangman?
  11. I suppose the idea is great powers don't really get to become great powers without getting their hands dirty, and relative peace and stability generally only comes from a great power attaining a position of dominance. Look at Pax Romana, Pax Britannica, Pax Americana etc. Reality is that major powers are generally not much better than pirates -just ask the Gauls or the Aborigines or the Native Americans- they're just strong enough to set the rules which apply to themselves. You have the option to go it alone if you're squeamish about doing the things the major factions need to do to take power, but the price is no single power becomes strong enough to enforce stability in the region. There are no benevolent superpowers who got there with clean hands. Aeldys is one of the most interesting options because she's the only one to turn the storm machine back on and prevent access to study / fix The Wheel. Hard to say how important this may be though until someone explains whether Eora still has a functioning natural life / death cycle or not...
  12. They all amount to using cheats and the game is too easy as it is. I'll probably only use the world map blessing. I think it could have been like a Blessing & Curse system. If you take x points worth of Blessings you have to take at least x points worth of Curses to balance it out.
  13. Also, if you get it, don't make the mistake I did and bring it back to the place you got it from to rest :/ Once fully soulbound one of its properties is 'Lower level Kith enemies are killed on crit', so it's not that bad...
  14. I assumed sending him back to the Mill was going to be a way to get the Captain downstairs to agree to leaving without him. Maybe there's something in his room that it's easier to steal if he's not there? In the end I just paid him.
  15. I can’t think of any reason someone might not want to romance a person who regularly blacks out to commune with the gods and the souls of dead people, and whom the God of Death can make souls explode out of at a moment’s notice.
  16. If you go to Ukaizo alone there’s no battle before reaching the island. You still get a faction rep turn up at the end - for me it was Hazanui but Maia didn’t say anything. I can understand the factions (excluding pirates) not openly attacking each other, they aren’t at war.
  17. So if you do this does it count the same as the factionless ending? Yes
  18. Currently Berserkers don't. It's almost certainly a bug since there are Berserker versions of all four upgraded Frenzies (Blood Frenzy, Spirit Frenzy, Blood Storm and Spirit Tornado) but they can only actually take Blood Frenzy. It looks like they've patched it out (deliberately or otherwise), as my Berserker multi from release has Spirit Tornado. I'm not really sure why they've removed that option specifically when it's the Blood Thirst / Barbaric Smash combo which is massively OP and still available.
  19. You get the final levels of Frenzy, they're in tier 7. If you multi-class with Monk and stack wounds you'll have so much bonus Int from Turning Wheel that your Flurry and Frenzy will last longer than you'll ever need them to. With Barbaric Smash refunding the rage cost on a kill, and Blood Thirst giving zero recovery on kill, you can often just blitz through regular mobs with one instant recovery Barbaric Smash after another. edit: My mistake, looks like this has been patched out since release.
  20. It really hasn't and that's what having multiple different difficulty levels is for. The difficulty of each level shouldn't need to be raised dramatically after release in line with people getting better at the game; they should be pitched somewhere close to where they're meant to be in the first place and people can select accordingly. There are three difficulty levels below the one you're playing on if you don't want the risk of wiping on a first playthrough. No, it's just fine, thank you, though. Joe It's fine for you, who wants to be able to play Veteran without the risk of dying on the first playthrough (sounds like an ego protection thing). That doesn't describe what most people think Veteran difficulty should be, or how the difficulty level describes itself at the beginning of the game, hence why the devs themselves have acknowledged they missed the mark and are addressing it.
  21. Idk how much having their bodies would have helped, the skeletons look tiny compared to Eothas. I would say Abydon is confirmed, Wael is very likely. The third slot maybe just to keep their options open.
  22. There's one more hand mortar, you get it doing his personal quest I think. Ship combat often doesn't make a lot of sense. When you're travelling in the way you describe, think of it as the slower ship moving in a small curve (or not at all if halted), and the faster ship moving in a larger curve parallel to it. The faster ship would travel further but remain the same distance from the other ship, assuming they keep their sides facing each other.
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