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  1. Grapeshot definitely works at taking down crew. At least until you board and the enemy crew are all alive again.
  2. I find it useful but yeah that part can be kind of annoying. Another weird one I found is if you cast Withdraw on yourself as the last man standing, the game thinks combat has ended because you can’t ‘see’ any enemies, which dumps you out of Withdraw, which immediately re-initiates combat again so you can be killed.
  3. Playing a dual sabre Helwalker / Berserker on Veteran. It is definitely less forgiving of sloppy play compared to my companions, but it seems manageable enough once you have a full party to divide the enemies’ attentions. One important thing with the Helwalker sub is Wound management: if you’re in an advantageous position you can stack them high for bonus damage; if you’re obviously about to take a hammering then burn them off doing some cc. If you are open to multiclass you could try Helwalker / Wizard. Build up wounds and then deploy the Wizard’s immense deflection buffs. Helwalker is a ‘walk the tightrope’ class, but that’s what I like about it.
  4. On a whim I made Aloth a Spellblade (using him dual wield melee) and that seems a very strong combo so far. Rogue gives decent mobility and cc, and the deflection buffs from Wizard are cheap, powerful and cast very quickly. He barely gets hit with his deflection buffs up, so no need for a lot of Constitution. He’s not dealing a ton of damage at the moment but I’m expecting that to change once Riposte kicks in and these failed melee attacks against deflection generate full attacks. If using this as a PC I’d take the Assassin subclass.
  5. It's not the stealing part he cares about anyway, per se. He cares that you treated Eothasians badly.
  6. Eder and Aloth both declared their contempt for me almost as soon as I hooked up with them. I thought we were bros
  7. Single classes seem plenty powerful to me. No doubt there are a few multi combos which are game breakingly good, but if people really want to try hard enough to find them in order to break the game for themselves then let them I say. The vast majority of players won’t play like that. I think there still needs to be interesting choices even for a Single class character. Letting them master the whole class would be boring for most players. They could have had a few abilities exclusive to single-classers spread across the lower levels to make them feel a little more specialised during early and mid game though. This would be a useful way of including abilities which might otherwise synergise ‘too well’ with abilities in other classes.
  8. I was trying to solve a graphical glitch before going through character creation and ended up having to restart and walk though this part half a dozen times. Fun.
  9. I used a GoG PoE save with Steam Deadfire. The game found it automatically no hassle. It’s very unlikely that uninstalling PoE will delete your saves unless you go out of your way to do so. Start your Deadfire game and import save before uninstalling PoE if you don’t want to risk it.
  10. I've only just this minute started playing but I've noticed having MSAA set higher than 1 gives me glitchy busted looking Adra. If you already tried changing that in game, check you don't have something like it forced on in your Nvidia Settings (or equivalent).
  11. I think Monk would work very well with it. With Streetfighter you will probably want to focus on crits and Monk has some abilities which give you a chance of a free attack after landing a crit. Duality of Mortal Presence's Constitution buff should help you get Bloodied without taking damage, in that it will (I assume) expand your health pool without increasing your actual amount of health. Iron Wheel comes quite late for multi but should work well in that it will allow you to take damage at the start (build wounds, get Bloodied) then gradually kick in and make it harder to die. Blade Turning should work well surrounded. I think I'm going to risk trying Helwalker / Streetfighter for my main, but Monk / Streetfighter would perhaps be a more sensible option.
  12. My character is basically just a piratey Robin Hood. Broadly good but I'll steal anything that isn't nailed down. I try to avoid having my character be too 'out there' in games like this, otherwise I end up feeling like I'm fighting against the game a lot of the time. Most games like this really want you to be a 'good guy' even if they pay lip service to letting you play a 'bad guy'.
  13. I was intending to attempt Fire Godlike Helwalker/Streetfighter (as a continuation of my PoE1 Monk). Having seen the top Monk abilities now I'm not so sure it's worth multiclassing.
  14. Thaos tricked the Watcher, he really used Baby Orlan as an escape pod from Sun in Shadow.
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