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  1. Both my rangers pets gets their AI setting set to aggressive when I load a save. Here's my savefile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yenvs7eljf0def6/John%20(d44a3f80-c8ee-4d7d-91e4-a389e2ec7bcc)%20(LAX-2ABCDE)%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0
  2. I have the same problem on a new game created in 2.0. Here are the save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yenvs7eljf0def6/John%20%28d44a3f80-c8ee-4d7d-91e4-a389e2ec7bcc%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20quicksave.savegame?dl=0
  3. My partymembers are shuffled every time I load a save. The Watcher is always to the left. It's a chore to have to rearrange them all the time if I want stuff where I want them (interferes with gameplay flow, formations etc)
  4. On top of The Wild Mare (where Shrimps crew is drinking) both my party members and other characters become totally invisible while standing close to the fence facing south or the wall to the west.
  5. I just did the splintered reef island. My characters got dominated by the fampyrs even though the chant was active, and they were in range. One would expect them to just get charmed when they have resistance from the chant. Resistance from the lobsters, or immunity from modwyr/banquet worked as intended.
  6. I found Bertenno and initiated the conversation. Hamuto Stoneheel comes, I get his reinforcements to stand down and [attack]. Only Hamuto and the two pikemen goes hostile, the two Rauataian Arquebusier is peacefull with blue circles - as is the rest of the area. After I kille Hamuto and his two pikemen the quest breakes. Bertenno is hunkered down, and when I talk to him the same conversation starts as before - no new options. The journal is also stuck on "Defeat Hamuto". I don't see any way I can advance the quest from here. Windows 10, Veteran, Scaling on (all, only up)
  7. Pallegina also gets the Lunar Heart even though she is a avian godlike
  8. I chose the fighter ability Mule Kick (an improved version of Knock Down) and it is really frustrating to use! I want the extra damage and the disoriented debuff, but the "Knock Up"-effect is so disruptive. If I have other characters attacking the enemy that I use Mule Kick on, more often than not they just stop attacking when the enemy is in the air. I then have to tell them to attack once again. While the enemy is in the air it is also immune to any AOE spell that I cast - this is a BIG downside if I am casting an important ability. Can't you just make the enemy act as normal while it is "stunned" in the air?
  9. Watershaper's Focus and Whispers of the Endless Paths have an unique AOE/bouncing attack. I am pretty sure that the lower damage is intentional, to balance the weapons out. Same lower damage on the unique poleaxe? that also does an AOE attack.
  10. I would argue that quest breaking bugs or crashes would qualify as being bigger bugs than an undertuned POTD... Seen this post by Josh Sawyer about POTD difficulty? It's from before launch. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/173590363081/cohcarnage-didnt-reload-on-potddid-you-tuned-down
  11. I got through the cut scene without a crash on my second try. I took a different route, had a rest, and met the ghost ship for the first time, before I spoke with the gods this time.
  12. My game just crashed right when the the cut scene with the gods ended. I was sailing from Hasongo to Nekataka, when I was pulled into the in-between. Eothas is on his way to Magrans Teeth. I am playing the newest beta build from steam on windows 10. 2018-05-12_152614.zip
  13. The -10 accuracy property of blunderbusses only applies to the main hand blunderbuss, not the off-hand one. The same blunderbuss is either 55 accuracy in main hand, or 65 in off-hand (on my character). This can not be working as intended
  14. Every time I level up my fighter/paladin black jacket, the game puts my two sets of pistols from slot 3 and 4 into my PC's personal stash. In the middle of the first fight after leveling my char suddenly runs up and start fist fighting, instead of cycling pistols. This happens even on level ups where I don't pick extra weapon slot talents.
  15. The fight were at the bottom part of the map. I think the monsters could have been black lions, but maybe i remember wrong. Definitely something with a dark color.
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